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What does the "Items" stat for each kart measure?

I notice that the standard kart for each character usually has slightly higher stats than their first custom one in exchange for a lower Items stat. But what exactly does this stat do?

Accepted Answer

SirPaper answered:

A higher item stat means you'll be more likely to get "better" items for the place you're in. So in first place a low item stat would make items such as fake item boxes and single bananas more likely while a high item stat would give you a better chance at getting triple bananas, triple green shells or a bob-omb. For later places a high item stat would mean a better chance at getting items such as stars, lightning, and blue shells while a lower stat would make items like bloopers and single mushrooms more likely.

(Just a note, I don't know exactly how accurate the listed items are in regards to where and when you get them, but it should give you the general idea.)
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