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"A fun game"

This being one of the few shooters for the DS it's a must for shooter fans. For any other people that have a Nintendo DS it may not be your best for a game.

Graphics: Six

The graphics for this game are what you would expect for an early DS game. They're not that advanced that it seems real life. Yet not so bad that you would hate them. Everything just seemed clumped together. From far away they seemed fine but close up beating up the enemy you just think they could have done better. When you hit thee floor or wall all you see is some dust. The enemies seemed very un-detailed and rushed. The gun designs had an okay variety of designs but again were not as detailed as they could have been. Overall the graphics were mediocre but still pretty good for an early Nintendo DS game.

Sound: Seven

The music seemed the same in every level. It got so repetitive that you wanted turn off the sound. The sounds effects for the people dying were the same,the same old scream with the same old gun. The guns shots basically had the same sounds except for a few such as the Mag-rail or the Rocket Launcher. Overall the sounds are great but when if you turn them off the game may becomes better.


The best part of the entire game. The game may get repetitive but it will still be fun. The levels are fun and some of them are complex. The training mode is probably the place that you'll spend most of your time on. Once you've unlocked all of the weapons the enemies will have a rough time living thier life. The multiplayer is fun when you have other people with other Goldeneye cards. Single card play is very sad. Only one place and that place doesn't have many weapons. Over the gameplay good but it still have a lot flaws.

In the end it's a nice game for shooter fans but it still lacks a lot. The game was very badly ported and very rushed. I just feel that this game could have been much better if they put more time and care into it.

My overall score would have to be seven.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 08/09/07

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