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 Trauma Center: Under the Knife
 (No Fancy ASCII Art For You!)

   Guide and Walkthrough

  - Version .1
  - By Edgar Baez
  - Copyright 2005 Edgar Baez

  Table of Contents "Navigate Here"

 1. Introduction (S1)
 2. Version (S2)
 3. Story (S3)
 4. How to Play (S4)
 5. Little Tips That May Help (S5)
 6. Walkthrough (S6)
 7. Credits (S7)
 8. Closing Statements (S8)
 9. CopyRight Information (S9)

  Introduction "Hello!" (S1)

 Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for Trauma Center: Under the Knife. I am your 
 assistant.Edgar. I am will be your guide throughout these operations you 
 will experience during your career as a surgeon. Hah, anyway, this is my 
 first FAQ. Please bear with me as I try to learn the ins-and-outs of FAQ 
 writing. I picked this game up on release and I love it. I thoughtit was a
 very cool game. When am I ever gonna be surgeon again? Very fun and new 
 experience utilizing the Nintendo DS functions that make it so unique. 
 This game can be a bit tough and amibigous at times but you'll be 
 able to make it through. Just have Fun! Thats what videogames are for!
 Alright, lets begin operating!

 Version History (S2)

 Version 0.1 - 10/14/2005
                - Introduction
                - Version History
                - Story
                - How to Play
                - Guide/Walkthrough
                - Credits
                - Closing Statements
                - CopyRight Info

 Story "not half bad..." (S3)

 This is what they manual lays out as the story of the game:
 " In the year 2018, making has overcome a number of diseases once thought 
 incurable. Cancer, AIDS, and TFTA are clearly things of the past. However,
 a new plague has emerged to threaten humanity...

 ...it's called GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin).

 Very little is known about this new disease, but rumor has it that GUILT 
 might be the first biological weapon used for "medical terrorism." 
 Our only hope may lie in Caduceus International - a semi-covert
 organization designed to researchand treat the world's most 
"untreatable" diseases.Caduceus has managed to keep GUILT from
 the public so far, but how can they possibly eliminate a disease they
 don't even know how to treat properly?

 Meanwhile, Derek Stiles has just completed his residency and joined 
 the surgical team at Hope Hospital, where routing clinical cases are 
 about to become far more serious..."

 Believe it or not, the story isn't half bad. I might even consider 
 having a part of the FAQ dea with analysis of it.

 How To Play "And how to use the toys they give ya!" (S4)


 + Control Pad - Move Cursor
 A Button - Make Selection / Continue Conversation
 B Button - Selects "Return" from the LOAD screen 
 X Button - Not Used
 Y Button - Not Used
 L Button - Not Used
 R Button - Not Used
 SELECT - Speed through conversations
 START - Pause the Game

 -Heads Up Display-

 Vital Indicator - The Heart at the top left screen is the indicator. 
 Zero = DIE

 HeartBeat Monitor - This shows current heart beat. Obviously when it 
 flatlines the patient is dead.

 Call - When this appears select it to hear what the assistant or 
 someone else has to say.

 Tool Bar - These to vertical bars going down the side of the screen both have
 five different tools.

 Tray - Appears when you remove something from a body and need to dispose of it.

 - How to use your surgical tools -

 Laser - The laser incinerates tumors and viruses. Tap the screen to shoot 
 the laser or hold it down.

 Antibiotic Gel - A potent medication used for disinfection it can also
 heal small wounds. Just rub on infected area.

 Drain - A long tube for removing fluid ffrom the area of operation, 
 primarily blood. Tap the pool of blood and push upward the tube to
 suck up blood until the puddle dissapears.To release fluid 
 (like water in bomb mission) tap the part of the tube
 with the fluid and pull down on until all the fluid is gone.

 Forceps - Extract harmful materials and pick up delicate objects like 
 synthetic membranes.Just tap the objects and pull in the opposite
 direction of which the object is lodged. Or just pull away if it is
 something else. A tray will appearin the bottom right to  drop the object 

 Hand - Take a hands-on approach to various actions, such as heart-massage 
 and membrane application. Just rub on the area 

 Scanner - It's used to find conecealed tumors or to magnify affected 
 areas. A shadow will appearwhen tumors or GUILT are found.

 Swiftly take your scapel and push or rub on the shadow to make the tumor 
 expose or the GUILT pop-out.

 Scalpel - A blade to make incisions and excise/remove tumors and other 
 objects. If a something is excisable a yellow dotted pattern will appear 
 around it. Follow the line to cut it off. You can also use it to expose
 hiding GUILT in the body. Just hold down on the shadow.

 Stitches - Use the needle to suture incisions and other delicate areas
 (Suture is a fancy word for stitch or close up.)

 Syringe - his is necessary for injecting various medications. THe most 
 commonone would be green medicine. Which increases vitals when injected.
 Just tapthe bottleand pull upward will it fills with medicine. Then tap
 on body and pull down on it till fully injected.

 Bandages - End an operation by applying tape to the sutured area. Just tap 
 then pull over area to be covered and let go.

 Little Tips That May Help You Out "Or Not"(S5)

 1. Its good to practice your stitching pattern. After a while you'll be able
 to find it and stitch up lacerations and inscisions with ease.

 2. If you need to start over a mission, you can skip through the text 
 with SELECT.(See the manual is good for something!)
 3. Always keep an eye on vitals whenever things are calming up. 
 Its no good to be on a roll during an operation and lose to vitals 
 reaching zero.

 4. Always pay attention to what the assistant or whoever is saying to you. 
 They always seem to drop helpful hints on how to take care of the 

 5. If a surgery has you frustrated. Relax. Take a break. Go at it again. 
 You'd be surprised what a 10 minute break can help you out on beating the 
 mission the next time you attempt it.

 6. When you first being, you won't be getting much more than C Rank for 
 now.Don't worry about it. So far we've found ranking higher doesn't give 
 you anything. But I'll tell you how to rank better later in the game.

 Walkthrough "Finally, what you're here for!" (S6)


 Now this one isn't tough at all. But if you need help. Thats why I'm 
 here. Although the nurse does tell you how to do everything, anyway,
 Let's Begin.I believe the patient was in a car crash and sufferd 
 many foreign objects (glass) into the upper arm. Well we are going to 
 have to do something about it aren't we? Start by closing up those 
 lacerations with the stitches. A nice simple zig-zag pattern will do.
 If your new at this. It might be hard to get used to stitching 
 it right the first time. But after practice you'll be stitching in up 
 easily.Now select the forceps and be careful where in which direction 
 the glass is being lodged in. Pull in the opposite direction and drop
 the glass in the tray that appears at the bottom right. Repeat 
 with the 2nd piece. Closethe small lacerations left behind by 
 applying anti-biotic gel to them. Okay now a yellow dotted line 
 will appear. Apply  anti-biotic gel until it says Ok!. Then 
 take your scapel and make an incision followingthe line.You
 will notice 3 shards of glass in his arm. Remove them with the
 same method as before and apply anti-biotic gel. When the
 camera zooms out. Stitch up the insiscion with a zigzag pattern 
 (about 3 good zigs should be good). Then apply anti-biotic gel on
 stitches until ok! appears. Then select the bandage and apply
 = over the stitches. Just barely going over the end of both 
 sides of the stitch. Good Job Surgeon! You've completed your
 first operation! But it will most certainly not be your last...
 You have been warned... With a Surgeon General's Warning! XD


 Well now you are moving onto bigger and better things. Well for you, 
 not the patient. A simple tumor removal. Open him up. Use the 
 anti-bioticsto disinfect and then cut him open down the line.Inject
 vitals into him.Then use the ultra-sound to find the tumors. 
 A shadow will appear onstomach. Repeat it again,tapping on the tumor.
 Then quickly get yourscapel and draw a linedown the shadow. 
 It will open up and you will see green pus. 
Grab the drain and remove the pus. Put the drain on the pus.
 Then push upward in middle of tube. Green stuff shouldgo through. 
 Continue until it is all gone. You will then see a dotted line 
 around the tumor. Follow it withthe scapel to remove it. Use 
 the forcepsto grab it and then drop it in tray.
 Then select the forceps again and a yellow square will 
 appear in tray on your bottom left. It is synthetic protein,
 used to covert big cuts like that. Its made out of protein so 
 the body won't reject it. If you even cared. 
 Get the anti-biotic gel and rub it over the protein layer until ok!
 appears. Then Select your hands and rub around the corners of the 
 square until it melded into the flesh.The procedure has been 
 completed. Now close em' up. You know the deal.Four Zig-Zags did 
 the deal for me. Then anti-biotics and apply the bandge. 
 Operation Successful. Well Done. 


 Here we have many tumors in the pancreas. The procedure shouldn't 
 be much harder than the last. We'll start by opening him up. 
 You will see two white dots on the pancreas. They are inflamed 
 areas. Inject blueserum into both of them to reduce inflammation.
 Now use your scanner to find a tumor. Once you do, cut it open 
 with scapel, remove green fluid, excise tumor and put in tray,
 apply synthetic protein,including gel and pressure, repeat for 
 other two tumors. Then your done with the main part. Just 
 stitch him up, stitches, gel, bandge. Finished! 
 That was easy! Operation Successful.


 No surgery here! Aw man... This chapter just talks about you're 
 current assistant, Mary Fulton, is leaving the hospital and your
 new assistant, the young and beautfiul, Angie Thompson will be 
 taking her place. Don'tunderestimate her. She is one tough cookie. 
 But she'll open up later in the game.


 Okay this surgery is a little more different than the others, 
 which is good. A singer has polyps in his throat which affects 
 his voice, makes him cough up blood, etc. Anyway its up to you 
 to remove them. Open up his neck. You'll see his trachea.
 He has a little blood collecting at the bottom. Zoom up on it.
 (Select Scanner and draw circle around area)
 Drain the blood from the area. You will see polyps on there now. 
 Use the laser and tap at em' till they are gone. Now then be 
 careful, if you use the laser for too long on the area, you
 may hit tissueand cause bleeding. Which you will need 
 to drain the blood again. Now treat those little aftermarks with
 anti-biotic gel. Don't let too many aftermarks stay open for long 
 or blood will accumulate which you will need to drain. Zoom out.
 (Draw a little circle) Oh No! A hemmorage has appeared 
 on the top of trachea! Quick!To the area doctor on the double!
 Do what you did before last time. Repeat this about four more
 times. You will be done and you can close up the patient. 
 Another surgery under your belt or well 
 whatever...good job! Operation Successful.

 Here have many multiple tumors in the intestine. Open up the patient. 
 You will notice many inflammed areas on the intestines. Inject Blue 
 Serem into each of the areas. After that search for tumors with the
 scanner. Use the scapel to expose them. Drain fluid. Excise tumor, 
 apply protein, gel, apply pressure, repeat four times. Angie will tell
 you his vitals are still dropping and ask you to continue scanning. 
 Repeat doing that. You will come up with nothing. You will zoom out, 
 close up the patient and finish the job. Operation Sucessful.


 More story. I'll cover it more deeply later. You basically go out on 
 an errand although Angie,tells you something about the previous 
 patient and to check it out. You ignore her and tell her tommorw you 
 will. When you come back the hospital director Robert Hoffman will 
 confrontyou about this. Then Angie will totally PWN you by saying you 
 are negligent to your duties and that you should not be a doctor 
 and your aren't really one. You then go out to the town feeling 
 bad about yourself,thinking Angie is right, you overhear about
 this guy talking aboutan accident and a guy flew out of the car
 and you try to get him to a hospital quickly.

 You are now operating on the victim of the crash. He is suffering 
 cardiae arrest and suffers many lacerations of the epithelium and 
 abdomenproblems. Angie freaks out because she can't recover a pulse.
 Its up toyou to get him back to normal and calm down Angie. 
 You will see abar going up and down through the middle of his chest.
 Follow it with Anti-Biotic gel and then when it goes ok! 
 Use your hands to massage his chest and get his pulse back up.
 Just follow the bar going up and downuntil Angie says you have a pulse.
 Stitch up the lacerations first andthen apply gel to the smaller cuts.
 After that remove glass from chest and apply gel to small lacerations
 left behind after each piece of glassis removed. Vitals may get
 low by 2nd removal of glass so be sure to inject
 a shot or two of vitals to get him back up. After that Angie will say 
 shethinks something is wrong with him since his vitals are dropping. 
 You shouldopen up his chest now. You will notice the guy's heart is
 pumping with glass shards in it. Ok now carefully remove one and
 close it with anti-biotic gel.Repeat for all shards. 
 Carefully,watch the vitals, they will get low and you may need to dope
 him up to around 20. After you have removed all shards
 and closed up the wounds with gel, relax....NO WAIT! DON'T his pulse is
 dropping! Quick apply anti-biotic gel to heart and apply pressure to 
 heart! (follow bar up and down with hand until a pulse comes back) 
 How unprofessional… what idiot told you that? :) Anyway you will 
 notice a large shard coming up from his heart, carefully remove it from 
 heart,drop in  tray and stitch it up quickly. Phew..now we can relax,
 ...NO! what is happening to his heart! *Rrrriiip!* Ah! 
 A huge laceration in his heart! What are we goooiiinnngg tooo doooo...
 Whoa time is slowing down.  What was that star? 
 That my fellow surgeon is the healing touch.
 But don't worry about it now. Seize the moment! Time is passing 
 around 3-5x slower than normal. Quickly stitch up his huge gash or
 inject vitals first if needed before attempting to stitch him up.
 Ok once your down we can relax.... NO WAIT! Just kidding! 
 Stitch him up, apply gel and bandage. We are finally down with this
 operation! Phew....Operation Successful. Just to let you know the 
 healing touch is a power giving through greek god of medicine. 
 Time is really slowing down its just your moving so fast it seems
 time is slowing down. But you move  faster than the eye can 
 keep up with. You'll find out more on it later.

 2-1 - End

 Coming up in next version!

 Credits (S7) "Yes I give credit where it is due"
 I would like to start of by thanking myself for making this. 
 You for reading it. 
 Nintendo for raising me through my younger years through 
 its video-gamesand creating great games and new experiences. 
 Atlus for publishing this game for the U.S.(Which I doubted). 
 Um My Mom and Dad for being there and making me.
 My friends for always being there. (Usually).
 My dog Scottie, he 0wnz.
 Burger-King, because it Pwnz McDonalds.

 Closing Statements "Read It Please" (S8)
 Uh thanks for reading this guys. I hoped I helped you out! 
 If I didn't notify me on the boards for TC: UTK, my username is 
 edgarbaez89. Uh I had a bit of fun making this, gave me a headache
 though. I'm not done as of now. So more fun! Yeah! 
 Have fun with your Video Games!

  "Stay Healthy, Strong, and Remember Be Happy!"

 CopyRight Information (S9) "Do you Read this?"

 This document Copyright © 2005, All content is used with
 permission by the specific authors. This Document may not be 
 used in any book, magazine, website, or any other form of 
 written or recorded media without expressed written consent of the 
 author. Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, Atlus,
 BurgerKing, McDonalds, and any aforementioned game, product, or 
 company are trademarks of each respective company and product 
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