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Buy this NOW47pik9/10
Mario Kart DS is severely overrated.DKU_Arich2/10
So addictive that you'll forget that you have a lifeandymancan110/10
Best Mario Kart yet!benthekid2210/10
Mario Kart DS, 1 word: brilliantBlackmage_24110/10
Brilliant game, but not perfectBlack_Cheese8/10
One of the Best DS Games Out Therebladedragon23410/10
Who Needs a Car When You've Got a Kart?bluej338/10
Racing at the speed of lightcrazyforkillua10/10
Drift Away...discoinferno849/10
Start your engines!Galactus219/10
Mario Kart DS runs a little bit bumpy, but very good, race.gamer_boy9978/10
The best damn kart party period.general53110/10
Mario's back and he has TWO new cars!grimakis10/10
This is a REAL review from a 15+ year gamer, don't trust the others.HeLG3N 3X6/10
Would have been a favourite, if it weren't for one fatal flaw...HeoandReo8/10
Don't Do Shrooms and Drivehorror_spooky9/10
Huge DisappointmentKiddyKong25/10
The most complete Mario Kart ever.King_Lueshi9/10
The Greatest Jump in the SeriesL255J9/10
Very fun and friendly, to a mediocre level afterwards.LegendaryBacon8/10
Mario Kart goes Double Screen, and so does the fun!light_rock_zz9/10
Same formula, new approachMageknight7/10
Nice, nice... I thought I would be disappointed of this game but I couldn't expect more than this.Mamsaac9/10
Not the best... but it's up there.manu4evr7/10
The legacy of Mario Kart still lives on in this fun new portable for the DS!Mighty Oracle10/10
A Superb Series Meets a Superb SystemNDS_Master10/10
The best mario Kart Yet and a must own title for the DS!!!nemesis29/10
An amazing series + Online play + Tons of new features = Instant Winpainindaglavin10/10
Online play is sweet, but the game is unbalanced.Rad_Mage7/10
What a racing game should beRoyCohen1110/10
A Brilliant AchievementRPGs R Awesome10/10
Easily the best handheld racer ever.scarlet_puppy10/10
Offers nothing for the gamers playing aloneSenorCactaur4/10
A must-have for any DS ownerShivan Reincarnated9/10
The Best of a Classic SeriesSpeed10/10
Zoom, Zoooom, Zoooooom!SpikeDragon9/10
Let's Kick Asphalt.SuperPhillip9/10
If you're a DS fan, easily a must-have!Tai-9/10
The best and freshest Mario KartTheFanBoyDestroyer10/10

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The fifth Mario Kart: still worth playing03J9/10
who doesn't love Mario kart?A Friendly Cactus9/10
Oh crap.alphablitz10/10
The same thing, different system.antiflag7/10
A must-have DS title.buruburu19/10
Take everything you love about Mario Kart and stuff it into a bite-size cartridge.Captain9/10
Almost three years old, and it's still one of the best DS games, and the best Mario Kart to dateGamerJM9/10
Blue Shells, Bullet Bills, Bloopers, Oh My!GoldenMantis10/10
Another great remake of the classic Mario Kartgoppers8/10
Learn the ropes, and this game is THE 'killer app' for the DS.HyperSonicEXE9/10
Handheld racing bliss which no one should miss.Kartman10/10
Nintendo does it Right... for once! (Spoilers)KingBrolly9/10
Mario Kart DS is a great game on the DS. Best in the series of the Mario Kart games.Link8999/10
The Worst Mario Kart in the Series, But Still Great Fun *CHARACTER SPOILERS*mariobros_1288/10
This game is awesome.Marth98/10
A Reunion of Mario Karts!!!Master7510/10
And the Award for best Mario Kart game ever goes to...MrNintendo200410/10
Stay off of my road.NebulaBlue8/10
Vroom, vroom, yahoo!Nintendo4eva929/10
The best Mario Kart? Nope, but fun all the same.Opassa7/10
Quite possibly the greatest mario kart game ever, truely amazing.pikapoo_12310/10
Mario Kart DS Should Be Played By Everyone With a Nintendo DSPuffballs9/10
Good for a Starting Wi-Fi Game!redsk1n9210/10
Mario Kart DS is good, but not the best.sarCAsum07/10
What a Gamesupaquacky10/10
Possibly the best game for the DS.TridentWizard9/10
Everything You Hoped It Would BeWithTheDawn10/10
More of the samewolverinefan7/10
Who ever thought the best Mario Kart would be on a handheld?XBOX_DS10/10

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