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"Take everything you love about Mario Kart and stuff it into a bite-size cartridge."

Seriously, you can't go wrong with this game. Sure, there are bad things about it, but with the extraordinary amount of content, how could it be bad?

Gameplay- 10/10

Extremely solid with awesome AI. Sometimes, the AI is so good it actually feels as if you are playing with real people. Some people would argue that this game is luck over skill, but I strongly disagree. Skill is the main part in this game. Strategy too. With some of the new items and stages, you could be coming up with a new strategy every time you pop in the game until you get the absolute perfect strategy. Another factor in gameplay is snaking. Snaking is when you weave back and forth doing powerslides to move much quicker than normal. Many people snake, while many people are strongly opposed to snaking. Personally, I snake, but that's just because if something helps me move faster, I'll do it.

Graphics- 9/10

Absolutely gorgeous for the DS. They are, in fact, better than Mario Kart 64. The reason I give it a nine, though, is because a jaggie might pop up once in a while, and some 2d objects on certain tracks are awkward. Other than that, the graphics are amazing.

Sound- 9/10

Music is amazing. Believe me, you'll be humming the tune to Waluigi Pinball once you buy this game. The sound effects are good, but get repetitive easily. Sometimes sound effects don't entirely come through for some reason, and you'll hear the first part of the sound, but it'll be cut off by another sound effect. I really wish that there was a sound test, to listen to the awesome music.

Replay- 10/10

This game has it all. I'd say that I'll be playing this game well until the next Mario Kart releases, which doesn't seem to be soon. Trying to unlock every cup, every character, every kart, every staff ghost, and getting 3 stars above your name online will take a LONG time.

Content- 10/10

This is where the game really shines. With 4 stages from each previous Mario Kart, you can never bored with all the stages. This game also features Battle Mode, which puts you in battle/racing type situations, ending in a boss. It also features bots for Battle Mode, something I've been yearning for since Mario Kart 64. The new versus mode lets you have teams of four pit each other out, and the online mode is amazing. Extremely simplistic to use, once you get the hang of it. New items include the Blooper, which covers everyone in front of you's screen with ink, making it hard for them to drive. This is the only part where the AI might seem a little messed up, because all that they do is drive back and forth. There is also the Bullet Bill, which turns you into a giant Bullet Bill so that you can smash through everyone in front of you and move much, much faster than normal.

Controls- 8/10

I wish that they would let me choose the controls, but sadly, it ain't happening. The usage of B for acceleration results in hand cramps and sore thumbs.Other than that detail, it's fine.

Online- 10/10

Most people would strongly disagree with a ten because of the random choosing of friends, long wait times, and short friend rosters. However, once you get the hang of how everything works on Wi-fi, it's a snap. I'm also extremely patient, so long waits don't affect me. Lag is one thing I don't like though. Lag in Mario Kart DS causes opponents to shake uncontrollably and make it look like they fall off cliffs when they really didn't. Again, I don't really care about this because I know that it is lag.

Overall- 9/10

Amazing game, must buy for Mario Kart fan or anyone who is new to Mario Kart. With all of the content, anyone, and I mean ANYONE will love this game. So I urge you to go to your local retailer, pick it up, try it, and buy it. You won't regret it. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/14/05

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