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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pikachu936

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 10/13/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Kart DS FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.02
    By Pikachu936
    Last Updated: 13th October 2006
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    3.1 Basics
    3.2 Advanced
    3.3 Snaking
    4. Single Player
    4.1. Grand Prix
    4.1.1. Mushroom Cup
    4.1.2. Flower Cup
    4.1.3. Star Cup
    4.1.4. Special Cup
    4.1.5. Shell Cup
    4.1.6. Banana Cup
    4.1.7. Leaf Cup
    4.1.8. Lightning Cup
    4.2. Time Trails
    4.3. VS
    4.4. Battle
    4.5. Missions
    4.5.1. World 1
    4.5.2. World 2
    4.5.3. World 3
    4.5.4. World 4
    4.5.5. World 5
    4.5.6. World 6
    4.5.7. World 7
    5. Multi Player
    6. WFC
    7. Characters
    8. Karts
    8.1. Mario's Karts
    8.2. Luigi's Karts
    8.3. Peach's Karts
    8.4. Yoshi's Karts
    8.5. Toad's Karts
    8.6. DK's Karts
    8.7. Wario's Karts
    8.8. Bowser's Karts
    8.9. Daisy's Karts
    8.A. Dry Bones' Karts
    8.B. Waluigi's Karts
    8.C. ROB's Karts
    8.D. Shy Guy's Karts
    9. Items
    9.1. Shells
    9.2. Hazards
    9.3. Speed Boosts
    9.4. Miscellanious
    10. Credits
    11. Legal Stuff
    12. Contact Info
    1. Version History
    13th October 2006, Version 1.02: Got an E-mail which made me decide to alter
    the score for the Banana Bunch. I also added a space between the items, they
    were just too hard to see before.
    19th August 2006, Version 1.01: Fixed the last updated time at the top of the
    page, I can't believe I let it get stuck on january all this time.
    6th August 2006, Version 1.0: Finished off the FAQ, took me long enough.
    16th July 2006, Version 0.74: Yup, Iíve done world's 5, 6 and 7.
    15th July 2006, Version 0.71: February? I haven't touched this for 5 months?
    Man, I gotta do more updating. I've done Lightning cup, World 3 and World 4 so
    far. And Iím looking to do a MAJOR update tomorrow.
    4th February 2006, Version 0.62: Now to make up for lost time, Iím going to do
    a massive update today, Leaf cup and world 2.
    2nd February 2006, Version 0.57: Banana Cup, I swear Iím getting less time
    on the computer these days.
    26th January 2006, Version 0.54: Wow, long time no update, did the shell cup,
    I would have done more but I didn't have much time.
    5th January 2006, Version 0.51: Did the Special cup and spellchecked the guide.
    1st January 2006, Version 0.45: Working on the Flower cup and Star cup
    27th December 2005, Version 0.4: Started the FAQ. Not much done really, mainly
    just the Mushroom Cup and World 1 of mission mode. I have done lots on the
    General stuff like credits, controls and introduction though.
    2. Introduction
    Welcome to my first ever FAQ for GameFAQs. After submitting a cheat, I thought
    Iíd have a go at writing an FAQ, and so here it is. Anyway, in my opinion,
    Mario Kart DS is by far the best DS game out there and I very highly recommend
    it to anyone who has a DS. Unlike its Gamecube predecessor, itís gone back to
    one character per kart. It holds 32 excellent tracks. 16 Completely new,
    forming the Nitro Cup, and 16 tracks from previous Mario Karts, forming the
    Retro Cup. It also has 12 Characters useable ingame, The original 8, and 4
    Secret Characters. Ok, thanks in advance for reading and I hope you find this
    FAQ Useful.
    3. Controls
    Itís very clear what controls mean, so I don't really need to explain it.
    Below there are 2 Types of controls, Basic and Advanced, Without the advanced
    controls you won't stand a chance in the 150cc, so learn them quick.
    3.1 Basic Controls
    EX Button: Ingame Function / Menu Option
    A Button: Accelerate / Confirm Choice
    B Button: Brake and Reverse / Move back one menu
    Y Button: Change Map / Not Used
    X Button: Use Item / Not Used
    Start Button: Pause the Game / Not Used
    R Button: Drift / Not Used
    L Button: Use Item / Not Used
    D-Pad: Steer / Change Choice
    Touch Screen: Change Map / Confirm Choice
    3.2 Advanced Controls
    R Button, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right: Mini-Boost, This
    boost is about a half-second Mushroom boost
    Follow another racer for 3 seconds: Slipstream Boost, A 3 second boost with
    about the speed of a Star
    Start Boost: Press the A Button 
    3.3 Snaking
    Snaking is a technique widely used by Players on Wi-Fi and is highly useful in
    clearing the higher difficulties. To accomplish this, do a mini-boost towards
    on one side of the track, drift towards the other side of the track and
    mini-boost when you reach track edge. If you do this the entire track, you
    could cut about 10-20 seconds off your total time depending on the track, many
    people use Yoshi's Egg1 for learning how to snake, but Iíve seen Dry bomber
    and ROB-BLS used as well.
    4. Single Player
    Single Player is one player, It is also the heart of the game. Without this,
    you can't unlock the goodies hidden inside. Make sure you play this first.
    4.1 Grand Prix
    In a grand prix, you must do 4 races against 7 other opponents, there are 4
    difficulty levels, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 150cc mirror. With each progressing
    cc, the other racers become smarter, faster and use some advanced techniques
    to win, they won't show much mercy so I recommend you choose 50cc to start.
    4.1.1. Mushroom Cup
    Figure-8 Circuit
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Description: A simple Figure 8 Circuit, Similar to those basic Scalextric
    tracks that people used play with.
    Strategy: The only main strategy for this level is take the inside of the
    corners and you should be fine. Itís An easy course to start off and since it
    has nice big turns, its perfect for practicing Mini-boosts, because it has 2
    Slow curves and a very big track. You can't fall off and you can only really
    lose if you let the CPU Characters win.
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    Yoshi Falls
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: Itís an oval shaped track with some waterfalls at parts and a big
    Yoshi egg in the middle.
    Strategy: Out of the three waterfalls, you only should only go through the
    first one right after the start and the third one a little bit before the end.
    If you go through the waterfalls you'll slow down quite a bit. This shows
    especially on the second waterfall, which is why you shouldn't take it. the
    first waterfall is too short for it to take effect and you can mini-boost
    through the third. Like Figure-8 Circuit, itís rather easy, However if you
    take the waterfalls, there's the chance of being swept off the track with the
    water, which wastes loads of time. So you may want to take the bridges first
    time through, this is why itís rated 2/5 for difficulty instead of 1/5.
    Shortcuts: None that I know of, except perhaps the first and third waterfalls.
    WFC: Yes
    Cheep Cheep Beach
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: A rather nice relaxing beach with a jungle at the end. Remember,
    Beach means water, and water means cheep cheeps.
    Strategy: Don't go in the water, thatís rule number one for this stage.
    Massive slowdown for anyone who does. Near the start of the stage there is a
    boardwalk with a 90 degree turn, so be ready for it. Right before the jungle
    section there are a few cheep cheeps bouncing about near the water, so watch
    out for them. When you enter the jungle, watch out because it snakes quite
    fast and may make some weaker players throw the match away. You may also
    notice that there are quite a few ramps in this stage, if you press the R
    button at the tip of the ramp, you'll soar even higher then before and thatís
    good speed.
    Shortcuts: If you use a mushroom after the second ramp you can go straight
    through the water and cut out one of the corners entirely.
    WFC: Yes
    Luigi's Mansion
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Description: A drive through the Haunted house, goes through to the garden,
    then to a swamp.
    Strategy: Make sure you're not staring at the mansion at the start of the
    level and not concentrating on the road because, even though it may look it,
    the path is NOT straight, when you're in the mansion there are a few 90 degree
    turns, but they're quite wide, so you should be able to take them and be sure
    to steer around the table in the middle of the room. When you're in the garden
    the track snakes a touch and when you get to the swamp, you should watch out
    for walking trees, plus heavier weighted characters will slow down more then
    others when they get here meaning Toad, Yoshi or Peach is recommended by me.
    Shortcuts: when you exit the mansion, take a 45 degree turn to the left and
    use a mushroom to cut out a reasonable chunk of the track
    WFC: Yes
    4.1.2. Flower Cup
    Desert Hills
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: This track goes through a desert, It has a sun that drops fire
    onto the track in the second and third laps.
    Strategy: The track starts by doing a slow turn right past an Oasis, then do a
    sharp turn Left, then right, after this you'll go into a rather long and bumpy
    straight, watch out for the pokeys here, because they move and can often send
    you spinning if you're not careful. After a sharp turn, you'll get to a part
    of the track where it will snake and bank. be careful not to go off the course
    at this part. After this, you'll be back at the start.
    Shortcuts: After the first turn you can go in between the pyramid and the wall,
    you need 2 or more mushrooms for this. when you get to the part near the end
    where the course snakes, use a mushroom to boost through the middle of the
    WFC: Yes
    Delfino Square
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: This track goes through some of the streets alleys and ports of
    Delfino Isle, and has Piantas along the end of the finishing straight cheering
    you on.
    Strategy: The track starts off with a straight and then does a clockwise turn
    around the grand pianta statue. Then you drive through some of the back alleys,
    there are a few 90 degree turns here so be careful. A bit further on and the
    track forks, one path going left, the other going straight on. I recommend
    going left because the turning is less harsh and you could miss some item
    boxes when the track comes together again. After this, you get to a port-like
    place, and thereís no barriers so make sure you don't fall into the water. The
    e are also quite a few paths that lead nowhere and crates that slow you down
    if you hit them just avoid these and you'll be fine, after this you'll face a
    90 degree turn right and a slow curve. There will be a drawbridge ahead of you
    it has boosters on it so just drive over them, also, since it is a drawbridge
    it will be up at some points, just continue driving, you will not fall into
    the water. After a zigzag and another 90 degree turn, you will reach the
    finish line.
    Shortcuts: Just after you reach the port, on your left there will be an alley
    where you can drive down, however it is muddy and should only be attempted be
    light characters or characters with a mushroom.
    WFC: Yes
    Waluigi Pinball
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: A race through a massive pinball table, including giant balls,
    flippers and a nice fun tube to zoom up.
    Strategy: From the start, drive forward into a very long and fast tube and
    you'll be ejected near the top. Follow the medium turn left and try to ignore
    the boosters, they don't seem to give any advantage. Jump over the ramp and
    turn at the next left. Watch out from this point on because you could
    accidentally hit a pinball which could be devastating. After some more steep
    turns, You'll get to a booster and ramp, the balls will fall down here so the
    threat is over for now. Go around a very long and sharp turning and the
    pinballís are back again. After some more turning left, you're deposited onto
    the actual table, the first obstacle to look out for is the pinballís which
    have been caught in some bumpers and they have random movement so be careful
    here. After this there is some spinning bumpers, spinning around one big one
    in the middle of the track, maneuver round these and be very care of the
    flippers, after them, thereís just 2 more 90 degree turns then you're back
    at the start.
    Shortcuts:  None to my knowledge.
    WFC: No
    Shroom Ridge
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: This track is on an actual road, and so there will be many cars
    to get in your way, and at the beginning and end there will be no barrier on
    the right so steer clear.
    Strategy: From the start, there will be a rather slow turn to the left, but it
    is hairpin so be careful. Then  another to the right, try not to go on the
    inside here because you could get hit by a truck, bear that in mind for all
    the other corners here. A little further on there will be yet another hairpin.
    After a long straight (which is bumpy so watch out for vehicles because you
    may not see them) there is a small turn to the left then the right and then
    you'll go into the tunnel which is curving to the left slightly. When you get
    out of the tunnel, be careful because there is a hairpin and on the outside
    there is no barrier. The track will do 90 degree turns left and right now
    until you get to the finish line.
    Shortcuts: None to my knowledge.
    WFC: No
    4.1.3. Star Cup
    To unlock the Star Cup, place first in the Mushroom and Flower Cups
    DK Pass
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: Shroom Ridge with snow to be simple. Watch out for the deadly
    snowmen and giant snowballs.
    Strategy: Start off by going into the Tunnel, When you come out, the track is
    going to be down some serious snaking, so stay on your toes, also the barrier
    will fade away into nothingness a bit further down the track. Many snakes
    later and the barrier will go up a hill, follow it onto the snow and you will
    find a special item box, the only item you can get from this are stars,
    mushrooms, triple mushrooms and red shells. I've heard rumors that you can
    get bullet bills from them, these aren't confirmed yet though. After this,
    the track will start to go down instead of up, and the snowballs will be
    rolling in the same direction as you now. A little later on and you'll go
    off a ramp into the field of snowmen, do your best to dodge them all and
    you'll be back at the start.
    Shortcuts: There is a point before the item box where the barrier disappears,
    if you mini-boost, you can keep up a good speed and cut a few seconds off your
    WFC: Yes
    Tick-Tock Clock
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: There are quite a few clock related obstacles to dodge, like
    pendulums and gears, Simple and fun.
    Strategy: The first turning is a 90 Degree turn left which will go uphill. At
    the top, there is a round area with some moving bars and some boosters, take
    the boosters and exit this area. The road will start going down, take a 90
    Degree turn and dodge the pendulum. After this is a 135 Degree turn, with some
    gears up ahead, if you drive in the same direction as the gears, you will go
    faster, and if you go against them, you'll take some massive slowdown.
    Example, If the gears are turning in a clockwise direction, drive on the left
    side for the boost. The gears will alternate in direction, so it shouldn't be
    too hard to get past. After 2 more 90 Degree turns there will be a rotating
    bar, this one is quite hard to dodge because it reaches all the way to the
    edge. After that and 2 more left turns, drive between the 2 gears to get to
    the finish line.
    Shortcuts: On the final stretch there are 2 gears. Each one rotating in a
    different direction, drive on the one that is rotating towards the finish line
    for a nice speed boost.
    WFC: No
    Mario Circuit
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: Set out similar to Figure-8 Circuit (as in nice green grass on
    the edges), But with added Goombas and Piranha Plants.
    Strategy: The first turn of the course is a 90 Degree right turn with sand 
    around, so make sure you stay on the road here, Sand is bad. After this you'll
    go onto a road that curves slightly, but not much, the main highlight of this
    road is the Goombas, watch out for them and dodge them. Later, the road will
    go between 2 Piranha Plants and into a pipe shaped tunnel, the plants
    occasionally spit fireballs at you, but not very often. After the tunnel,
    there will be a hairpin turn and the track will turn into a dirt road. You'll
    go over a bridge next, then the track will snake, but on the inside of all the
    corners, there will be a piranha plant, these ones won't spit fire however.
    After 2 more hairpins the track will end.
    Shortcuts: Use a mushroom next to the piranha plant on the right before the
    tunnel to speed across the sand and shave off a good second.
    WFC: Yes
    Airship Fortress
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: This looks like a pirate ship, with a castle turret on the other
    side of the track and a road connecting them, all of this is flying in the
    Strategy: There will be a very long straight after this start, don't relax,
    you'll be under attack from bullet bills until you reach the first of 2
    consecutive 90 degree turns, following the second one is a booster onto the
    pirate ship. On the pirate ship there will be a load of Rocky Wrenches, Dodge
    them and do down into the ships interior, dodge the crates and burners, and
    you'll be shot out of a cannon, after a very nice flight, you'll be going
    around and around in the castle and you'll come out, eventually, onto a rather
    broken bit of road, dodge the missing section, take a 90 degree turn left and
    youíre done with the star cup.
    Shortcuts: None to my Knowledge.
    WFC: No
    4.1.4. Special Cup
    To Unlock the Special Cup, Place first in the Star Cup.
    Wario Stadium
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Description: A track in the middle of the stadium (though you probably already
    figured that out). There are a few camera flashes from the crowd so don't get
    Strategy: From that start there will be a Hairpin turn left followed by a
    snaking road, which leads up a ramp with a booster on the top. After a rather
    slow turn left there will be some mud in front of you, hit the boosters on the
    islands to get through it fast and don't miss them or you'll be taking a
    massive hit in speed. Another turn left follows this, and a ramp, at the top
    of this one are some Podobos, watch out for these and you'll pass them easily.
    Then there will be another ramp and podobo set, go through again. You'll then
    drive onto a road that snakes a tiny bit, it has rotating podobos and mud on
    here, but the podobos are only a danger if you pass underneath them, and the
    mud if you are careless, if you've reached this far, you've probably got the
    skills do dodge the mud now anyway. After (yet another) turn left, there will
    be (yet another) ramp to drive off, do so. After this, the track will go all
    bumpy, then after a final left turn (which is hairpin) and ramp the finish
    will be in front of you.
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    Peach Gardens
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Description: It's a garden, so of course there's trees and flowers and such,
    has some chomps roaming around.
    Strategy: After a straight you will take a left turn over a river, then go
    clockwise around a flower bed and out onto another straight. Then go around
    the flower bed in the middle (either way, but going to the right is quicker),
    After this you'll reach the chomp maze, just keep going forward and avoid the
    bushes and chomps to get out safely, dodge the flower beds (piece of cake
    compared to the chomp maze). Dodge the bushes ahead and the Monty moles of
    the dirt track further on. Go on the 90 degree right turn then another 90
    degree turn further along the long straight to get to the end.
    Shortcuts: Use a mushroom to be able to cross any of the flower beds.
    WFC: No
    Bowser Castle
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Description: Big stone castle with lots of lava and thwomps. Another name I
    thought for this level is 90 Degree turn land, because all turns are 90
    degree. Strategy: A nice long straight to being with, Followed by a 90 degree
    turn right, and a ramp after a second 90 degree right turn with yet another
    90 degree turn right at the top. At this part, the road with start spinning
    anticlockwise, cross it and go out the door on the other side, Watch out for
    the thwomp. The road will go up and curve to the left, watch out here because
    there is no barrier on the inside. You'll come out onto a spinning log, make
    sure you don't fall, try to stay on top of the log. After another right turn
    you'll fly off onto some moving platforms, then turn right then follow the
    road that snakes and you'll be at the finish line in a matter of seconds.
    Shortcuts: At the rotating floor, turn all the way round, not just out the
    door and you'll see another path, this leads to the path that goes up and
    WFC: No
    Rainbow Road
    Difficulty: 5/5
    Description: Nice rainbowy track, looks like the whole track is made of
    Strategy: There will be a long straight with loads of boosters, which will
    turn into a VERY long curve to the left, there are boosters and no barriers,
    be very careful. A bit further on you'll go through a loop, if you get hit
    with a shell or something here, you fall off if you're at the top, itís a very
    nasty technique to use. After a long straight there will be a 90 degree turn
    right and a long path that goes through a small left turn and then a hairpin
    turn right, a bit further, there will be a helix loop, followed by a 90
    degree right turn and a long turn to the left, then you'll reach the finish.
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    4.1.5. Shell Cup
    Mario Circuit 1 SNES
    Difficulty: 0.5/5
    Description: A small course, surrounded by sand with some hills in the
    Strategy: This course brings back some very nice memories of the older Mario
    Karts. If you can't win this, sell the game back to the store and give
    yourself the title "Worlds worst Mario Karter". It's just a simple loop with a
    couple of pipes in the course. It's quite good for learning how to snake too.
    Shortcuts: Use a mushroom to cut across the southern bit of the track, make
    sure you don't overdo it and the 'shroom stops while you're on the dirt
    WFC: Yes
    Moo Moo Farm N64
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Description: A track with cows watching you, listen carefully and hear them
    Strategy: Easy, itís like a bigger version of baby park to be honest, a
    simple loop. If you see little holes in the ground, steer clear. Monty Moles
    occasionally jump out, and make sure you avoid the bridge at the exit of the
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    Peach Circuit GBA
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Description: Similar to Mario circuit, but with a blue background instead of
    an orange one. you can also see peaches castle at one point.
    Strategy: Like the rest of the courses in this cup, a simple loop with a
    few twists and turns. Itís very boring compared to the others because there
    are no dangers to this course. It has a 135 degree turn left but nothing else
    that could wreck you. The track will snake a bit and there is a 180 degree
    turn left but its slow and easy
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    Luigi Circuit GCN
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Description: Not sure how to describe this, similar atmosphere to peach
    circuit. You can see Luigi's mansion at one side of the track.
    Strategy: As well as the usual techniques for loops, make sure you steer clear
    of the chomp. Remember, at the corner, don't take the boosters, they are
    slower then the actual route. Also, when going down the straight in the
    middle, watch out for other racers going the other way.
    Shortcuts: Use a mushroom to speed past the chomp, make sure you don't get hit
    WFC: Yes
    4.1.6. Banana Cup
    Donut Plains 1 SNES
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: Lots of fields, track made of dust, track orbits a lake, rather
    Strategy: At the start grab an item then take 2 45 degree turns right. And
    over a bridge, then a 90 degree turn right and a small track snake. A hairpin
    follows this so be very careful. Don't go to close to the inside here, there's
    some dirt that slows you down, another hairpin will be coming, this time, its
    to your left. Another straight before a final hairpin (this one has dirt) and
    this track is over
    Shortcuts: After the bridge, use a mushroom to boost across the grass and skip
    the snake.
    WFC: No
    Frappe Snowland N64
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: Snowy, A couple of giant ice sculptures and of course, no snowy
    level would be complete with a vast amount of killer snowmen.
    Strategy: Ah, Frappe Snowland, my old nemesis made it into Mario Kart DS, 
    as you can probably guess, I hate this course, A LOT. But telling you that I
    hate it isn't going to fix it, ah well. The track starts off by taking a turn
    for the right and then for the left, The track then does a hairpin to the left
    then a slow 90 degree turn to the right, followed by a sharp one to the left
    and then a jump, straight into the field of deadly snowmen, after this, the
    track will snake a bit then some massive walls will rise and you'll enter a
    canyon, it will take a hairpin left, a 90 degree right and then onto a bridge
    which is next to the finish, watch out on the bridge, Iíve fallen and lost
    here before, so don't go acting cocky and steer to close to the edge.
    Shortcuts: You can cut across the snow partway before the canyon.
    WFC: Yes
    Bowser Castle 2 GBA
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: Lava lava all around, with a couple of Bowser statues in the
    background...Hey, that rhymes.
    Strategy: The course starts by taking a hairpin to the right, there is a
    booster on the outside of the track after this, so hit it and take a 100
    degree turn to the left and make sure you dodge the thwomps here, after this
    and a 90 degree turn to the left, you'll come onto some wire mesh, with
    boosters either side and jumps in the middle, there'll be another 90 degree
    turn with a booster on the inside this time, and then to the jumps, there'll
    be lots of them in this section, and make sure you don't crash into the wall
    about halfway through this section. Another turn right, 90 degree of course,
    loads, and I mean LOADS of jumps, dodge as many as possible, especially the
    later ones, because they will bounce you into the lava and make you burn up.
    Another 90 degree right turn and itís onto the home straight.
    Shortcuts: None that I know of
    WFC: No
    Baby Park GCN
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Description: Simplest track in the game, Period. Just a loop,
    Strategy: Just a loop, if you need help with this, do what I told you to do on
    Figure 8. However, this course has 5 laps instead of 3 and you can chuck items
    over the gap in the middle, It's a shame that some of the top items from 
    double dash were removed, they made this course very intense.
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    4.1.7. Leaf Cup
    To unlock the Leaf Cup, place first in the Shell and Banana Cups
    Koopa Beach SNES
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Description: A small beach, there's some moss on the inside, cheep cheeps
    bouncing about and Deadly deep water. Very short course.
    Strategy: After some rather slow left turns, you'll get to the highlight of
    this rather dull track. You must cross a massive lake with some cheep cheeps.
    Be careful, because the darker bits of water are deep and you'll fall in if
    you drive over them, After this there'll be a 90 degree left turn and the
    track will snake a bit, there will be one more slow left turn and you'll leave
    this immensely boring track
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: No
    Choco Mountain N64
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: Cool mountain, somehow the track is between 2 massive walls,
    looks like itís made of chocolate (hence the name).
    Strategy: The track starts with a slow 90 degree turn right, then snakes a bit
    and then another slow 90 degree turn, the track will then take a massive
    straight and begin a very slow left into a track which starts to snake and
    eventually go over a jump, watch out now because there are no barriers on the
    left and falling down means doom. To make things worse, there are rocks
    falling down to crush you. A hairpin turn sees the rocks away but the rail
    still hasn't gone, you want to be especially careful here, because you can
    fall onto the path below. The track will turn right and then go up and down,
    and to the finish
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    Luigi Circuit GBA
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: Track is shaped like a "K". It's raining so be prepared to dodge
    puddles on the track. Should have been called hairpin city.
    Strategy: The track begins abruptly by a right turn and shortly after, a left
    one and then a hairpin right. with one left (Boy, they don' give us much time
    to think do they). Another hairpin right and the track hairpin again to the
    right and again to the left. Onto...A straight longer then a meter! Hooray!
    After another hairpin the track will snake. Which precedes 2 more hairpins and
    the finish line.
    Shortcuts: None that I know of.
    WFC: Yes
    Mushroom Bridge GCN
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: Very nice track, one of my favorites, Traffic on this track,
    with a pretty amazing bridge.
    Strategy: The track begins before a 90 degree slow left turn into the tunnel,
    after which there will be a 45 degree slow turn left and another 90 right.
    Straight after you'll enter another tunnel, this one turning to the left
    slightly, one more 90 degree turn left and you be on the bridge, which is a
    VERY long straight to the finish.
    Shortcuts: Use a mushroom after you get out of the first tunnel to go up the
    path and cut out a nice amount of track.
    WFC: No
    4.1.8. Lightning Cup
    To unlock the Lightning Cup, place first in the Leaf Cup
    Choco Island 2 SNES
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Description: Desert/canyon, lots of mud and piranha plants. With a couple of
    jumps near the end.
    Strategy: I have many painful memories of this track. Most of which include me
    driving to the nearest game store to pick up a new GBA. Anyhoo, start the
    course by driving into a squiggly bit, shouldn't be too hard. Then there's a
    90 degree turn right and quite a long straight. Problem is, the track goes
    thin here and more often then not you'll be knocked into then mouth of a
    piranha plant by Bowser or Wario. After this there is another 90 degree right
    turn and a couple of jumps. Then a big pool of mud. Drive across it to get to
    another 90 degree turn (this one is quite a bit wider then the rest) into jump
    country, you'll be bounced about quite a bit here, so go slow when you hit the
    final 90 degree turn.
    Shortcuts: Use a shroom at the start of the course to skip the big squiggle
    WFC: Yes
    Banshee Boardwalk N64
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: Ghostly track above the ocean or a lake. A Big Blurp (or massive
    cheep cheep) Leaps over the course partway through. And thereís the castle
    with the swoops inside. Boo's pop up once in a while too. Also, the Corners
    are all very sharp so stay on your toes.
    Strategy: Drive into the 90 degree left turn then into the right (careful not
    to overshoot and fall into the ocean below. Thereís a small turn right after
    then a long turn and a 135 degree turn left. The Big Blur will jump over the
    next straight but he's harmless so just ignore him. There is a couple of quick
    turns next so don't fall through by accident. Then another straight and you'll
    fall onto the next section of the track below. Follow the 2 90 degree turns
    left and into the castle. When inside go to the right of the wall and towards
    the swoop box. Drive around the wall behind the box and you should see the
    exit and the finish line behind. drive round the 90 degree right turns, then
    a couple more left turns and straight to the end.
    Shortcuts: In the castle entrance, take a left instead of a right then hop
    over the small gap.
    WFC: No
    Sky Garden GBA
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: Played on some green road on clouds, A couple of beanstalks to
    slow you down and a Luigi blimp to top it off.
    Strategy: Defiantly my favorite track in the game, bar none. It starts with a
    90 degree right turn, then slims off to the left again into another straight
    with a jump, after this there is a short 45 degree right turn and then a 135
    degree left turn with a very long straight, then a 90 degree left and a
    hairpin right turn. There's a left turn onto a bridge here and another after
    then some short right and left turns, with another straight and another
    hairpin. After another moderate straight there is a short right and another
    hairpin. followed by some rather short turns to the end.
    Shortcuts: After the first turn, use a mushroom over the ramp, after the next
    turn use a mushroom over the next ramp. For those who don't have a mushroom,
    drive over the jump to the left for a lesser shortcut. Right before the last
    bridge, there are a couple of clouds on the left of the track, hop over these
    with the R button. Also, if you have a car with an item stat of nearly full,
    use a mushroom at the correct angle at the left turn near the second ramp and
    fly off the edge towards the other road. You need to press R here as you lift
    off to make it too.
    WFC: Yes
    Yoshi Circuit GCN
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Description: Shaped Like Yoshi! Awesome!
    Strategy: Start with a hairpin right turn and a couple of left turns. With a
    rather slow hairpin to the right after this. Then we have a small left turn
    and a VERY slow right hairpin turn. Then we have a rather quicker turn around
    his eye. With a 90 degree left turn and ANOTHER hairpin to the right. Now the
    track will start to zigzag, but all you need to do is cut down the middle and
    avoid the piranha plants. Then we have another hairpin (to the left this time)
    followed by another straight and then one more hairpin to the right. A couple
    more turns and we are at the end.
    Shortcuts: Use a mushroom to boost over Yoshi's hand.
    WFC: Yes
    4.2. Time Trails
    Time Trails are when you race on the track alone to get the fastest time. You
    are given 1-3 Mushrooms at the start depending on your kart. There isn't
    anything to do much in this mode however except race staff ghosts, these are
    the best times that the developers put into the game. You don't get anything
    for beating them all though except bragging rights. To unlock the ghosts, you
    usually must have a time of 5-10 seconds out from thier time.
    The following karts have 1 mushroom when you race:
    Shooting Star
    Poltergust 4000
    Light Tripper
    Dry Bomber
    Light Dancer
    Gold Mantis
    The following karts have 2 mushrooms when you race:
    Standard MR
    Standard LG
    Standard PC
    Standard YS
    Standard TD
    Standard DK
    Standard WR
    Standard BW
    Standard DB
    Standard DS
    Standard WL
    Standard RB
    The following karts have 3 mushrooms when you race:
    B Dasher
    4-Wheel Cradle
    Rambi Racer
    Power Flower
    Staff Ghost Times and Karts:
    Figure 8 Circuit	1:36:481	Mario		Standard MR
    Yoshi Falls		0:57:677	Yoshi		Egg1
    Cheep Cheep Beach	1:43:654	DK		Standard DK
    Luigi's Mansion		1:59:357	Luigi		Streamliner
    Desert Hills		1:31:262	ROB		ROB-LGS
    Delfino Square		1:54:601	Peach		Royale
    Waluigi Pinball		2:23:288	Waluigi		Gold Mantis
    Shroom Ridge		2:05:123	Toad		Mushmellow
    DK Pass			2:13:607	DK		Wildlife
    Tick-Tock Clock		1:54:903	Daisy		Light Dancer
    Mario Circuit		1:56:533	Mario		Shooting Star
    Airship Fortress	2:07:748	Bowser		Hurricane
    Wario Stadium		2:14:868	Wario		Brute
    Peach Gardens		1:52:989	Peach		Royale
    Bowser's Castle		2:18:661	Bowser		Hurricane
    Rainbow Road		2:16:246	ROB		ROB-BLS
    Mario Circuit 1 SNES	0:50:688	Mario		Standard MR
    Moo Moo Farm N64	1:17:751	DK		Wildlife
    Peach Circuit GBA	1:12:011	Peach		Royale
    Luigi Circuit GCN	1:19:759	Luigi		Poltergust 4000
    Donut Plains 1 SNES	1:08:027	Dry Bones	Dry Bomber
    Frappe Snowland N64	2:08:781	Wario		Brute
    Bowser's Castle 2 GBA	1:52:258	Bowser		Standard BW
    Baby Park GCN		0:50:920	Toad		Mushmellow
    Koopa Beach 2 SNES	0:54:847	Yoshi		Egg1
    Choco Mountain N64	2:15:571	Wario		Dragonfly
    Luigi Circuit GBA	1:46:581	Luigi		Poltergust 4000
    Mushroom Bridge GCN	1:30:600	Toad		Mushmellow
    Choco Island 2 SNES	1:01:620	Waluigi		Zipper
    Banshee Boardwalk N64	2:14:403	Dry Bones	Dry Bomber
    Sky Garden GBA		1:44:400	Daisy		Power Flower
    Yoshi Circuit GCN	1:48:793	Yoshi		Standard YS
    4.3. VS
    In Mario Kart DS we welcome back the VS mode, a way to challenge the CPU
    without having to go into grand prix. There isn't anything to do in this mode
    except race to your hearts content. It's also worth noting that the difficulty
    of the CPU karts are chosen by the "CPU Kart" option ingame. The class
    determines the speed which you go. Also available is the team race option. In
    this mode, there are two teams of four and the total score of everyone in the
    team is tallied, the winning team is the one who scores the highest.
    4.4. Battle
    Here's something new, even though battle mode has been around since Super
    Mario Kart for the SNES, this is the first game where you can battle CPUs.
    Plus, 8 player battle! Hoo-rah! There are 6 battle courses which will be
    discussed later. Team Battle is availible too. The only difference from normal
    is that if you win, the whole team wins and if you lose but a teammate wins,
    you win too. Also, each character is in thier Standard Kart at all times.
    There are two modes to choose from, Balloon Battle and Shine runners, in
    balloon battle, you begin with one balloon and if it's popped (by taking
    damage) you lose, you also have 4 balloons saved up and can inflate them by
    blowing into the mic or holding select while stationary but you can only have
    three balloons out at the same time. In Shine runners, 9 shine sprites appear
    around the stage, Grab as many as you can, when a timer of 1 minute ends, the
    racer(s) with the lowest number of sprites are eliminated and another time
    from 30 seconds starts, when this timer ends, the racer(s) with the lowest are
    eliminated again and another timer starts. The last remaining player wins,
    if you get hit, you'll lose a sprite which will fly away to anywhere in the 
    Name: Nintendo DS
    Notes: A basic NDS. The Bottom half is flat and the top half is slightly
    tilted red shells are lethal here because there are no walls
    Fun Factor: 3/5
    Difficulty BB: 2/5
    Difficulty SR: 2/5
    Name: Twilight House
    Notes: There are 8 rooms connected in a 0 shape and a balcony which goes
    around the edge, be careful, it's quite thin.
    Fun Factor: 2/5
    Difficulty BB: 2/5
    Difficulty SR: 3/5
    Name: Palm Shore
    Notes: There is an island in the middle and a horseshoe shaped island in orbit
    around it. Water will come and go between the two islands
    Fun Factor: 4/5
    Difficulty BB: 3/5
    Difficulty SR: 2/5
    Name: Tart Top
    Notes: Hit a strawberry twirl thing and you'll get the same effect as a
    blooper, the only items are above the center.
    Fun Factor: 2/5
    Difficulty BB: 3/5
    Difficulty SR: 2/5
    Name: Block Fort N64
    Notes: 4 Massive blocks in each of the corners with bridges leading to the
    others, good for sneaking up on other players
    Fun Factor: 5/5
    Difficulty BB: 1/5
    Difficulty SR: 4/5
    Name: Pipe Plaza GCN
    Notes: There are some Pipes on the north wall, when you drive in you are
    thrown out of another there isn't much else to say really.
    Fun Factor: 4/5
    Difficulty BB: 3/5
    Difficulty SR: 1/5
    4.5. Missions
    Here's something completely new to the Mario Kart series. In it you take a
    break from racing, and take on mission challenges. These are usually like
    "Drive through the numbered gates in order" or "Collect all coins". There are
    7 worlds, each with 8 challenges and a boss. They will be described below.
    Also, all characters will use their standard kart in mission mode.
    4.5.1. World 1
    Mission 1-1: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order!
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Figure-8 Circuit
    Time Limit: 35 seconds
    Strategy: Gate number one is easy, itís right in front of you, pass through it
    and you'll see a row of 4 mushrooms on the floor in front of gate 2. Grab any
    of them and pass through the gate. After another part of the curve, you'll see
    the same mushroom setup with gate 3, and the same again with number 4. After
    gate 4, you'll come out of the curve and see gate 5 straight ahead. Pass
    through to clear the mission.
    Mission 1-2: Collect all 15 coins!
    Character: Peach
    Stage: Peach Circuit GBA
    Time Limit: 30 seconds
    Strategy: Start off by grabbing the 2 coins in front of you. You should see
    the next 2 at the hairpin turn, so slow down for them as you may miss coins 
    5 and 6 which are right after the turn. Coins 7 through 12 are on the straight
    so grab them, go slow after this because the last 3 coins are easy to miss if
    not at a correct angle. But unless you are attempting triple star ranks, you
    don't need to restart if you miss just one, reverse and you should still be
    able to retrieve the last coins.
    Mission 1-3: Destroy all 10 item boxes!
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Yoshi Falls
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: The main challenge here is restraining yourself from taking the
    waterfalls, no need to take the waterfall just to be slowed down and the only
    thing the down here is a big waste of time. Remember, the only thing these
    boxes give you are mushrooms so you may get away with one mistake. Box 1 is in
    front of you at the start, number 2 is on the bridge over the waterfall,
    number 3 is on the slope a bit further on. 4 is before the bridge over
    waterfall 2, while 5 is on the bridge. 6 is on the right side of the booster,
    7 is at the end of the final bridge. 8 is on the right path of the next
    booster. Finally, 9 and 10 are on the straight near the end.
    Mission 1-4: Get the Star and use it to hit 5 Cheep Cheeps!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Cheep Cheep Beach
    Time Limit: 40 seconds
    Strategy: There are 5 Cheep Cheeps flopping about on the beach right before
    the Jungle and a bunch of item boxes nearby, get one of them to get a star
    and hit all the cheep cheeps along the beach. Make sure you have your eye on
    the cheep cheep when about to hit him because they have an annoying habit
    dodging you, so be careful and you should prosper.
    Mission 1-5: Drive through all 6 numbered gates in order!
    Character: Toad
    Stage: Nintendo DS
    Time Limit: 30 seconds
    Strategy: If you know the level well then you should be able to do this easily
     For gate 1, it's sitting in front of you, go through it. drive the top of the
    DS and take a hard left to see gate 2, drive through it and follow the edge of
    the track to find the rest, thatís this easy mission done. 
    Mission 1-6: Drive out of the mansion... backward!
    Character: Luigi
    Stage: Luigi's Mansion
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: Easy if you have driven backwards before, just hold the B button
    instead of the A button and whenever you get to a turning, press the opposite
    direction. In fact, I think the only turnings in the level are 90 degree right
    turns, so just hold left while taking them. The course is from the entrance to
    the mansion, to the exit to the garden. Just focus and you'll easily do it.
    Mission 1-7: Collect all 20 coins!
    Character: DK
    Stage: Moo Moo Farm N64
    Time Limit: 35 seconds
    Strategy: First get the item box in front of you, it contains 3 mushrooms, so
    be wary when using them because you may miss some coins. After this collect
    the 4 coins before the ramp, and keep on a straight path because the next 4
    coins are after the ramp. There's a group of 5 coins on the corner a bit
    further on, collect them and continue a bit further. There's 3 coins on the
    inside of the corner ahead, but the slope they are on could throw you off and
    make you miss out on them. The last 4 are on the same setup but the slope they
    are on is less steep
    Mission 1-8: Perform 4 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap.
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Mario Circuit 1 SNES
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: To do a mini boost, look in the advanced controls section of the
    guide (3.2). After you do 4, just make your way to the finish. On a side note,
    Getting a triple star here was probably hardest of all missions. It took me an
    hour of long hard work to get it, I think that snaking may be essential to a
    triple star. But try hard and you'll get it.
    Boss Stage: Use Mushrooms to crash into the Big Bully and knock him off the
    Character: Yoshi
    Time Limit: 3 minutes
    Strategy: Defiantly the easiest boss, but what did you expect from world 1?
    First of all, get the box which will contain triple Mushrooms, after that,
    just ram into him and use a mushroom before each hit and he'll be in the water
    in no time.
    4.5.2. World 2
    Mission 2-1: Crash into all 10 wooden crates and destroy every one!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Delfino Square
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Strategy: The first box is in front of you at the start, smash it. Go along
    the road and you'll see number 2 on the inside and 3 on the outside. Destroy
    number 4 which is on the pier, reverse and smash the 2 on both sides of the
    alley and the number 7 which is on the bridge. Drive over then turn right
    before the stop sign to find number 8. Now, go back to where you found number
    4. and drive down the pier to find the last remaining boxes.
    Mission 2-2: Collect all 10 coins!
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Figure-8 Circuit
    Time Limit: 30 seconds
    Strategy: Reverse to pick up coin number one, the remaining 9 are on the
    middle of the track. Easy.
    Mission 2-3: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order.
    Character: DK
    Stage: Donut Plains SNES
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: The first one if just before the bridge, gate 2 is in the middle of
    the shortcut so pick up the shroom on the track to get through. 3 is on the
    outside of the next hairpin turn and number 4 on the one after that, there
    are quite a few mushrooms on the track here, grab them if you want a good rank
    The last gate is on the outside of the last hairpin.
    Mission 2-4: Destroy all 5 item boxes!
    Character: Luigi
    Stage: Luigi's mansion
    Time Limit: 35 seconds
    Strategy: The item boxes will fly along the track, they are all in a line, so
    they are quite easy to get as the only thing the give are mushrooms. just use
    them and aim right and you'll go speeding through the item boxes.
    Mission 2-5: Collect all 20 coins!
    Character: Peach
    Stage: Cheep Cheep Beach
    Time Limit: 30 seconds
    Strategy: Coins 1 through 6 are in front of you at the start, 7-12 you have to
    have the right aim or you'll be speeding the wrong direction and needing to
    brake, all the other coins are at the jump, so just go over and you should get
    Mission 2-6: Use Bob-ombs to destroy all 5 Pokeys!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Desert hills
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Strategy: Collect an item box to get a bob-omb and chuck it at a pokey to
    destroy it. if you have trouble hitting your target, get as close as possible,
    youíll get hurt too but its easier.
    Mission 2-7: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order!
    Character: Toad
    Stage: Luigi Circuit GCN
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Strategy: Gate 1 is in front of you and 2 is along the path, when going down
    here, you may notice that some gates like number 8 are on the road, so make
    sure you drive through the correct one. Number 2 is the gate on the left and
    3 is on the right. drive through 4 which is right after 3. Gate 5 is on the
    side with the boosts, 6 and 7 are next to the gates youíve already driven
    through and 8 is on the middle line. Get number 9 which is in the middle of
    the road and the last gate is on top of the boosts this time.
    Mission 2-8: Perform 6 power-slide turbo boosts in 3 lap.
    Character: Peach
    Stage: Baby Park GCN
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Strategy: The level is tough, because peach has not got any decent
    mini-boosting skill. And is hard to control, try to pick up the item boxes
    because they always give stars.
    Boss Stage: Hit the Eyerok's eyeball 3 times with shells!
    Character: Mario
    Time Limit: 5 minutes
    Strategy: Very easy, first get an shell from a box and fire it at the hand who
    has his eye open. Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Also, once you've hit him twice, the
    hands will take it in turns to float into the air, both have their eyes open
    here so just hit the one not floating.
    4.5.3. World 3
    Mission 3-1: Destroy all 5 item boxes!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Waluigi Pinball
    Time Limit: 50 seconds
    Strategy: Well, it's hard to give a strategy for this one because the boxes
    move randomly around the area, they'll always follow the same route but the
    lack any pattern, however, they always contain stars so that helps in getting
    the others. Plus the area you drive in is small.
    Mission 3-2: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order...backward!
    Character: Bowser
    Stage: Delfino Square
    Time Limit: 50 seconds
    Strategy: Drive through the first gate which is behind you then turn left
    (from the camera's perspective) then follow the road more to find the second
    and take the straight route at the fork to get number 3. Then go left to find
    the forth gate and left again to find the final gate.
    Mission 3-3: Collect all 15 coins while avoiding the Chain Chomp!
    Character: Luigi
    Stage: Luigi Circuit GCN
    Time Limit: 25 seconds
    Strategy: Not hard at all, the chain chomp is only a minor hindrance and you
    can easily recover if he hits you, just go forward at the start, then turn
    left into the coin spiral and before you know it, you're done. Easy.
    Mission 3-4: Reach the finish before Yoshi!
    Character: Peach
    Stage: Yoshi Falls
    Time Limit: Until Yoshi finishes
    Strategy: Easy, it's just a 1 on 1 race but all items will be either star, red
    shell, mushroom or triple mushroom, also some of the routes are blocked off.
    The main route is blocked off on the first 2 waterfalls so you have to drive
    through them, but the waterfall with items flowing down is blocked so you have
    to take the main route here. Aside from these, it's exactly the same as grand
    prix mode.
    Mission 3-5: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Pipe Plaza
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: This one can be quite tricky, get the first gate in front of you and
    drive through the pipe to find number 2. Stay on the top section and turn
    right to find number 3 and again to find 4. Go through the second pipe to
    shoot out at number 5, drive towards the wall and you'll see gate 6. Stay on
    the same curve and go up the ramp to find 7 and drop down for number 8.
    Mission 3-6: Hit Monty Moles with shells 5 times!
    Character: Luigi
    Stage: Moo Moo Farm
    Time Limit: 1 minute 5 seconds
    Strategy: This is very tough, the Monty moles will pop out of their holes very
    quickly. Try and park right in front of them and hit them when they are about
    to return to the hole. As long as you focus it shouldn't prove to hard.
    Mission 3-7: Perform 10 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lab!
    Character: DK
    Stage: Shroom Ridge
    Time Limit: 1 minute 10 seconds
    Strategy: You have ages so just as long as you miniboost at all corners, you
    should be fine, also, keep in mind that DK's drifting skill is lacking so be
    Mission 3-8: Collect all 20 coins!
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Twilight House
    Time Limit: 1 minute 5 seconds
    Strategy: This can be quite tough if you don't know the locations of the coins
    but Iím here to tell you, so it shouldn't be hard at all. Coin 1 if right in
    front of you and coin two is on the left in the next room, go out the door
    behind and into the next door to pick up coin 3, go through the door on the
    right to find a dead end and coin 4. Drive back out and through the door
    across the hall to find yourself outside again, turn right to find coin 5 and
    right into the next door to find 6. Go through the only other door for 7 and
    the door on the right to find coin 8 in the corner of the stage. Drive
    clockwise and collect the coin behind the banana then right into the dead end
    to find coins 10 and 11, leave the dead end and drive right to see 3 bananas
    and a coin and 3 banana's, collect the coin to see some more bananas and coin
    13. take the corner and enter the door for coin 14 and enter the last room to
    find the last 6 coins.
    Boss Stage: Reach the finish before Goomboss!
    Character: Toad
    Time Limit: Until Goomboss Finishes
    Stage: Baby Park
    Strategy: This giant Goomba can prove quite a challenge to anyone. The trick
    is to stay behind until the final straight, if you are behind him, he'll stop,
    turn around, and drop a goomba or a mushroom. If you are in front of him, he
    won't do this but if you are at the correct position, he may kick you further
    ahead. Also, when he finishes a lap, he'll grow slightly. But this takes him
    time so take advantage of it.
    4.5.4. World 4
    Mission 4-1: Reach the finish before Donkey Kong!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: DK Pass
    Time Limit: Until DK finishes
    Strategy: Another simple 1 on 1 race. But this time there are more snowmen
    near the beginning, and the course is backwards. There's the same item rules
    as with the race with Yoshi. Thereís no noticeable changes after this to my
    Mission 4-2: Blast 20 crabs!
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Palm Shores
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    Strategy: Easy. Though the crabs are small, just drive up to them
    when some triple green shells are spinning round you to destroy all the crabs.
    you have more then enough time to do it twice so just relax and you can do it
    very easily. Once in a while, you'll get a Bob-omb from an item box, use it
    near a bunch of crabs for lots of points.
    Mission 4-3: Reach the finish before the red car!
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Shroom Ridge
    Time Limit: 50 seconds
    Strategy: The Red car will zoom past you as the time is still counting down,
    that hardly seems fair, but the red car will always take the outside of the
    corners so it isn't too hard, plus the boxes contain triple shrooms. Watch
    out for the car though because if you touch it you will crash and waste tons
    of time.
    Mission 4-4: Drove through all 7 numbered gates in order!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Desert Hills
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: The first gate is in front of you at the start, though quite far
    away, get it then get a triple shroom item box, get gate 2 on the inside of
    the pyramid and use the shrooms to avoid slowdown and get the 3rd on the right
    side of the track afterwards. 4 is on top of the hill in the middle of the
    course and 5 is on the inside of the next corner. 6 is aiming at the hill. Use
    a shroom to get over it and zoom through gate 7.
    Mission 4-5: Collect all 15 coins. If you get squished by a Thwomp, you fail!
    Character: Bowser
    Stage: Bowser Castle 2
    Time Limit: 30 seconds
    Strategy: Easy as pie. Just do a turbo start to get the first 8 within 5
    seconds the others aren't so easy sadly. Aim at them, collect the first then
    stop, then collect the next 3 when the thwomps start to rise, then brake, then
    get the final 3
    Mission 4-6: Break all 10 item boxes while avoiding the fake items!
    Character: DK
    Stage: Choco Mountain N64
    Time Limit: 1 minute 10 seconds
    Strategy: If you look at the touch screen (or this guide) you can see which
    items are fake easily. At the first line, the item is the second from the
    left. the second is in the middle and third is second from the left. Forth is
    the right one and fifth is the one on the left. sixth is on the right, seventh
    is second from the left, eight is on the right and ninth is in the
    front-middle. The final one is in the middle.
    Mission 4-7: Drive through all 10 gates!
    Character: Toad
    Stage: Waluigi Pinball
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: This is a strange one, it is the only level where the gates aren't
    numbered. the first is in front of you, 2 and 3 are in the lanes to the left
    and right of the flippers. 4 and 5 are on the orange line above these lanes
    and 6 is in between them. 7, 8, 9 and 10 are on the line again a little higher
    up. Watch out for the pinball here, it can make a difference between a ***
    rank and a ** rank.
    Mission 4-8: Perform 9 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap
    Character: Luigi
    Stage: Luigi Circuit GBA
    Time Limit: 1 minute
    Strategy: Not really anything worth mentioning here, just miniboost and it'll
    be a piece of cake.
    Boss Stage: Collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo!
    Character: Peach
    Time Limit: 5 minutes
    Strategy: This is a very strange level. Though King Boo can't hurt you, you
    can't dodge him. What you have to do is collect the coins while he circles you
    once in a while, he'll dive at you making everything go dark and the coins
    will vanish, as well as taking 10 of your own. Hit him and he'll drop the 
    coins and make everything go back to normal, assuming you face north at the
    start, the platforms north-west and south-east don't have coins. Plus, you'll
    find that you'll often have missed one so make sure you haven't
    4.5.5. World 5
    Mission 5-1: Reach the finish before the stray Chain Chomp!
    Character: Peach
    Stage: Peach Gardens
    Time Limit: 50 seconds
    Strategy: A very similar match to the red car race. As long as you don't
    crash, you'll be fine, collect the triple shroom box from the start and use
    them to cross the flower beds. Make sure you don't hit the other Chomps as 
    well as this one.
    Mission 5-2: Drive backward and collect 15 coins! If you hit a snowman, you
    Character: DK
    Stage: Frappe Snowland N64
    Time Limit: 30 seconds
    Strategy: Very Easy, its similar to the Bowser mission in world 3, but this
    time, it's snowmen instead of walls, just go slow and you'll do it easily. All
    the coins are in the loop, so it shouldn't be too hard.
    Mission 5-3: Destroy all 5 item boxes!
    Character: Toad
    Stage: Koopa Beach SNES
    Time Limit: 35 seconds
    Strategy: Rather easy, just don't try and grab the boxes when they zoom over
    the ocean, that can be devastating. They'll go out to sea 3 times, once near
    the start, once in the middle of the big lake. And once near the end. Just do
    what you usually do for these missions and you'll do it easily.
    Mission 5-4: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order
    Character: Bowser
    Stage: Bowser Castle 2
    Time Limit: 1 minute 5 seconds
    Strategy: Another gate mission, this one is quite hard because of Bowser's
    lousy turning. Get the first gate which is right in front of you, get number 2
    by hitting the boost pad. 3 is on the zigzag, easy to get and 4 is over the
    first jump, drive over and get it. After 2 more corners use the jump in the
    middle to drive through gate 5 and take the right path (the one with tons of
    jumps) to find the next one, 7 is on the left of the long straight and 8 is on
    the final jump. 9 is on the right of the home straight. 10 is guarded by a
    couple of thwomps, dodge them and it's mission complete.
    Mission 5-5: Complete 1 lap in the opposite direction within the time limit
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Mushroom Bridge GCN
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Strategy: Though this is a fun mission, there really isn't anything
    significant to report except that the bridge only has 2 lanes working, this
    makes dodging traffic a whole lot harder, but you get out of this and thatís
    the only change. 
    Mission 5-6: Collect all 18 coins!
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Tart Top
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: Mmm...hard to give a strategy here because the coins are randomly
    spread around. Get the coin in front of you at the start and 2 behind the
    gumdrop thing. Drive a little further and snag the 3 aiming at the middle and
    coin 6 at the top. Get the next 2 behind the tart on the right. Then aim at
    the line of coins and snag the next 4. The last 6 are in the same pattern as
    Mission 5-7: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order.
    Character: Toad
    Stage: DK Pass
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: Quite easy, Gate 1 is in front of you and 2 and 3 are round the
    curve. 4 and 5 are up the mountain in the middle of the path, 6 is just round
    the curve and 7 is up the slope a little higher up and 8 is at the peak.
    Mission 5-8: Reach the finish before Mario!
    Character: Luigi
    Stage: Mario Circuit
    Time Limit: Until Mario finishes
    Strategy: Well, like the others, there really isnít much to say about this.
    Just use the same tactics you always use for races and it'll be a breeze. I
    did notice the dramatic increase in piranha plants partway through the course
    but they are still rather easy to dodge.
    Boss Stage: Hit the Big Bob-omb with 3 Bob-ombs!
    Character: Wario
    Time Limit: 5 minutes
    Strategy: Okay, first he'll stomp and make 2 items and a Bob-omb drop and
    he'll do his really funny little walk over to it and pick it up, the item
    boxes also contain bob-ombs, hit him with one of these twice. On the third
    time, he'll jump high in the air and 3 bob-ombs will fall around him with the
    item box directly underneath him. Collect it and move you tail, fast. When he
    lands, nail him with the bob-omb and its game over.
    4.5.6. World 6
    Mission 6-1: Drive backward across the spinning bridge! If you fall, you're
    Character: Bowser
    Stage: Bowser Castle
    Time Limit: 30 seconds
    Strategy: Just like the other backwards missions, just focus to thrash. Bowser
    does seem to stick to the bridge bit but don't push your luck.
    Mission 6-2: Get Stars and run over 15 Rocky Wrenches!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Airship fortress
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Strategy: The time limit may be a bit tight for a first time. The best thing
    to do is to run from one side of the arena to the other running over wrenches
    as you go, watch out though because the stars will eventually run out so keep
    them topped up.
    Mission 6-3: Collect all 30 coins
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Choco Island 2 SNES
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Strategy: The first 3 coins are in front of you, just stay on the same line
    and you'll the the shroom and 3 coins behind it. Coins 7-12 are on the thin
    road and 13-15 are in front of the mud patch. 16-18 are inside the patch and
    19-27 are in the jump land, the final 3 are on the home straight.
    Mission 6-4: Destroy all 10 item boxes
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Block Fort
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    Strategy: This level is like the Waluigi pinball where the boxes move
    randomly, so all I can do is offer tips, I guess search everywhere at least
    once and the boxes often just slip out of your hands so stay on your guard.
    Mission 6-5: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order!
    Character: Peach
    Stage: Sky Garden GBA
    Time Limit: 50 seconds
    Strategy: Easy, get an item box and a triple shroom and drive through gate 1
    zoom over the ramps with the shroom and go through gate 2, number 3 is in
    front of the ramp, 4 is on the first bridge and 5 is in the middle of the
    track. 6 is on the cloud shortcut. 7 and 8 are in the middle of the course.
    Mission 6-6: Perform 14 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap!
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Yoshi Circuit GCN
    Time Limit: 1 minute
    Strategy: I swear Iím getting less to write on these, There isn't much to say
    except miniboost at any chance. 
    Mission 6-7: Collect all 40 coins
    Character: Toad
    Stage: Tick Tock Clock
    Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds
    Strategy: The coins are arranged in a star shape, you get plenty of time so
    just focus on getting the coins, also, watch out for the hands of the clock,
    they hit you and make you drop tons of coins.
    Mission 6-8: Reach the finish before Peach
    Character: Bowser
    Stage: Peach Gardens
    Time Limit: Until Peach Finishes
    Strategy: Same rules as the other matches. But with more chomps and stop signs
    just locate the route through and it's easy.
    Boss Stage: Use Mushroom boosts to hit Chief Chilly and knock him off the
    stage 3 times!
    Character: Luigi
    Time Limit: 5 minutes
    Strategy: Remember the Big bully from world 1? This is very similar. The only
    difference is that you have to K.O. him 3 times. Also, on the 3rd round, he
    has a nasty habit of jumping out of your way, also, he can grip on the edge,
    if you give him another mushroom, you can down him.
    4.5.7. World 7
    To unlock world 7, Achieve at least a * rank in all previous missions
    Mission 7-1: Perform 6 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap!
    Character: Peach
    Stage: Rainbow Road
    Time Limit: 1 minute
    Strategy: Pain...that's what this is...though its only 6, you'll have lots of
    trouble finding good spots to use it. Try 3 in the first ring and others on
    the corners. Hopefully you won't fall off too much.
    Mission 7-2: Reach the finish before Bowser!
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Bowser Castle
    Time Limit: Until Bowser Finishes
    Strategy: The same thing as previous 1 on 1's, easy. This time there are 3
    blocked off routes, The middle of the first hall you enter, meaning you have
    to go around, the normal route after the spin room forcing you to take the
    shortcut, and the top route after the spin bridge, this means you have to drop
    down on the bridge
    Mission 7-3: Complete 2 laps within the time limit!
    Character: DK
    Stage: Tick Tock Clock
    Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds
    Strategy: Lame...it's just 2 laps, no difference, see section 4.1.3 for
    details, I can't be bothered to type it all out again.
    Mission 7-4: Use shells to defeat all 30 Goombas within the time limit!
    Character: Toad
    Stage: Mario Circuit
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    Strategy: All the Goomba's are near the start, just use the same technique as
    the crab match to win. Also, try to take down the Goombas near the front
    Mission 7-5: Collect all 20 coins!
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Wario Stadium
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Strategy: Quite hard for a change, get coins 1 and 2 on the zigzag and 3-6 on
    the next jump, 7-10 are in the mud pit, be careful here because it's very easy
    to miss them. 11-15 are on the next jumps, 16 and 17 are in range of the
    Podoboos so be very careful not to get hit, the final 3 are on the last jump
    Mission 7-6: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order!
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Nintendo DS
    Time Limit: 11 seconds
    Strategy: Strange level...the gates are arranged in a circle, just drive round
    it to succeed, you have to do this quickly though, so be as fast as you can,
    but don't rush.
    Mission 7-7: Drive backward and collect all 12 coins! If you hit a burner,
    you fail!
    Character: Bowser
    Stage: Airship Fortress
    Time Limit: 50 seconds
    Strategy: Quite easy, take the first 9 in the maze of crates and the last 3
    are on the path of the burners, so just take them when the burners move off
    Mission 7-8: Break all 10 item boxes while avoiding the Fake Items!
    Character: Luigi
    Stage: Banshee Boardwalk N64
    Time Limit: 1 minute 5 seconds
    Strategy: Similar principle to Choco mountain. I'll just say which is the real
    one. At the first line, the item is the one of the right. the second is on the
    left and third is on the right. Forth is the left one and fifth is the one on
    the left too. Sixth and seventh are the only ones in the lines, eight is on a
    strange one, it's on the left path instead of the middle. And ninth is in the
    right. The final one is, like 6 and 7, the only one in the group.
    Boss Stage: Reach the finish before Wiggler!
    Character: Mario
    Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds
    Strategy: This is it...Last Battle, Wiggler is very fast and you can defeat it
    only by collecting the stars in the item boxes and hitting the cars to collect
    the hidden mushrooms inside it. Just keep your focus and keep this up and you
    will prevail.
    5. Multi Player
    There isn't much to say about multiplayer mode. The only other features that
    exist are team select if you play a team game and an extra character if you
    play single card wi-fi. You can play Vs and Battle modes in Multiplayer, and
    possibly Grand Prix in 2-player mode. 
    6. WFC
    To play WFC, you need two things, A fast broadband internet connection, and
    either a Nintendo Wi-fi USB connector or a wireless router. Once you have
    these, you will be able to play wi-fi. There are 4 modes you can play;
    Friends, where you play only people in your friends list, continental, where
    you play other people from your continent (Europe, North america, Asia Etc.),
    Worldwide, where you play anyone, and rivals, where you play someone with
    about equal skill level to you. Sadly, only up to 4 players can race at once.
    And only 20 tracks can be played.
    The tracks that can be played are:
    Figure-8 Circuit
    Yoshi Falls
    Cheep Cheep Beach
    Luigi's Mansion
    Desert Hills
    Delfino Square
    DK Pass
    Mario Circuit
    Wario Stadium
    Rainbow Road
    Mario Circuit 1 SNES
    Moo Moo Farm N64
    Peach Circuit GBA
    Luigi Circuit GCN
    Frappe Snowland N64
    Baby Park GCN
    Choco Mountain N64
    Choco Island 2 SNES
    Sky Garden GBA
    Yoshi Circuit GCN
    7. Characters
    There are 13 characters to pick from in Mario Kart DS, 8 availible at the
    beginning, 4 secret characters to unlock and 1 extra character playable only
    through single card download play. Depending on the character you are, you
    will have an effect on the weight stat on your kart (explained later).
    Name: Mario
    Appearence: Red Cap with an "m" on it, Moustached, Big nose, red overalls
    Weight stat: No effect
    First game: Donkey Kong (1981), but he wasn't called Mario until Super Mario
    Bros. (1985)
    History: Years ago, Mario was a carpenter who worked in brooklyn, he was
    quite happy as he had everything he wanted, including a girlfriend named
    Pauline. One day, a huge ape named Donkey kong came and kidnapped Pauline.
    Mario saved her and defeated Donkey kong. A few years later, Pauline left
    Mario. Mario was so depressed and he got fired. He took up another job as a
    plumber which is what his brother Luigi was doing, one day, they heard some
    calls for help coming from a pipe, the Mario brothers rushed through and came
    upon the mushroom kingdom we all know and love. They followed the calls until
    they came upon a castle. Inside was the great King of koopas, Bowser. Mario
    defeated him and saved the person who was behind the calls, princess peach.
    From then, Mario has defended the princess in many adventures.
    Name: Luigi
    Appearence: Green Cap with an "L", thinner and taller then Mario.
    Weight stat: No effect
    First game: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
    History: Most of Luigi's history is included above in Mario's history.
    Name: Princess Peach
    Appearence: Blonde, Long hair, wears a dress and a blue pendent.
    Weight stat: -8
    First game: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
    History: One day while in the mushroom kingdom, Princess peach was captured by
    the Koopa King, Bowser. The princess sent out a call for help which was heeded
    by the Plumbers Mario and Luigi. They rescued her and since then they've had
    many adventures.
    Name: Yoshi
    Appearence: Green Dinosaur with a big nose, a saddle and Boots.
    Weight stat: -12
    First game: Super Mario World. (1991)
    History: The Yoshi's have always lived on Yoshi's Island. A few years ago when
    Mario and Luigi were kids, the stork was bringing Mario and Luigi to thier
    parents, Kamek the Magikoopa attacked him and captured baby Luigi. The Yoshi's
    and Baby Mario saved baby luigi and got them to thier parents. About 20 years
    later, Bowser attacked Yoshi's island turning Yoshi's friends into Eggs. A
    fully grown Mario and Luigi helped Yoshi save his friends and princess peach.
    Name: Toad
    Appearence: Short Human body and a mushroom for a head.
    Weight stat: -15
    First game: Super Mario Bros.
    History: Toads have been living in the mushroom kingdom for as long as anyone
    can remember, they are very faithful to the princess, and offer helpful advise
    to Mario and Luigi when they try and save her.
    Name: DK
    Appearence: Big ugly ape
    Weight stat: +9
    First game: DK Junior (1982)
    History: When Mario still lived in brooklyn, he defeated DK (who is now cranky
    kong) and trapped him in a cage. However, DK Junior (who has grown into the
    current DK) heard his father was captured, rescued him and brought him back to
    the mushroom kingdom. Since then, the Kongs has been more into the fight
    against King K.Rools Kremlin army then the fight with Mario.
    Name: Wario
    Appearence: A very fat Mario with yellow "W" Cap and Purple overalls.
    Weight stat: +12
    First game: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)
    History: Wario was always jealous of Mario as a kid because Mario got all the
    attention. I'm not sure how Wario got to the mushroom kingdom, I assume he and
    Waluigi followed the Mario brothers through the pipe to the kingdom. For a few
    years, Wario was laying low and he planned to take over Mario's castle. When
    Mario left to save princess daisy from the clutches of the evil space alien
    Tatanga, Wario took over the castle. Eventually, Mario got it back, and Wario
    decided to go treasure hunting instead.
    Name: Bowser
    Appearence: Massive spiky shell, lots of muscles, Sharp teeth and horns.
    Weight stat: +18
    First game: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
    History: Most of Bowser's history is included above in Peach's history.
    Name: Daisy
    Unlock: Complete Lightning Cup in 50cc
    Appearence: Think Peach with a Yellow dress and brown hair.
    Weight stat: -13
    First game: Super Mario Land. (1989)
    History: Daisy was the princess of a neighboring kingdom to the mushroom
    kingdom named Sarasaland. One day, an evil alien named Tatanga came and
    captured Daisy. Daisy called for help. Mario heeded this call for help like he
    did Peach's and defeated Tatanga, a few years later, Daisy heard that a star
    had fallen named the millenium star which would make one person a superstar.
    Daisy arrived a bit late, just in time to claim the beauty star stamp, which
    is one of the seven stars required to become the superstar. However, Luigi
    objected to this saying that he worked hard to get the other 5 and that she
    should work for this one too. She accepted the challenge and lost. But gained
    a new boyfriend in Luigi.
    Name: Dry Bones
    Unlock: Complete Special Cup in 50cc
    Appearence: A Koopa skeleton, simple?
    Weight stat: -20
    First game: Super Mario Bros. 3
    History: The evil magic of bowser brought these dead koopa's back to life.
    They are pretty much invinsible and one has arisen to take on sports.
    Name: Waluigi
    Unlock: Complete Lightning Cup in 100cc
    Appearence: Think taller, thinner Luigi with black overalls, purple cap and
    backwards L
    Weight stat: +2
    First game: Mario Tennis (2000)
    History: Waluigi first appeared as Wario's brother and doubles partner in
    Mario tennis. Before this, I assume he came, with wario, to the kingdom. Since
    then, he has been lying low until he heard that the millenium star had fallen.
    Waluigi arrived a bit late, just in time to steal the final star stamp, the
    mischief one and challenged Luigi to a game on his island. Luigi won and
    became the superstar. Since this he has been active in sports and not really
    active in Mario's adventures.
    Name: ROB
    Unlock: Complete either Special or Lightning cup in 150cc
    Appearence: A Column with hi-tech binoculars on top and a magnet shape for his
    Weight stat: +20
    First game: Mario Kart DS (2005)
    History: ROB was a toy in real life and has no history
    Name: Shy Guy
    Appearence: A little guy in a cloak wearing a mask
    First game: Super Mario Bros. 2
    History: These little enemys were part of Wart's army to take over subcon.
    Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad defeated the Wart and freed subcon, since then,
    they have been living on Yoshi's island with the Yoshi's
    8. Karts
    In Mario Kart DS, there are 36 karts to pick from, each character has 3 of his
    own to pick from, but as you get later into the game, you'll be able to select
    different cars (e.g. Mario driving Yoshi's Egg1). There are 6 attributes that
    each kart has, they are; Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling, Drift and
    Items. Speed is how fast a Kart goes, Acceleration is how fast it reaches that
    speed, Weight is how heavy the kart is (heavier karts knocks light ones around
    more and go slower off-road). Handling is how the kart turns, Drift is how
    sharply you turn when drifting and Items is how often you get good items.
    Since the status bar on the game is out of 100. I'll do the ratings out of
    that when Mario sits in the car. (The weight stat changes with the driver.)
    Small note, the ratings are my estimations, the only meters that should what
    the stat are the 10s. But they shouldn't be any more then 3 points off.
    To use each character's 3rd kart, complete the special cup on 100cc
    To unlock 4 more karts for each character, complete the special cup on 150cc
    NOTE: These aren't new karts, they are karts that other characters use, e.g.
    Mario unlocks the Gold mantis and banisher through this method.
    To use any kart with any character, complete the Special cup and Lightning cup
    in mirror mode
    8.1. Mario's Karts
    Name: B Dasher
    Appearence: Long, White, Basically a Mario-Style Formula 1 car
    Speed:		58/100
    Acceleration:	70/100
    Weight: 	83/100
    Handling:	52/100
    Drift:		55/100
    Items:		100/100
    Name: Standard MR
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, red colour
    Speed:		64/100
    Acceleration:	72/100
    Weight:		64/100
    Handling:	56/100
    Drift:		57/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Shooting Star
    Appearence: The front shaped like a star, the sides look like thunderbolts
    Speed:		69/100
    Acceleration:	74/100
    Weight:		45/100
    Handling:	60/100
    Drift:		59/100
    Items:		33/100
    8.2. Luigi's Karts
    Name: Poltergust 4000
    Appearence: A vacuum with wheels
    Speed:		75/100
    Acceleration:	76/100
    Weight:		49/100
    Handling:	78/100
    Drift:		32/100
    Items:		33/100
    Name: Standard LG
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, green colour
    Speed:		71/100
    Acceleration:	73/100
    Weight:		63/100
    Handling:	72/100
    Drift:		31/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Streamliner
    Appearence: Large blue car, looks aerodynamic, has a white strip down the
    Speed:		66/100
    Acceleration:	71/100
    Weight:		73/100
    Handling:	70/100
    Drift:		30/100
    Items:		100/100
    8.3. Peach's Karts
    Name: Royale
    Appearence: Large, old fashioned pink car.
    Speed:		41/100
    Acceleration:	70/100
    Weight:		75/100
    Handling:	44/100
    Drift:		94/100
    Items:		100/100
    Name: Standard PC
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, pink colour
    Speed:		46/100
    Acceleration:	74/100
    Weight:		63/100
    Handling:	47/100
    Drift:		97/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Light Tripper
    Appearence: Yellow car, very small, Exhaust pipes look like wings.
    Speed:		51/100
    Acceleration:	76/100
    Weight:		52/100
    Handling:	51/100
    Drift:		100/100
    Items:		33/100
    8.4. Yoshi's Karts
    Name: Egg1
    Appearence: Yoshi egg with wheels.
    Speed:		59/100
    Acceleration:	92/100
    Weight:		46/100
    Handling:	90/100
    Drift:		41/100
    Items:		33/100
    Name: Standard YS
    Appearence:  Basic Go-kart style, light green Colour
    Speed:		55/100
    Acceleration:	90/100
    Weight:		65/100
    Handling:	84/100
    Drift:		39/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Cucumber
    Appearence: Thin, dark green and quite long.
    Speed:		49/100
    Acceleration:	89/100
    Weight:		70/100
    Handling:	80/100
    Drift:		36/100
    Items:		100/100
    8.5. Toad's Karts
    Name: Mushmellow
    Appearence: A mushroom with wheels, Simple.
    Speed:		43/100
    Acceleration:	88/100
    Weight:		49/100
    Handling:	70/100
    Drift:		70/100
    Items:		33/100
    Name: Standard TD
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, blue colour
    Speed:		39/100
    Acceleration:	84/100
    Weight:		64/100
    Handling:	65/100
    Drift:		66/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: 4-Wheel Cradle
    Appearence: Chair suspended by 4 massive wheels.
    Speed:		32/100
    Acceleration:	82/100
    Weight:		76/100
    Handling:	61/100
    Drift:		63/100
    Items:		100/100
    8.6. DK's Karts
    Name: Rambi Rider
    Appearence: A crate with wheels and a Rhino head on the front.
    Speed:		74/100
    Acceleration:	43/100
    Weight:		79/100
    Handling:	30/100
    Drift:		74/100
    Items:		100/100
    Name: Standard DK
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, yellow colour
    Speed:		80/100
    Acceleration:	47/100
    Weight:		63/100
    Handling:	33/100
    Drift:		77/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Wildlife
    Appearence: A Wildlife preserve ranger car, simple, no?
    Speed:		84/100
    Acceleration:	50/100
    Weight:		55/100
    Handling:	36/100
    Drift:		80/100
    Items:		33/100
    8.7. Wario's Karts
    Name: Brute
    Appearence: Black and white checked colour, wide and short.
    Speed:		93/100
    Acceleration:	52/100
    Weight:		55/100
    Handling:	51/100
    Drift:		49/100
    Items:		33/100
    Name: Standard WR
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, purple colour
    Speed:		89/100
    Acceleration:	50/100
    Weight:		74/100
    Handling:	48/100
    Drift:		47/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Dragonfly
    Appearence: Red tractor.
    Speed:		82/100
    Acceleration:	45/100
    Weight:		80/100
    Handling:	43/100
    Drift:		44/100
    Items:		100/100
    8.8. Bowser's Karts
    Name: Tyrant
    Appearence: A Bowser claw on the front, orange and looks scaly.
    Speed:		90/100
    Acceleration:	24/100
    Weight:		81/100
    Handling:	24/100
    Drift:		63/100
    Items:		100/100
    Name: Standard BW
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, orange colour
    Speed:		96/100
    Acceleration:	30/100
    Weight:		63/100
    Handling:	29/100
    Drift:		66/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Hurricane
    Appearence: A plane with the Koopa clown car face on the front. Doesn't fly...
    Speed:		100/100
    Acceleration:	33/100
    Weight:		61/100
    Handling:	32/100
    Drift:		70/100
    Items:		33/100
    8.9. Daisy's Karts
    Name: Power Flower 
    Appearence: A mini with no roof, orange and yellow in colour.
    Speed:		58/100
    Acceleration:	61/100
    Weight:		67/100
    Handling:	34/100
    Drift:		84/100
    Items:		100/100
    Name: Standard DS
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, light orange colour
    Speed:		63/100
    Acceleration:	63/100
    Weight:		63/100
    Handling:	40/100
    Drift:		89/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Light Dancer
    Appearence: Same as peach's light tripper, but red.
    Speed:		66/100
    Acceleration:	66/100
    Weight:		52/100
    Handling:	43/100
    Drift:		90/100
    Items:		33/100
    8.A. Dry Bones' Karts
    Name: Banisher
    Appearence: A large Dry bones but with wheels instead of hands and feet
    Speed:		24/100
    Acceleration:	98/100
    Weight:		67/100
    Handling:	91/100
    Drift:		44/100
    Items:		100/100
    Name: Standard DB
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, light grey colour
    Speed:		30/100
    Acceleration:	99/100
    Weight:		63/100
    Handling:	97/100
    Drift:		46/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Dry Bomber
    Appearence: A tank, still simple.
    Speed:		33/100
    Acceleration:	100/100
    Weight:		58/100
    Handling:	100/100
    Drift:		49/100
    Items:		33/100
    8.B. Waluigi's Karts
    Name: Gold Mantis
    Appearence: A bit yellow construction truck.
    Speed:		75/100
    Acceleration:	65/100
    Weight:		61/100
    Handling:	60/100
    Drift:		60/100
    Items:		33/100
    Name: Standard WL
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, blue-purple colour
    Speed:		71/100
    Acceleration:	62/100
    Weight:		64/100
    Handling:	56/100
    Drift:		57/100
    Items:		66/100
    Name: Zipper
    Appearence: Motorbike with two wheels at the back instead of one
    Speed:		65/100
    Acceleration:	60/100
    Weight:		67/100
    Handling:	51/100
    Drift:		54/100
    Items:		100/100
    8.C. ROB's Karts
    Name: ROB-BLS
    Appearence: A seat with 5 strange colourful disks around it
    Speed:		100/100
    Acceleration:	65/100
    Weight:		57/100
    Handling:	70/100
    Drift:		28/100
    Items:		33/100
    Name: Standard RB
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, black colour
    Speed:		97/100
    Acceleration:	63/100
    Weight:		64/100
    Handling:	63/100
    Drift:		26/100
    Items:		66/100	
    Name: ROB-LGS
    Appearence: Looks like robotic legs with wheels at the bottom.
    Speed:		90/100
    Acceleration:	58/100
    Weight:		70/100
    Handling:	61/100
    Drift:		24/100
    Items:		100/100
    8.D. Shy Guy's Karts
    Name: Standard SG
    Appearence: Basic go-kart style, colour varies depending on what player you
    are (E.g. 2p, 3p).
    Since you are forced to use shy guy in the game with this kart, you cannot see
    the stats, but it is worth noting that he does handle in a similar way Yoshi
    does in his Standard YS.
    9. Items
    What's a Mario Kart game without items? This section will uncover all the
    juicy little weapons hidden inside the item boxes scattered on the track.
    Shells: Shells are good offensive and defensive weapons. You throw them
    forward and they will cause moderate disruptions to whoever they hit. Also, if
    you hold down on the D-pad you will drop them behind you.
    Green Koopa Shell: This is the most basic of the shells, there are no special
    abilitys with them. Just throw them forward. You'll usually get these in first
    place, which limits thier usefulness and they can hit 3 walls without
    smashing. I'd give it a 4/10.
    Triple Green Koopa Shell: Also simple, three Green shells, nothing big. You 
    usually get them in forth place, which increases how useful they actually are.
    6/10 works for me.
    Red Koopa Shell: Very, Very nice weapon. It's homing so it will be a killer in
    battle games. Don't throw them backwards though because they will lose thier
    homing attribute and they are also more fragile then it's green counterpart,
    cracking after only one touch of the wall. Still, it's a lot harder to block
    then in previous Mario Karts because it aim's for thier sides. Usually
    achieved in third place. I'd say an 8/10.
    Triple Red Koopa Shell: Three of these beauties is more then enough to get you
    back from the awful position you must have been in to get them. The only flaw
    is that you can't get them in any higher position then fifth. 9/10.
    Blue Winged Spiny Shell: The mother of all shells, Fire this and it will zoom
    ahead of where you are to the leader of the group and detonate, causing him,
    and any other racers nearby, to suffer very painfully (big explosion). You
    can't throw this backwards (I can't see why anyone would need to), and you can
    only get this in very low positions, about seventh. It can really save your
    bacon in a grand prix though if you detonate the top three racers and have two
    others take first and second. I think this shell earned a 10/10. Perfect
    Hazards: Hazards are the opposite of shells, they are dropped behind you and
    can be throw ahead by pressing forward on the D-pad. unlike shells however,
    they stay still and are easily dodgeable and unless you plant them in a good
    spot. And you have to be a real good shot to hit other racers when throwing
    them ahead.
    Banana: Rubbish, thats all I can say for this, rubbish. It's just a basic
    hazard which is hard to hit with and gives next to no slowdown if you hit it.
    Plus you get it in first which stop you from getting shells to defend yourself
    with. Still, they are better then shells when blocking homing shells. But they
    still suck. 2/10
    Banana Bunch: Three bananas, these do tend to be better then the normal
    Banana, I got an E-mail from WittZi giving some tactics which increased the
    original score of 3
    1. In normal racing, you have three attempts at slowing someone down behind
    you which normally results in a good deterrent for people trying to overtake
    and / or gives you a good chance of hitting them if you do try and get them. 
    2. They offer 3 layers of protection if you position your kart right against
    red shells.  Its also means you donít have to keep your finger on the top left
    button the whole time whilst racing which can give you an edge. 
    3. In WFC, you canít hold items behind you for protection.  The bunch allows
    you to do this and is the only item that does.
    These tips increased the score to 5/10.
    Fake Item box: Better then a banana, because you can plant them in good spots
    (next to other item boxes) and people will try and hit it (I have no
    guarantees for this, so don't blame me if it doens't work). They show up red
    on the mini-map on the touch screen so you should see one coming. They appear
    in first place often too so that really does help a bit, it still has the
    drawbacks of a banana though so i'll have to give it a 5/10.
    Speed boosts: Boosts will give you a small speed boost that will get you
    across some shortcuts and often steal items and, in battle, balloons.
    Mushroom: The basic, as with the shell and hazard group, I haven't really got
    much to say as I said it all before. You get it in about third and
    occasionally second, and I think it will score about a 7/10.
    Triple Mushroom: Another triple, what a surprise. It's nothing that I haven't
    said before, just don't use them all really quickly, wait until the effects of
    one have finished before you use the next one. You'll get it in about fourth
    and i'd give it an 8/10.
    Golden King Mushroom: This is a funny little item. When you use it once, a
    timer will start and you have about 20 seconds to press it as many times as
    you can, every press is a mushroom boost. If you press it 5 times a second
    that's about a hundred boosts. That will probably get you to first from about
    sixth where you find it, it earns another hard earned 10/10.
    Starman: A Mario game without the starman...I can't imagine it. The Starman
    will not only increase your speed, but all the stats on your kart too plus
    invincibility! Who could want more! Even though you'll find it in last or
    seventh only, it's still worth it. Another hard earned 10/10
    Miscellanious: The items in the miscellanious group will have unique effects,
    I won't describe them here so read below if you want to find out.
    Boo: This ghosty will steal one item from an opponent. With it you can get the
    Starman in first or banana in last easier, plus it gives you invisibility,
    invinsibility and the ability to drive offroad without losing speed. You get
    it around fourth place and gets a 9/10
    Bob-omb: Not terribly good. After about 2-3 seconds, it will explode with blue
    shell force. Other then this it acts just like any other hazard, usually found
    in third. Gets a 6/10
    Bullet Bill: All hail the almighty bullet bill! Best item in the game in my
    opinion! You think the Starman is good? Old bill here will take over the
    controls and increase speed for about 15 seconds, how cool is that? Too bad
    you only get it in last place and very occasionally seventh. Still, 10/10 is
    perfect for this.
    Blooper: The worse of the two new Mario Kart DS weapons (Bullet Bill being
    top). Blooper will shoot ink in the faces of all other racers ahead of you. If
    you are in first, he will squirt you in the face instead. It's not very
    useful, the CPUs will never have any difference and good players know the
    courses will enough to do them blindfolded, plus, there is the minimap. And
    since you usually get it in fourth and third, it won't effect many racers.
    Only scores a 4/10
    Lightning bolt: This item used to be so good in the previous games. Now, it
    has degraded terribly, everyone is shrunk to mini-size with this item, except
    you. The effect will last 2 seconds to the racer in last, 3 for seventh and so
    on upwards, also, it's a LOT easier to snake while you've been shrunk, and
    since it appears in sixth and seventh only, it's not worth it, 6/10.
    10. Credits
    Pikachu936 (me): For writing the entire thing.
    You: For reading this,
    CjayC: For creating one of the greatest game sites I know, and hosting my FAQ
    on it.
    11. Legal Stuff
    This guide is Copyright to Pikachu936 and the only site I give permission to
    host it currently is Gamefaqs.com
    E-mail me if you would permission to have it on your website or if you see it
    outside GameFAQs.
    12. Contact Info
    If you would like to E-mail me, Remember that I will only answer questions
    where the answer is not in the guide. The E-mail address is
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