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                      Naruto: Ninja Council 3


Naruto: Ninja Council 3
  System: Nintendo DS
  Genre: Action/Fighting Game

1.Introduction (INT1)
2.Starting Guide (STA2)
3.Characters and Jutsu (CHA3)
4.Missions (MIS4)
4b. Unlocking Guide (UNL4B)
4c. Hints and Tips (H&T4C)
5.VS Mode (VSM5)
6.Options screen (OPT6)
6b.Trivia (TRI6B)
7.FAQ (FAQ7)
8.Special Thanks (STH8)

Well here we are again. Ready to kick even more Ninja butt!

In my opinion this game is a lot better than Naruto 2 for GBA, and also
better then Naruto SND3, but there is no Skirmish, so its not a proper
fighting game unless you have some mates with you...

For a better fighting game, you may consider Bleach 2nd or Jump Ultimate
Stars, which require a little japanese knowledge to play.

Anyway, I'd better start my FAQ before i start saying BELIEVE IT.

I finished my game in 4 hours, lets see if you can do better :D

At the start, touch the screen go past the title screen.
Next, you need to unravel a scroll.

{}------> (move stylus this way)

Then once the scroll is open;

{Save Data}

You simply have to click it. Then you are off to the main menu.

[Mission Mode] [   Party Mode   ]
[  Settings  ] [    Records     ]
            (such as hours played etc/overall rank)

L = Teleport next to boss/(not normal weak enemies)
R = Block
A = Jump
B = Hold + Left/Right to run
Y = Attack
X = Throw weapons OR Secondary Attack (if no weapons)
Start = Pause
Select = Nothing?

X+Left/Right = Secondary Attack (a throw move)
Jump+Y = Jump attack
Up+A = Super Jump
Up+X(while on the floor) = Wake up attack (You attack and while getting up)
A (while flashing when hurt) = get back on your feet
Jump onto a wall+Jump = wall jump

On the pause screen the options are;

[Resume Gameplay]
[Back to mission select]
[Back to main menu]

To use Jutsu, you must tap one of 4 squares on your screen.
When you select a mission, a blue jutsu select screen might come up.
You can choose any character's jutsu you like,
and then you can use them when you have enough 
chakra (energy) in the mission.
The jutsu are on the left and right of your radar.
Most moves require a connecting hit, such as naruto's shoulder barge.
Some moves which hit all opponents so do not require a connect.

I will explain about using Jutsu later.


To new naruto players: Each character is a 
ninja who can jump high and run fast.
They can throw ninja weapons and each has their
own special jutsu (techniques).

I'll list each character in the order of the 
character select screen from left to right;

[M] = [multi hitting] (can hit multiple enemies)

Naruto(Uzumaki Barrage, Rasengan, Toad Blade Cut [M])
Sasuke(Lions Barrage, Phoenix Flower Jutsu[M], Chidori)
Sakura(Cha! Barrage, Girl Power, Healing Jutsu)
Shikamaru(Shadow Possession Jutsu)
Ino(Mind Destruction Jutsu [M])
Chouji(Human Boulder [M], Expansion Jutsu)
Gaara(Sand Burial, Playing Possum Jutsu [M])
Temari(Wind Scythe Jutsu)
Kankuro(Puppet Master Jutsu)
Kakashi(Fanged Pursuit Jutsu[M],Lightning Blade)
Guy(Burning Slap of Youth)
Itachi(Amaterasu[M], Tsukuyomi[M])
Kisame(Water: Shark Bomb Jutsu[M])
Orochimaru(Snake Sword, Giant Snake [M])
Kabuto(Chakra Scalpel)
Jiraya(Toad Flame Bombs[M])
Tsunade(Acid Slime[M])
Shino[Parasitic Insects Jutsu[M])
Hinata(8 Trigrams Palm)
Kiba(Fang Over Fang, Wolf Fang [M])
Tenten(Rising Twin Dragons[M])
Rock Lee(Primary Lotus, Hidden Lotus)
Neji(8 Trigrams Palm Rotation, Byakugan, 8 Trigrams 64 Palms)

In the secondary jutsu select screen,
3rd Hokage is somewhere in between Gai and Jiraya.
Note: 3rd Hokage IS NOT playable

To use Jutsu, tap the screen and let the connection hit the other person.
If it is one of your characters jutsu,
you will need to tap 3 of 12 symbols in a circle.
If you dont know the symbols, just tap every single symbol (works for me).
Or you can pick out each one individually.
Once this is done, you have one of the following;

Chakra Rotation: You must draw circles on your

DS screen as large as you can around the flames.
Mainly used for Chidori, Rasengan and Taijutsu.
(hand to hand combat)

Pink Scroll: You must touch the pink fire on the scroll 
(horizontal or vertical) Note: Used in various Jutsu.

Tenketsu: (Used in Byakugan) You must touch the
flashing symbols on the body screen.

Summon Scroll: Draw a line from left to right.
Note: Occurs during summoning specials

Microphone: Blow into it when you see green flame.
Note: This happens during Sasuke's Katon,
Jiraya's Jutsu.

Missions (MIS4)

Missions are D,C,B,A,S ranking, with different difficulties.
The mission select screen looks like this when you start;

         1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
A	[D][D][D][D][D][D][ ] # ( hidden mission here  ) 
B	[D][D][D][D][D][ ][ ] # (  to unlock complete  )
C	[D][D][ ][D][ ][ ][ ] # (all missions in a line)
D	[D][D][D][ ][ ][ ][ ] #
E	[ ][D][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] #
F	[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] #
G	[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] #
H	 #  #  #  #  #  #  #

At the start you only have D rank missions.
Once all those are done, you unlock C rank.
When you do all C, you unlock B and so on.
You also get higher in rank from Pupil to ?.

Skill Ranking System

My mission screen so far looks like this;

         1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
A	[D][D][D][D][D][D][C][A]
B	[D][D][D][D][D][C][C][A]
C	[D][D][C][D][C][C][B][*]
D	[D][D][D][C][B][B][B][S]
E	[C][D][C][B][B][B][A][S]
F	[C][C][C][B][B][B][A][S]
G	[C][C][B][B][A][A][A][S]
H	[A][A][A][A][S][S][S][*]

* indicates a gallery option

You must select one of the missions to do.
The best one to start with would be the
top left and top right (Which I will call A1),
because that mission unlocks Rock Lee, Neji, 
Tenten, Chouji, Shikamaru, Ino, Hinata, Shino and Kiba.

When you complete a mission each one will get a rank by color;
OK, Great or Excellent
If you want a higher rank,
try beating the mission at full health.

I'll start giving a brief description of each mission.
Note: You cannot use the same character
as a boss, for example you cant use kakashi for A1.
I'll put the time in seconds in brackets like this;
(50) < means 50 seconds

A1 - Reduce Kakashi's HP to 50%!
Note: This is the only mission you can choose to start with. Once
you complete this mission you unlock most of the leaf genin.

A2 - Hit Lee with a Lions Barrage! (120)
A3 - Defeat 10 bats (300)
A4 - Destroy all rocks! (60)
A5 - Get to Tsunade! (60)
A6 - Defeat 20 snakes! (90)
A7 - Defeat 20 ninja and defend the pillars!
(dont let them break the supports)
A8 - Defeat Kabuto with 50% HP!

B1 - Defeat 30 wolves! (120)
B2 - Defeat enemies and get the glowing scroll!
B3 - Reduce Guy's HP to 50%! (120)
B4 - Get the glowing scroll! (60)
B5 - Defeat Ino
B6 - Defeat the shadow clones! (120)
B7 - Get the boulder to the highest point! (90)
B8 - Defeat Gaara before Lee falls!

C1 - Gather 10 medicine!
C2 - Hit Jiraya with an Uzumaki Barrage! (60)
C3 - Defend Gaara and defeat 15 enemies! (90)
C4 - Defeat giant spiders! (120)
C5 - Defeat Jiraiya (90)
C6 - Get 20 scrolls! (120)
C7 - Defeat Neji!
C8 - Gallery

D1 - Get 10 weapons! (60)
D2 - Hit Lee with the Burning Slap of Youth! (90)
D3 - Get to the checkpoint before Sakura! (90)
D4 - Defeat Kiba with an Uzumaki Barrage!
D5 - Defeat Sasuke with Girl Power!
D6 - Hit Temari with Shadow Possession Jutsu!
D7 - Defeat Kabuto with Lightning Blade!
D8 - Defeat Gaara with Toad Blade Cut!

E1 - Get 10 ramen! (120)
E2 - Break objects and find the dog! (60)
E3 - Defeat Gaara with Hidden Lotus!
E4 - Defend Gaara and Survive! (60)
E5 - Survive! (30)
E6 - Defeat Guy with no techniques!
E7 - Survive! (120)
E8 - Defeat Sasuke with Rasengan! (60)

F1 - Defeat 30 enemies! (90)
F2 - Defeat 100 enemies! (130)
F3 - Reduce Neji's HP to 50%!
F4 - Defeat Kankuro with Parasitic Insects!
F5 - Get through 10 checkpoints! (75)
F6 - Stop the runaway train! (90)
F7 - Destroy spiders to defeat Kidomaru!
F8 - Defeat Kabuto with Rasengan!

G1 - Defeat Temari!
G2 - Defeat Tenten with Byakugan!
G3 - Defeat all enemies except Itachi!
G4 - Defeat Gaara with Chidori!
G5 - Defeat Sakon with any secret technique!
G6 - Defeat Jirobo with any secret technique!
G7 - Survive! (30)
G8 - Defeat Orochimaru with low HP!
Tip: Just use Sakuras healing jutsu and
save yourself some trouble

H1 - Reduce Sasuke's HP by 80%!
H2 - Reduce Orochimaru's HP to 50%! (30)
H3 - Defeat Orochimaru before Kakashi Falls!
H4 - Defeat Kisame! (90)
H5 - Defeat Orochimaru with Adamante Nyoi!
H6 - Defeat Orochimaru! (You get help from Jiraya and Tsunade)
H7 - Reduce Itachi's HP to 50! 
H8 - Another Gallery


Complete A1 to unlock;
Neji, Rock Lee, Tenten,
Hinata, Shino, Kiba,
Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji

Complete A5 to unlock Tsunade
Complete B3 to unlock Gai
Complete B5 to unlock Sandaime's Jutsu(3rd Hokage)
Complete C3 to unlock Jiraya
Complete C7 to unlock Gallery Mode
Complete D6 to unlock Temari
Complete E7 to unlock Tayuya
Complete F4 to unlock Kankuro
Complete F5 to unlock Kakashi
Complete F7 to unlock Kidomaru
Complete F8 to unlock Kabuto
Complete G4 to unlock Gaara
Complete G5 to unlock Sakon
Complete G6 to unlock Jirobo
Complete G8 to unlock Orochimaru
Complete H4 to unlock Kisame
Complete H7 to unlock Itachi


For hard rank missions if jutsu are allowed,
use sakuras healing jutsu and try and win 
on 100% health to get a red rank.

Use long range jutsu like sasuke's fire jutsu
because they always hit.


I haven't played it myself, but a friend of mine has. 
Here is what he has to say;


Was playign VS mode for a long while last nite agaisnt one of my
friends and thought I would just chime in with some info for you.

When you start VS mode you are given 3 different modes for battling.
The first mode is to see how many enemies 
you and the opponent can kill in a set time limit,
the person with the most enemies killed wins. 
The 2nd mode is a scroll collecting mode,
much like the first mode except everytime you 
kill an enemy or break crates a scroll is dropped
and if your opponent falls off the screen they 
lose scrolls as well. And finally there's good ol' batle mode.
1 life per player and unfortunately you can't 
add bots in this mode.

What's interesting is that sometimes when an 
opponent performs a multi-hit super BOTH
players get some kind of jutsu sequence 
(i.e. chakra swirling, symbol matching, etc.) on
thier bottom screen and the person who is 
having the super performed on them has a chance
to break the other persons super if they 
get thier sequence done first (ala NH3).
At the moment it seems like it may be 
random on when this happens, 
but Im hoping it isnt as it would add 
some sort of fairness to ppl with over
powered full screen supers (like itachi who can 
cast tsukiyomi from anywhere,
which freezes you, combo you for a little 
while and then right before the super
ends have just enough chakra to perform his black flame super).

Oh and another point of reference is that 
depending on who hosts the game,
thats how many characters you get. For 
example my boy didnt have all the
characters but I did, I hosted the 
game and bam, all the characters were
selectable on his game as well. 
But obviously, only for our play session.


Difficulty Easy, Normal, Hard

Erase Save Yes No


Did you know, for the first time in 3 games,
Sasuke actually uses Housenka instead of Goukakyuu?

Also, did you know this is the second time
Kakashi was playable in Naruto Ninja Council?
He was actually a character in the first one.

Naruto and Sasuke are the oldest characters,
since they were in all 4 games.

The newest characters... well it would be
easier to say old ones;
Naruto (3 games)
Sasuke (3 games)
Sakura (2 games)
Rock Lee (2 games)
Neji (2 games seen, 1 game playable)

The new sprites;
Itachi, Kisame, Sound 5

Did you know, if you hit someone with a special
near the edge of the map, because it shakes the
screen, you can see the pink border on the sides of the map?

Suck-Yomi? come on you voice actors, you can do better then that.


Q Which characters were removed?
A Any character past Naruto Episode 100 were removed. No Curse Seal Mark 2
or One-Tailed Demon Naruto

Q Is there single card/online play
A No

Q Can you have a skirmish with bots, or play 
against CPU players outside of mission mode?
A Not that I know of, sorry

Q What else has changed?
A For some reason all the sound 4 have their jutsus removed.
Temari and Kankuro dont have their second jutsus either.
Note: The people who made this game are a bit daft;


Me- ha!
My parents- For being nice to me and 
letting me have a computer and a DS :)
Nintendo- For making the nintendo DS and gamecube :p
DS- Without this, I wouldnt get anywhere
RockmanKB - for telling me about VS mode, thanks!

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