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A good game, but it won't appeal to everyoneandymancan18/10
Best DS Game?BigWorldJust9/10
Nintendo, Konami and the DS deliver once againBilloba10/10
Finally, a map on the second screen! I've died and gone to heaven!Bkstunt_319/10
A Highly Addictive, Well-Crafted Game with StaminaBlactor9/10
Coming from a first time player...chunkyliver120410/10
Soma Cruz returns to the Castle in the greatest CV game since SoTNDaedelous10/10
It's not easy to be me...discoinferno849/10
"I went to this doctor the other day, all he did was suck blood out of my neck. Don't go see Dr. Acula"dougmoto8/10
A great return for Castlevania, now on the DS.Exodist8/10
Aria of Sorrow... and then some!GC_Dark_Link10/10
Dancing in the moonlightidiotman77/10
A Look Back At One Of Castlevania's Bestimagine6068/10
Nearly a carbon copy of Aria of Sorrow, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! Dawn of Sorrow is another great game for the Castlevania connessur.Kashell Triumph8/10
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrows is proof that the DS is much more powerful then the GBA.KoolKirby8/10
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is proof that 2D games will never die.Mariodood9/10
Symphony of the Night < Dawn of SorrowMattSayers9/10
There is no sorrow to be felt when playing this great game!Mike Charger9/10
Fun to play, but there are better games.Physics_X8/10
No sorrow in my soulRageBot10/10
Wonderful, Solid Gamescotch_tape9/10
Aria of Sorrow 1.5SpiralSage7/10
The DS game we've all been waiting for!Tobberoth10/10
DOS Review from a Castlevania Newbtoozolt9/10
Nothing sorrowful about a brand new exciting adventure through a monster infested castle!VideoboysaysCube9/10
This great game is the Symphony of the Night for the DS.XxThunderxX10/10

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