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This should be called "Easy Super Mario Bros."andymancan16/10
Nintendo, what have you DONE??rossmallo3/10
A perfect revival of Mario's classic gameplay.AmiableReviewer10/10
Good Thing "NEW" Doesn't Refer To The Classic Gameplaybanjo022424410/10
He's back, but is he better?Blue Blob7/10
A great mix of classic and new material.BlueYoshi5798/10
Hey Paisanos! It's the Super Mario Bros. DS Game!Cat333Pokémon10/10
Mario has just literally gone BIGGER, but is it better?Chocobahn8/10
The new old-schoolclarkisdark9/10
A glorious return for Mario into the 2D Jump and Run realmdarthjulian10/10
Mario's return! Free mushrooms for all (terms and conditions apply)!Dbzmaniax10/10
New Super Mario Bros. is a superb trip down memory lane.Destination9/10
New doesn't make it any more worthwhileDragoonAnger5/10
I should learn to rent games first...Elhaz_Thorn6/10
Bringing back Super Mario Bros. with some major changes wasn't such a bad idea!gamer_boy9978/10
Sweet, simple fun with FANTASTIC multiplayer!Gaming King9/10
My second Mario DS game, and my favorite!giant_flying_weasel9/10
Fun but it could do a lot bettergulliver496/10
A not-quite-perfect classic...HolyLancer98/10
What's old is new againhorror_spooky8/10
Nintendo pulls a Super Mario Sunshine to a slightly lesser extent. Slightly.I Blame Video Games6/10
Not as much like the original Super Mario Bros as I though, but still, very good.iammaxhailme8/10
Worth buying, worth playing, worth lovingJ49139/10
I thought it couldn't get better...KeyBlade99910/10
New Super Mario Bros fails to live up to it's own standards of innovation and potential, but is an otherwise great game.KnightsoftheRound7/10
A Love Letter to Mario Fans and Tribute to Oldschool GamingMalachiX10/10
Insert coin here.Malorkus6/10
Despite being a bit too workmanlike and by the numbers, New Super Mario Bros. is still a solid entry in the series.MTLH9/10
Who's This Mario Dude, Anyway?NDS_Master9/10
A 'New' Super Mario Bros Game That Lost The Enjoyment Of Past Games In The SeriesOutOfRange3/10
Italian stereotypes aside, this is a one a spicy meat-a-ballReZips10/10
Like gaming sugar - fun in small doses, but don't expect to get a full meal out of itShadowQueen7/10
A new super disappointmentShadow_King5/10
This game won't be new foreverShivan Reincarnated9/10
There's nothing "New" about this bland and unimaginative mess.SilverMelee4/10
Who keeps selling the Koopas life insurance?Sir Chris9/10
One of the very few good titles for the DS, to be honestStephenYap38/10
Oh, mario, how you've aged....swordfish_eater6/10
So this is a great game for those who haven't played an NES before.TheElusiveGoat8/10
A game of old and newTheFanBoyDestroyer9/10
Don't confuse nostalgia with qualityTIDQ5/10
Rehashes older elements from Mario 3 and World, yet fails to capture the magic of either one.TwilitLeviathan4/10
Someone forgot to put the new in my New Super Mario Bros.wannabepunktony8/10
Beautiful and BrilliantWind_Scene8/10

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Super Mario comes to the DS03J9/10
Mario's back, and better than ever!Bass2609/10
It even has that new plumber smell!BloodGod659/10
Old school with a new twist...I like it!BWayne078/10
The boys are back in town...discoinferno848/10
Itís been 15 years, did the formula work out right? Is the game Mario material?ereadfan9/10
Mario, you've been missedfiercebananna9/10
1985: Save the Princess, 2006: Doing it againGalactus219/10
The New Super Mario Bros. Super Reviewgdude56789/10
That same classic game, just, not as greatidiotman77/10
It's been 20 years. And you know what? I still hate Bloobers.Just Some Person9/10
A good game, but not all that it's made out to be.LinkIII_IsBack8/10
New, but not improvedLinkxx35/10
We brought Mario to 3d...isn't that exciting ^_^mastercloner289/10
Silly name but great game!Mega Therion8/10
Wow, true to the original in more ways than I thought...mikaa8/10
Gives us something new with that same NES era charm.mista_janga8/10
A psychological trip through my childhood; tears and obscenities forthcoming.mollytehmop9/10
It's fun while it lasts, but it doesn't last long enoughMr_Socks7/10
Nintendo goes to far in the old school feel.Ness01234567895/10
Sorry Mario, But the Princess Is In Another CastleRadical Edward 1166/10
A poor reincarnation of the classic formula.RageBot6/10
A new bit of nostalgia on a system made for innovation.redeyerevolt10/10
Mario returns to his roots.Rephin8/10
Hey, Don't I Know You?Rottenwood9/10
New Super Mario Bros. combines most of the best aspects of the first four sidescrolling entries in the series.ShinGouki4209/10
A new twist to a familiar game.Tenshi No Shi9/10
Nothing new, just the same ole thing again...wolverinefan7/10
I couldn't put this game down!yetiberry9/10

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A Nostalgic treatAnyGenGamer18/10
'Old' New Super Mario Bros.Arkrex8/10
Great Mario Game!Boshinator10/10
A Good Return to Form, But Nothing Mind-Blowingburuburu18/10
The Rebirth Begins: Mario returns to SNES Platform goodness!Ccrules27919/10
And this, kiddos, is how you make a real sidescroller.Evil_MetaliKaT8/10
Itís virtually the same 2D Mario gameplay and thatís definitely not a bad thing.Falcon19/10
A great blend of 2D and 3D graphics, and fun gameplay make this a mandatory platformer for any DS owner.gameshark59/10
A good remake of the classicgoppers8/10
Mario returns to form.GP_precinct018/10
Spectacular game! Mario has found his home on the DSgtagino9/10
Ah, the good old days...guy_in_crowd10/10
Classic Mario with a twist!HHHTheGame4evr9/10
Something new school for the old school gamersHillChris12349/10
This could have been much harder...julia24687/10
GIANT MUSHROOM!?Linkboy2346/10
Nintendo gives gamers what they've wanted for 20 years. Finally.Mariodood10/10
An apology: NSMB is actually an amazing game.mfspectre_basic9/10
The DS was a Jerk!: A Review on New! Super Mario Bros. for the DSMinecraftMario47/10
More like "Super Mario Bros, the return, with two new items and few new features"Mykas08/10
Back to the basics. Who knew basics were so great?SharmHedgehog9/10
Mario always brings that platformer feeling.Sky_Luigi9/10
Don't listen the people who gave it low scoresTAMKFan10/10
Old School Gaming meets New School Graphicsthegamemaster89/10
My "Kiss Mario's Butt Club" membership is expired.TheWierdGuy3/10
It's a me, Mario.thewolfmatt10/10
Great blend of old feel into newer graphics and gameplayxenogears069/10
Innovative New Entry in the Mario SerieszenGOSM8/10
Still Super: Yes. Still fun: yes. Brand new: Definitely.Zero_Hero78910/10

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