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                    _       _  _  _
 _____  ___       _| | ___ |_|| || | ___  ___
|     ||  _| _   | . ||  _|| || || || -_||  _|
|_|_|_||_|  |_|  |___||_|  |_||_||_||___||_|
 |     |
 |  |  |          Mr. Driller - Drill Spirits
 |   __|       ミスタードリラー ドリルスピリッツ
 |__   |

           Nintendo DS
           Japanese Version Translation and Guide
           by Titney titney AT pocketheaven DOT com
           2004-12-29 version 0.2a

| - Notes - |

This FAQ is specifically for the Japanese version, and the Doristone mode that
doesn't appear in the US version.
My translations of menus etc probably does not match up with the American

Contains Japanese in Shift-JIS format.
To see it correctly, make sure you have Japanese support installed, then:
Choose the "View" menu in your browser
Choose the "Encoding"/"Character Coding" entry (or similar, depends on
Find and select "Japanese (Shift-JIS)", you may have to look through a few
Now this FAQ should display Japanese characters correctly.

| - Updates - |

Version 0.2a (2004-12-29)
Fixed error with Warp stone

Version 0.2 (2004-12-26)
Added Dori Store items
Made crappy ASCII for the main menus
Expanded info on the various modes

| - Menus - |

| Main Menu |


  __________                        _________
 ( ひとりで )                      (         )
(  ドリラー  )     __________     (  レコード )
(  Single    )    ( みんなで )    (  Records  )
 ( Driller  )    (  ドリラー  )    (         )
                 (  Everybody )
                  ( Driller  )
                                  / キャンせん |
                                 /   Cancel    |

| Single Driller |

  __________             (  タイム   )
 (          )           (  アタック   )    __________
( ミッション )          (    Time     )   (   ドリ   )
(  Mission   )           (  Attack   )   (   ストーン )
 (          )   ____________             (    Dori    )
               (            )             (  Stone   )
              ( プレッシャー )
              (   Pressure   )
               (            )
Dori Store____                            ____________
        /     |                          / キャンせん |
         | O |                          /  Cancel     |

| Records Mode Menu |

 レコード モードメニュ

  __________                        _________
 (          )                      (  タイム )
( ミッション )     ____________   (  アタック )
(  Mission   )    (            )  (    Time   )
 (          )    ( プレッシャー )  (  Attack )
                 (   Pressure   )
                  (            )
                                  / キャンせん |
                                 /   Cancel    |

| Dori Store |


     __________           __________
   <            >       <            >
  <  ミッション  >     < プレッシャー >
  <   Mission    >     <  Pressure    >
   <            >       <            >

MILEAGE         PTS       Exit Store
                                /     |
                                 | O |

| Mission Store Items |

Left to right:
Each Barrier lets you be crushed once without losing a life.

[heart up]
Life Up
Extra lives.

[capsule box]
Air Fuel
Makes every air capsule hold more air than usual.

[fire drill]
Quick Drill
Makes drilling faster.

| Pressure Store Items |

Left to right:
Each Barrier lets you be crushed once without losing a life.

S Drill Spirit
Increases speed of the Drill Spirits.

[capsule box]
EX ダナージ
EX Energy
Increases energy of the Drill Spirits.

[fire drill]
Quick Drill
Makes drilling faster.

| Pause Menu |

ゲーム再開   Resume Game
リトライ     Retry
キャラをステージ変更   Change Character or Stage
ゲーム終了   End Game

| Game Over Menu |

リトライ     Retry
キャラをステージ変更   Change Character or Stage
ゲーム終了   End Game

| - Gameplay - |

- Drilling
The main game-play is drilling puzzle. The general idea is to drill your way
down through colourful blocks. As you drill, the blocks above you become
dislodged and fall down, watch out, or you will be crushed.
Blocks falling down onto blocks of the same colour forming a cluster of four
or more will disappear.
Gather air capsules to not run out of air. When you only have a little air
left your character's face will turn blue and when you're really close to
running out an alarm will sound.

- Dori Store
Whenever you dig 1m you get one point that you can use to buy items. Points
are collected and saved in all playing modes.
At the Dori Store you can use the points to buy items to use in the Mission
and Pressure modes.
You can use each item that you have as many times as you want. But when you
are using items your score won't be saved in the high score list. You will
still be able to unlock new modes or characters though.

| - Items - |

These are the general items that appear in all modes.

- Blocks
Coloured, yellow, green, red, blue - These are the main blocks you drill your
way through. If four or more blocks get together they disappear.
X blocks - Can be drilled through with five hacks, and usually a loss of air.
Sticks together and disappears the same way as normal coloured blocks.
White blocks - These you can drill through but they don't stick together. They
appear both as single blocks and bigger blocks the size of four blocks.
Crystal blocks - Dissipates slowly as they come into view creating major
instability. Can also be drilled through.

- Air Capsules
Each capsule holds 20% of air. You also get bonus points for them.

| - Mission Driller - |

Classic Mr Driller mode. Save countries from the dastardly blocks.
Race to the bottom before you run out of air.
You get three lives and every time you run out of air or get crushed you lose
one of them. Collect a lot of air capsules and earn extra lives.

Clear stages to open up new characters.

- Stages
Japanese       English	Depth
ドリラー線急所 Driller LASD  300m
日本           Japan         500m
中国           China         800m
インド         India         1000m
エジプト       Egypt         1500m
アメリカ       New York      2000m
月             Moon          2000m

- Items
In the 2000m Moon stage random power-up items appear.

| - Pressure Mode - |

A big Mad Hunt Drill is chasing you from above.
Each level's Mad Hunt Drill has a different number of HP (hit points).
Fire Drill Spirits at it to damage it and take its HP down. Once it's down to
0 you win.
If it catches up with you or you run out of air it's game over.

As the Mad Hunt Drill descends it opens up flowers on its spindly arms. As the
flower is open it shoots out blocks that changes the blocks in the playing
field. When the flower is on the left it shoots out Crystal blocks, when it's
in the middle it shoots out brown X blocks and when it's on the right it
shoots out White blocks.
The good news is that when that flower is open the Drill is vulnerable. If you
shoot a Drill Spirit at the flower it will take a hit of 10HP. To get power
you need to gather the red power capsules to make your POW meter go up. Shoot
a Drill Spirit with the X button. To make a hit you must be directly below an
open flower!
When you shoot a Drill Spirit you also clear the entire row above you of
blocks, so you can use them in when you're at risk of being crushed.

- Items
Power Capsule - red POW capsule holding power for Drill Spirits.

| - Time Attack - |

Beat a short 100-300m stage in the shortest time possible.
Use long blocks to go from Second Marker to Second marker.

- Items
Second Markers - White round bonus time markers. Get seconds subtracted equal
to the time on the marker subtracted from your total time.
Metal blocks - indestructible blocks. Usually in big clusters.
Modifying items - changes the playing field completely, turning it upside down
or on its side.

| - Doristone Mode - |

In this mode your air does not decrease with time, but goes down when you
break blocks.
You only get one life, but in return you don't die when you get crushed, you
only lose 20% Air.
However, once you run out of air completely, it's game over.

Doristones are the shiny little crystals that appear.
Each colour has a specific usage.

- Red Doristones
Destroyers, eradicates all 12 blocks up and down. Very useful if you get stuck
in a messy area, or need to get to a crowded air capsule.
 デストロイB Destroy B - Blue blocks disappear
 デストロイG Destroy G - Green blocks disappear
 デストロイR Destroy R - Red blocks disappear
 デストロイY Destroy Y - Yellow blocks disappear
 デストロイX Destroy X - X blocks (brown) disappear
 デストロイW Destroy W - White blocks disappear
 デストロイV Destroy V - Vertical line you're on disappears
 デストロイH Destroy H - Horizontal line you're on disappears
 デストロイA Destroy A - All blocks disappear, uses up half of your air
 デストロイ1 Destroy 1 - 1 Blocks out on all sides around you disappear
 デストロイ2 Destroy 2 - 2 Blocks out on all sides around you disappear
 デストロイ3 Destroy 3 - 3 Blocks out on all sides around you disappear

- Blue Doristones
Changes the colour of blocks, similar to the pink stones they work 12 blocks
up and down.
Very useful on the two coloured areas, just turn all blocks to one colour and
eradicate them all with one blow!
Another good trick is to turn blocks into one colour before using a red stone
to destroy that colour.
The blue warp stone is a bit special, and even if you don't know Japanese you
can spot it because it doesn't have a roman letter in its name. Only use this
in absolutely desperate and hopeless circumstances as it will put you right
back at the start of the stage.
 チェンジB Change B - Random colour turns Blue
 チェンジG Change G - Random colour turns Green
 チェンジR Change R - Random colour turns Red
 チェンジY Change Y - Random colour turns Yellow
 チェンジW Change W - Random colour turns White
 チェンジC Change C - Random colour turns to Crystal Blocks
 チェンジX Change X - Random colour turns to X Blocks
 ワープ  Warp - Warps you back to the start of the stage

- Green Doristones
Very easy to see what these are. They are each marked with a certain % of air
they hold. Save this air until you really need it, usually in the later levels.
Make sure you always have at least 20% air though so you can survive even if
you get crushed.
エア1% Air 1% - 1 Extra Air Unit
エア5% Air 5% - 5 Extra Air Units
エア10% Air 10% - 10 Extra Air Units
エア20% Air 20% - 20 Extra Air Units

- Yellow Doristones
These are all very useful power-ups. Although their names are all Japanese,
they are all good so  no need to worry about going wrong if you don't know
which yellow stone is which.
Each yellow power-up has a particular number of uses before it runs out. If
you have several of the same power-up you can always up the count by
activating more stones.
Barrier is by far the most useful as it allows you to survive being crushed,
the others all increase your abilities a bit, for a limited number of uses.
 バリア         Barrier - Protective bubble, get crushed without losing air
                          (1 use)
 スピード       Speed - Increase speed of slashing and falling (50 uses)
 ジャンプ       Jump - Jump two blocks up (30 uses)
 ミニドリ       Mini Dori - Susumu turns tiny and use up half the air
                            (30 uses)
 スリー ウェイ  Three Way - Slash blocks at the sides as well as down
                            (50 uses)
 ストーンサーチ Stone Search - Allows you to see where the Doristones
                               are hidden (100 uses)
 スーパ バリア  Super Barrier - Protective bubble, get crushed without
                                losing air. Uses up half your air when
                                activated (3 uses)
 マックスアップ Max Up - Increases max level of air by 10% (1 use)

| - Version History - |

v 0.1 (2004-12-09)
Initial release

| - More Info/Credit - |

Thanks to Djoen for screen pics

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