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Asked: 5 years ago

Can you be wario in the game?

Just wondering.

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From: Botcrazy 5 years ago

Sorry, there is no way to play as Wario in this game. In multi-play BATTLE, you can play as Luigi. You can also play as Luigi in story (MudkipMaster30 explained about this). You can't physiclly PLAY as Wario, but if you're P3 on the multi-player minigames, you wil have the player card of Wario. Some minigames will allow you to be seen as him.
He is very playable in Super Smash bros. Brawl. Also, for DS, you can also get WARIO MASTER OF DISGAUISE. But in New Super Mario bros., there is no way to play as Wario. Sorry.

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NO NO NO you can't be Wario

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... That would be SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!! But no. No Yoshi, Peach, Toad, or enemies. But if you want to play SMB as Wario, buy a copy of Wario Land: Shake it! for wii. (It's better then this anyway!)

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No. The only other playable character in the game is Luigi, who you can play as by holding the L and R buttons before you select a 'profile' to play. To go back to playing as Mario, exit your game and reselect the profile without holding the L and R buttons.

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If your talking about the Main game, then no. If your talking about mulitplayer mini-game battles, then Yes (however you need to be the thrid player to take on the mini-game battles.

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No. You can't.

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No you can't really play as Wario although it would be nice to. You can play only as Mario and Luigi. To play as Luigi, go to the File Select Screen. Highlight the file you want to play. Hold the buttons L and R and press A to select the profile. You should hear his voice and you will be Luigi when you play. To play as Mario just select the file without holding L and R. Powers and size (Super, Shell, Mini, and FIre) are saved no matter what character you choose from the start. You can only be acknowledged as Wario if you are Player 3 in Multiplayer Mode. playing minigames. Hope this helps!

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