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One of the fastest games everArkrex8/10
For those who want a Sonic game better than Sonic 3 & Knuckles, well here it finally is.bobxp10/10
Sonic Rushes back into the Golden AgeCcrules27919/10
Best Character Design for DS (In my opinion.)ChromeHorizon6/10
Sonic Rush - Making a successful DS premiereclassicgamer839/10
SUPER SONIC RUSH!!! Yay!danieljarlson9/10
Sonic's Debut on the Nintendo DS: Excellentdr_ron219/10
Sonic's Breakdancing kills meFlareNUKE3/10
Sonic hot se.. I mean RushHeroOneShot9/10
Sonic speed-bumpHistoryofGaming8/10
...Sega AND Sonic team need to call it quits...HyperSonicEXE6/10
Excellent start to the DS Sonic gamesirrewonderful8/10
Sonic is back and this time he's more fun than ever!louis2319/10
Right There, RUSH On!Mechalon10/10
The truth hurts.....this is NOT as good as the originals.nightmare_zero66/10
Sonic hits the DS at full speedpikmin1009/10
New Character, New Emeralds, New....EGGMAN?pummy849/10
Mix it up a littlepurple1007/10
Sonic speeds faster than ever to the DS!radred20047/10
Don't believe haters, Sonic Rush is the best Sonic game to come out ever since Sonic and Knuckles.Redrapper9/10
The blue blur is back and is faster than ever before.Shadow_King9/10
An overrated failuresiliconelake4/10
Sonic RUSH - Hit or Miss?SuperLocke449/10
Sonic's back with an almost supersonic bangSuper_Smily_Dea8/10
Sonic Rush - Great DS Debut?TBB5299/10
Sonic's Platformer Roots shine on the DSthegamemaster89/10
Fun..... while it lasts.TwilightLink0089/10
A return to "Way Past Cool" formzeshin_reloaded8/10

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