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What is the best character/kart combination?

Which characters/karts should i use during the game?

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SirPaper answered:

The character you choose doesn't particularly matter as their stats don't drastically affect the karts.

Some good karts to try:
Egg1, Dry Bomber, and Poltergust 4000 are all good karts if you want to try snaking.

For non-snaking the R.O.B. karts are all among the best in the game.

Overall though you should really just try racing in different karts and see what works for you.
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cruciarius answered:

I don't think their is a "best" character/kart combination. Each combination takes different skill. A character/kart combination that one user can't drive well, another may be excellent with. This is the same with all other racing games, that I've played.
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killen101 answered:

I think the perfect combination of car and characters is, Luigi and, in his car the one with racing stripes. ,

This is a good combination because Luigi's cars are light and speedy which make it have good handling for turning corners.
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Skloriosis answered:

I find these karts to be the best when you're looking for handling and making tight turns. Handling is the most important aspect for me.

Luigi - Streamliner
Luigi - Poltergust 4000
Yoshi - Cucumber
Yoshi - Egg 1
Dry Bones - Dry Bomber
and Wario in his car is good for raw speed.
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hgs6116 answered:

These are my top 5

3.Dry Bones/Dry Bomber
Hope That Helps :)
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redrelm6 answered:

I feel the lighter ones are best, I use Toad and egg1, or Yoshi and Cucumber, But ocasionally I use Mario and shooting Star. Try them.
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ripped_steve answered:

Listen to SirPaper; he is actually good.
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SirPaper answered:

Even better look at all of the answers, try out the suggested character / kart combinations, and see which ones you like. ;)
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ZeldaRules5396 answered:

You would want to pick the ones with full item.
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