Question from PetShop31

(Won't give me a friend code?)

My friend Gage has Mario Kart DS and I gave him my Internet conection and he has the location of a friend on,has a user name and he still doesnt have a friend code... I NEED HELP!!! PLEASE???


DragonoidDelta answered:

The Friend Code is in the Friend Menu, by Confirming the Friend Code Section!
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PetShop31 answered:

What,I dont understand you.He has looked over everything 50 times and wont give him his code.I gave him some infomation today...maybe it will help Gage out. ^_^ Thanks
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XTApocalypse answered:

If I remember correctly, you have to try to play online at least once before the game will assign you a friend code. Try to connect online using his game and system and it should give you a code - if you've already done so and have a friend code, go to Nintendo WFC > Friend Code > Confirm Friend Code from the main menu.
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