Game-Trauma Center: Under the Knife
By-Altus Co.
Copyright 2005 Matthew San Miguel


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2)	Game Missions (z2)
3)	“Challenge” mode (z3)
4)	Secrets (z4)
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 About the Game (z1)

This game is basically a doctor game that you get to operate on people 
with the styles pen and mostly only the styles pen.

Button configuration   

+ control pad- Move cursor
A button- Make selection/ continue Conversation
B button- Selects “return” from the LOAD screen and “Exit” from the 
X button- Not used 
Y button- Not used
L button- Not used
R button- Not used
Select- Speed through conversations
Start- Pause the game

Game Modes

New Game- This is the part of the game were you start the story and 
your adventure into the world of a doctor.

Load Game- This is the part were you can continue to play the game from 
were you left off in the story mode.

Challenge- This is were you can go back and do those operations were 
you got “C” rank and move up to “S” rank, this is what you will be 
playing most of the time.

Icons on screen: Top

Operation Score- Displays your current score. Points are added 
depending on how well you operate.

Miss Limit- This shows how many misses you have mad during the 
operation. Once all the boxes are gone, the operation is over.

Time limit, this indicates how much time you have left, sometimes you 
time will equal 5:00 minutes or 10:00 minutes. Once your time runs out, 
game over

Icons on screen: Bottom

Vital points- Indicates the patients vitals (hit points). If this 
reading drops to 0, the game will end.

Call button- This only indicates when the character on the top screen 
needs to say something.

Tray- The tray only appears when you pick up an item on the body with 
the forceps. 

Instrument icons- These icons are used during the operation…

Left side

Laser- The laser incinerates tumors and viruses

Antibiotic Gel- A potent medication used for disinfection. It can also 
heal small wounds.

Drain- A long tube used to suck left over blood

Forceps- Used to take harmful stuff inside the body

Hand- This I think is the worst tool thought of, but hey, I used it 
like oh… 4 times.

Right side

Scanner-It’s used to find concealed tumors or to magnify areas.

Scalpel- A blade to make incisions and excise/ remove tumors and other 

Stitches- Use the needle to suture incisions

Syringe- This is necessary for injecting various medications.

Bandages- Just used to cover stitches before the operation ends

Game Missions (z2)

There are about 37 missions not counting some secret ones. But here we 


Operation No. 1
Patient: Turk, Kevin
Height: 172.3 cm
Weight: 155.4 lbs

Operation Name: Standard Procedure 

Condition: Lacerations and foreign objects in upper right brachium. 
Requires removal of the foreign objects, and suturing.
Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: This operation, as the title states, is an easy and simple 
procedure. The patient has glass shards in his right lower arm. You 
start with suturing the cuts he has on his body. Draw a zig zag pattern 
over the wound. Then proceed to remove the shards with the forceps. 
Then rub anti biotic gel on the cuts that the glass was in. You then 
cut into the arm with the scalpel. But first rub gel on the cutting 
pattern. You then remove 3 more glass shards inside his arm. Then use 
the gel over the glass wounds again. Afterwards, suture the incision 
up. Then rub antibiotic gel on the stitches. Proceed and apply the 
bandage and you're done!


Operation No. 2
Patient: Laurie, Noah
Height: 179.9 cm
Weight: 141.7 lbs

Operation Name: Standard Procedure 2

Condition: Tumor confirmed on the surface of the stomach. It should be 
removed before it becomes malignant.

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Start by open his abdomen with the scalpel. Disinfect the 
area and make an incision. When you are at the stomach use the syringe 
with the green serum. Then use the ultrasound. When you find the shadow 
of the tumor use the scalpel to reveal it. Afterwards use the drain and 
suck out the cytoplasm. Then use the scalpel to loosen it and pull it 
out with the forceps. You will then be told to apply a synthetic 
protein patch on it and use the gel on it. You then have to rub it with 
your hands. Then close, disinfect, and bandage him.

Operation No. 3
Patient: Spence, Neil 
Height: 161.3 cm
Weight: 183.4 lbs
Operation Name: A Farewell

Condition: Multiple tumors confirmed in the pancreas. They lead to a 
loss of stamina, so immediate removal is necessary.

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Start by open his abdomen with the scalpel. Disinfect the 
area and make an incision. When you are at the pancreas use the syringe 
with anti inflammatory to stop the swelling. It’s the blue serum. There 
are a total of 3 tumors. Use the same method as last operation. Suture, 
disinfect, and bandage him.


Operation No. 4
Patient: Cox, Eliot
Height: 185.2 cm
Weight: 210.1 lbs

Operation Name: Singing the blues

Condition: Polyp clusters confirmed in the trachea. Dues to internal 
hemorrhaging, a laser hemostatis procedure is required.

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Make a disinfected incision in the throat area. Zoom in on 
the bleeding area and drain the blood. Use the laser on the polyps and 
immediately apply green gel onto the holes. If you don’t, you have to 
drain the blood again. Zoom out and repeat 4 times. Close, disinfect, 
and bandage.


Operation No. 5
Patient: West, Sean
Height: 181.1 cm
Weight: 163.4 lbs

Operation Name: A Real Doctor

Condition: Multiple tumors confirmed in the small intestine, resulting 
in several other inflammations.

Time: 5:00min

	Once again, disinfect and cut the abdomen. Surprise! A lot of the 
intestine is inflamed. Use the blue serum on all the spots and 
continue. There are 4 tumors. Use the ultrasound and expose them. Use 
the previous (Powell) method 4 times. Argue, suture, disinfect, and 

Operation No. 6
Patient: Flynn, Omar
Height: 132.6 cm
Weight: 74.9

Operation Name: Life or Death

Condition: Patient suffered cardiac arrest as the result of a car 
accident. Multiple lacerations of the epithelium and problems in the 

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Ok, start by message of the heart, then start removing the 
objects in the body with the forceps first. After that use the gel to 
go over all of the small cuts. Then stich up the rest. Then gel and cut 
along the lines, then you will be like OMGWTFBBQ, but just remove the 
cuts and gel over it ASAP, and remember to heal yourself. Then 
remessage the heart, then a big stick of glass will apear coming out of 
the heart, slowly remove it and stich it.Then all of a suden a big cut 
goes horizontely on the heart, then it will turn gray, quickly stich 
up, after that stich up gel and bandage, then your done


Operation No. 7
Patient: Pratt, Jesse
Height: 165. cm
Weight: 132.7 lbs

Operation Name: Dormant Ability 

Condition: Multiple thrombi due to waste blockage. Immediate removal is 

Time: 5:00min 

Walkthrough: Ok, disinfect and cut along the line, next zoom in by 
getting the magnifying glass and make a small circle. Now use the ultra 
sound to locate the thrombi. Stop the thrombus by getting the forceps 
and make the forceps pinch it. Now cut the thrombus, then suck up the 
blood, then get the gel and use it over the thrombus. (note: the 
patients vitals every time a thrombus passes through the spleen) After 
you have done all the thrombus more thrombus will appear. Then the 
healing touch will appear and slow every thing down. Now continue as 
you would. Till you finish, then stitch, gel and bandage. 

Operation No. 8

Operation Name: Striving for Asclepius 


Time: 99:99min

Walkthrough: This is very simple, all you really have to do is draw a 
star, and if you don’t know how to draw one then they give you a star 
to draw over; this teaches you how to correctly do the healing touch. 
But it is pretty easy, so don’t try to loose.
Operation No.9
Patient: Kovac, Mario 
Height: 155.2cm
Weight: 143.0lbs

Operation Name: Awakening

Condition: Multiple aneurisms have formed on the surface of the large 
intestine. Requires sedative treatment and suturing of the vessel. 

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Begin buy gelling and cutting it, then you will see a 
atery screwed up. Now magnify on the atery, now inject the big swelling 
thnig with the brown serum, after that it will have the cut around 
line, cut it and remove it, suck out the blood with the drainer, then 
grap 1 part of the artery and put it together with the other 1, then 
stich. unzoom, and you will soon see more appering, continue the 
following steps till there is a part were a binch just appear. First 
use the healing touch and then eject each 1 with the brown serum and 
cut it (note, I would inject 1 and cut, and continue with the rest, and 
watch the heart pulse) as soon as you finsh just close him up and your 

Operation No. 10
Patient: Reid, Linda   
Height: 150.4cm	
Weight: 95.2 lbs

Operation Name: Just Let Me Die

Condition: Several bleeding lacerations found in the right lung. 
Patient’s vitals are unstable and require extreme caution.

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Start by gelling and cutting, then you will see multiple 
cuts. First get the one's that have blood coming out, drain it and grab 
1 end and close it together and stich. continue on till finished. Then 
just finish him up. 

Operation No. 11
Patient: Reid, Linda 
Height: 150.4cm
Weight: 95.2lbs

Operation Name: Please let Me Live

Condition: Hemorrhaging lacerations have re-formed in the right lung. 
Please conduct an investigation while performing hemostatic treatment. 

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Cut him open and you will see all the cuts are reopend, 
just redo the steps on Operation No. 10, once you get done you will see 
something cutting it, grab the ultra sound and look for the object 
cutting it, then slice it with the scalpel and you will see a bug, 
before you go and kill it heal up with the green serum. Then go for it 
with the laser and make sure you don't hold the laser on the skin. once 
that is done 2 more will appear, repeat step till you kill them. (note: 
it maybe better not to stich them up) Stich her up know and before you 
stich the last 1 heal all the way and use healing touch, then stich, 
you will see a cross cut, use the ultra sound and look for it, cut it 
open and use laser, but it will keep disipearing, just keep on 
reapeting till done, stich every thing up and your done.

Operation No. 12
Patient: Chalke, Elisa 
Height: 138.7cm
Weight: 84.4lbs

Operation Name: For everyone’s Sake

Condition: Mitral Prolapse and regurgitation. Since complications may 
arise, it is necessary to replace the valve with a synthetic valve.    
Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Begin by cutting it open and then, cut it open again. But 
the heart will stop and you have to give it a heart message. Then after 
its done, continue to cut it open, then zoom in and suck up the blood 
and cut along the lines, then as soon as you cut take out the cutted 
part and add in the metal 1 from the tray. then stich the metal, and 
continue to stich till done. 

Operation No. 13
Patient: Reyes, Jack
Height: 163.3cm
Weight: 152.8lbs

Operation Name: GUILT

Condition: Positive Chiral reaction—-Kyriaki bodies detected. Immediate 
removal is required to prevent further complications. 

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Do the regular and you will see you are dealing with the 
Kyriak GUILT, start by doing the regular suck, pull stich. Then the 
Kyriak will appear, just ultra sound and cut, then laser it and then 
heal. Then stich up the cuts and gel the small ones. Continue on till 
the big one appears. Then just ultra sound, cut, laser, repeat till 
finished. Then just stich up everything and your done.  

Operation No. 14
Patient: Chase, Amy
Height: 119.9cm
Weight: 60.4lbs

Operation Name: Something Precious 

Condition: Chiral reaction positive—-Deftera bodies detected. Complete 
removal from the stomach and lungs is required. 

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: This here is a new form of GUILT, so be ready for to cuts. 
Do the reguler and you will see spots, just laser them, then you will 
see to little blobs moving around, wait till they come together and 
suck them up, keep doing it till it starts moving and then cut along 
the line and pick it up with the forceps. Then grab the piece of 
meterial and place it over the empty spot then gel and rub with hand. 
Then stich up and then you will move to another part of the body. Do 
the regular and do the same as before. Then you will see 4 blobs, but 
if 1 of the diff types hit another 1 it will drop your health down, so 
quickly remove 1 then remove the other 1. Then just stich up and your 

Operation No. 15
Patient: Unknown 
Type: Time Bomb 

Operation Name: An Explosive Patient

Condition: It’s a bomb. Blindly cutting at it would be extremely… bad  

Time: 10:00min 

Walkthrough: To me this is the funnist mission, a little bit diff but I 
will walk you though it. First zoom in on the water tanks, then suck 
the water out of right one and add to the left 1 by moving it down. 
Then outzoom and zoom in on the TNT looking stuff, pull the pins out 
very slowly, then the thing will start to move, use the gel on the TNT 
to drop the gauges and then follow the wires on the gauge to the chips, 
keep folowing the gold-ish part on the chip board and laser the chip 
off. Here is were you need to laser off

#= Laser    *= Not Laser
I     I*****I    I*****I   I######I    I######I                     
I     I*****I    I*****I   I######I    I######I                      
I   I######I   I*****I   I######I   I######I     I*****I              
I   I######I   I*****I   I######I   I######I     I*****I              

After you finish it will move you to the clock, then you will have 15 
secs to cut the red cords. Then you are done.

Operation No. 16
Patient: McGInley, Chi
Height: 183.4cm 
Weight: 160.2

Operation Name: Miracle at 9,800ft

Condition: Edema of the lungs has worsened, causing respiratory 
failure. Fluid must be drained from the lungs to secure respiratory 

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Ok, start with the reg, now this operation is kinda tricky 
because of  turbulence, if turbulence does occure your screen will 
shake once,it is ok to continue but when it shskes a second time, don't 
touch anything wait till it stops. Ok now use the ultrasound to locate 
draining spots , know dont rush and find them, the turbulence will move 
them around. As soon as you see the blue suck it up. But if there is 
bumps around the fluid use the needle with the blue serum to cure it, 
but other than that just gel when finished and continue with the 
closing process.

Operation No. 17
Patient: Reuben
Height: 112.5cm
Weight: 74.0lbs

Operation Name: Forbidden Knowledge

Condition: Chiral reaction positive-- unknown infection detected. 
Extrmr care is necessary during treatment.

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Just to say this is a GUILT operationa and this GUILT is 
kinda hard for me so don't hate if this is kinda hard, blame the game. 
Begin with normal operating way, then once open quickly use healing 
touch and pull all the needle looking things out, then after that cut 
the dotted line. Right here is tricky, next get the forceps and pick up 
each of the cut pieces, but don't pick up any piece, pick up the ones 
at the edge and corner it so you have control of the GUILT( this will 
help you later on) then if you did it quick enough you should defeat it 
very easily. But if not then continue to cut and pull. Now just finish 
it up and your finished.

Operation No. 18 
Patient: Faison, Joe
Height: 172.1cm
Weight: 150.3lbs

Operation Name: Race for the Cure

Condition: Chiral reaction positive-- Tetarti bodies detected. Extract 
GUILT to procure antibody samples.

Time: 3:00min

Walkthrough: This one is very simple, first cut open and then go to the 
nneedle and pick the red serum, now just inject the bug with the serum. 
Then it would go under, just ultrasound and cut, then continue. (if you 
notice that when the bug goes under trails of purple stuff will folo, 
so just folo the trail and you will find it.) Now after that the bug 
will die, pick it up and cut it open. Then get the sucking tube and 
keep sucking things up, and remeber to move around a bit to get it all. 
then your finished, unless you have to go toother patients to extract 
the other types, if you do have to get the other types just continue 
the process, but if not then just stich up and your done.

Operation No. 19 
Patient: Kasal, Greg 
Height: 169.9cm
Weight: 145.3lbs

Operation Name: Stepping Up

Condition: Tetarti bodies confirmed in the liver. Inject the newly 
designed serum to eliminate them.

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Now this one is kinda different than the other Tetarti 
GUILT, first start with the reg. Then you will see 3 bumps, wait awhile 
till you can see some color on them, then pick the right color serum 
for the right bump color. Now once that is done there will be 3 bugs 
that appear with 3 different colors,  you should know what to do, get 
the same color serum for the same color bug, but remeber you have 
remeber which color goes to which bug (sometimes if you mess up the 
bump will come back, just do what you did before and it will go away), 
after the bugs are finished you should be just finish up and your 

Operation No. 20
Patient: Anderson, R.
Height: 158.5cm
Weight: 213.3lbs

Operation Name: Taking a First Step

Condition: Chiral reaction positive-- Pempti bodies detected. Perform 
lobectomy and examine the strain for further study.

Time: 5:00min

Walkthrough: Begin with normal stuff, then try cutting the barrier with 
the scaple, but it won't work. Next use the laser, but for some reason 
it dosent work. Now try the the gel, but again fails. Now it becomes 
quite tricky, get the needle and selct the blue serum and use it on the 
barrier, but not just anywere, look for an fuzzy looking thing and 
inject it there.(NOTE: you will get quite a lot of misses, this is just 
natual) Then just move to the left with the serums. Then after you 
inject the with the orange one you have a small problem, just get the 
white serum and inject it on the fuzzy thing. Then use the blue serum 
then the orange serum. Then use the pink and white one next, then it 
will react. Cut a sample and close him Up.

Operation No. 21
Patient: Research 
Lvl: B 
Case: Q. 1  

Operation Name: Medical Research 

Condition: Help create a new nanomachine by figuring out a simple 
puzzle. How hard can it be? 

Time: None

Walkthrough: This can be easy and hard. I really can't explain it but I 
will try to help.  The red piece goes on the top left, the green goes 
on the bottom left, the orange goes on the top left and the blue goes 
on the bottom left, just try to make them fit.

Contact info: (z7)

E-mail- deathbringer2004@netzero.com
AIM- deathbringer2008

Gamefaqs.com user name: Screamingkoala 
Name: Connor Vandivier V

Updates (z8)

11/30/05- I began this FAQs and sent it in
01/27/06- Sry about the long update, but included some like 5 missions
*Next update 2/2/06
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