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|  Tennis no Ouji-sama 2005: Crystal Drive   |
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|	           Coach FAQ                 |
  Table of Contents          | 
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I.    Introduction           |
II.   Updates                |
III.  Basics/Controls        |
IV.   My Review              |                             
V.    Regular Coaches        |
VI.   Player Coaches         |
VII.  Other Coaches          |
VIII. FAQ                    |                  
IX.   Legal Rights           |    
X.    Credits                |
Tennis no Ouji-sama, also known as Prince of Tennis, is an anime about 
Ryoma Echizen, the son of a pro tennis player who mysteriously retired.
Ryoma came from America, where he won four straight tournaments before 
heading to the Japanese school Seigaku. He becomes a regular and faces
numerous schools and opponents. Most of those schools are in this game, 
and there are more than 50 characters to choose from! Not only that, 
there are also coaches who you unlock along the way to help energize
your character. How do you unlock and what do these coaches do you ask?
This is where this faq comes in ^_^.


Version 1.5 - Corrected a mistake on Tachibana Ann's requirements,
              and other coach's abilities. I just need Tezuka and
              Nanjiroh now, if you know what they do, please tell
              so everyone will know! Thanks!

Version 1.0 - First version, did pretty much everything, I am just
              missing info on three coaches, Tezuka, Ann, and 
              Nanjiroh. If you know what they do, please tell me!
              If you have any questions, just e-mail me.


D-Pad-       Move your selection
A Button-    Select
B Button-    Cancel/Go back
Touch Screen- Move or select

While Playing
A-     Flat shot
A+R-   Underspin
A+L-   Topspin
B-     Lob
B+R-   Shorter and Faster lob. 
B+L-   Drop Shot
X-     Two handed hit. Helps against specials but its slow.
Y-     Taunt to lower person's C-gauge.
Y+R-   Taunt to raise your own C-gauge
Y+L-   Taunt to raise your yellow bar, but boosts opponent's C-gauge.
Touchscreen- Press on coach to do ability, or switch between doubles

--------IV.My Review--------

Graphics (8.0)
The graphics are exactly the same from the gameboy advance series. 
Even the graphics shown after a smash are the same for most characters.
They could have been improved, but everything still looks beautiful, 
and bright. But with the DS's capabilities, they could have been done
much better! This game is very import friendly, and you will know what
to do right away. 

Sound (8.0)
The music throughout the matches actually does not get repetitive, 
and it surprises me. The music is the same for the first three matches 
of a tournament, but its different for the last match. There is so much
music, there is even a jukebox that you can unlock in the game! There are
also character voices, but again, some are from the past PoT games.

Gameplay (9.0)
The gameplay is exactly the same as the past games, you play tennis.
You can select from numerous characters, who are all unique and have 
very special moves that you can do. There are also many coaches that
you can unlock, and they each do special things. There is just so 
much tennis to play, as there are many tournaments to play in. There 
are five different modes to play, Singles, Doubles, TR Singles, 
SV Singles, and Mix Match. In TR Singles you can choose three players
to play with, and you can switch between them anytime during the match.
In SV Singles you again choose three players, but you only play one at 
a time and you cannot switch. The games you lose add on throughout the 
match, so its all even. In Mix Match you choose a team with a doubles 
group, and two singles players. You face other teams, and the one to 
get two wins is victorious.There is also a practice mode for you incase 
you lose a lot. And if its still to hard or easy, there are three 
difficulty settings for you to set at your liking. 

Apart from all the tennis, there is also a store for you
to spend all the money you earn from tournaments. You can buy 
food for your players to improve their doubles abilities. You 
can buy some supplies for certain characters, which you can see 
in the bottom screen while others are playing. You can also buy 
information for new tournaments going on. Still not done, you can 
buy new courts for practice of multiplayer modes, and, you can buy 
packs or trading cards that come with the voices for what the 
characters say. The list goes on and on!

Replay Value (10.0)
This is a game that I still play a lot, and it came out New Years!
With so many characters and coaches to unlock, this game will keep 
you going for many hours to come. Not only that, but there is a 
multiplayer mode, which allows you to play all of the modes that I 
mentioned. The only problem is that you cannot download play, everybody
needs their own cart, and you cannot find many PoT players in the U.S.

Overall (9.0) 
I have to say this is one, if not, the best DS game out so far. But 
this only goes for fans of the anime series, it most likely won't be
as enjoyable if you understood what everything was about. This by far
is the best Prince of Tennis game out for the handheld, the only slight
problem was that it didn't take much advantage to the DS's features, but
other than that, this game is pure gold!

----------V.Regular Coaches----------

This is the layout I'm going to use for the coaches. These 
are the regular coaches from the schools, Yamato is kind of a 
mentor though, so thats why I think hes in this list.

School:       The school this character belongs to.
Requirements: Whats needed to unlock this coach.
Ability:      What this coach does when you touch him/her.
Times:        The number of times you can use this coach's ability.
Cost:         How much points it costs to use this coach's abililty.
Strategy:     Just some useful tips when using this coach.
NOTE-         When I say awakening meter, I mean the yellow bar.

Ryuzaki Sumire
School:       Seigaku
Requirements: Start with her from beginning of game.
Ability:      If your character is from Seigaku, she raises your C-gauge
              by two bars, if not, one and a half.     
Times:        Five Times, Once per game.
Cost:         None
Strategy:     Useful in the beginning of the game, but later she is
              completely useless as there are way better coaches.

Yudai Yamato
School:       Seigaku
Requirements: Clear Ultimate Doubles (Doubles Match)
Ability:      Takes away your opponents awakening meter for a whole game!
Times:        Three Times, Once per game.
Cost:         1000 Points
Strategy:     This is the perfect coach to use for the DUS, and it works
              really well against everybody! Pisses them off too ^_^

Michiya Banda (aka Banji)
School:       Yamabuki
Requirements: Start with him from beginning of game.
Ability:      If your character is from Yamabuki he gives you 1/2 
              awakening meter, if not, he gives you 1/3.
Times:        Two Times, Once per game.
Cost:         None
Strategy:     Good for Mix Match, not recommended for long matches.

School:       Rokkaku
Requirements: Clear Open Cup Teams (Mix Match)
Ability:      Gives you one extra racket from the start, without touching
              him, but when you do, he gives you max grip for a point.
Times:        Three Times, No usage restrictions
Cost:         500 Points
Strategy:     Not that useful, unless you're playing with someone who breaks
              their racket easily like Ryoma, or for RKO matches. 

Yukimura Seiichi
School:       Rikkaidai    
Requirements: Clear Spirit of Hardcore (Third in SV Singles)
Ability:      It adds whatever your opponent on his/her awakening meter 
              yours. But your opponent still keeps their's.
Times:        Two Times, Once per game
Cost:         1000 Points
Strategy:     Recommended for shorter matches, better if used right 
              before they have full awaken meter to screw them up...

----------VI.Player Coaches----------

Ryoma Echizen
School:       Seigaku
Requirements: Clear U-1 (TR-Singles)
Ability:      Takes your opponent out of awaken mode.
Times:        Four Times, No usage restrictions.
Cost:         600 Points
Strategy:     This is a weaker version of Yamato's ability, but its 
              good when you get it, because you get Yamato much later.

Kunimitsu Tezuka
School:       Seigaku
Requirements: Clear National Singles (fourth tournament from top).
              Use Tezuka as the player, Yamato as the coach.
Ability:      Unknown at this time...
Times:        Two Times
Cost:         1000 Points
Strategy:     ....

Sadaharu Inui
School:       Seigaku
Requirements: Clear Ultimate Singles (Singles Match)
Ability:      Disables all of your opponents specials for one point.
Times:        Three Times, Once per game.
Cost:         600 Points
Strategy:     I guess this can only be helpful in *certain* situations,
              other than that, he's kinda pointless.

Kippei Tachibana 
School:       Fudomine
Requirements: Clear Area Mix (Mix Match)
Ability:      If your character is from Fudomine, he maxes out your C-Gauge,
              if not, he gives you four bars.
Times:        Five Times, No Usage Restrictions
Cost:         600 Points
Strategy:     A better version of Sumire, and he is good when you get him, 
              if you can afford to waste a couple of points here and there.

Hajime Mizuki
School:       St.Rudolph
Requirements: Clear Open Cup Doubles
Ability:      Takes away your opponents C-Gauge for a whole game!
Times:        Three Times, Once per game
Cost:         500 Points
Strategy:     Very good in Mix Match as it takes away your opponent's chance
              to do specials. Not that helpful vs human players.

Taichi Dan 
School:       Yamabuki
Requirements: Clear T-1 (TR Singles Match)
Ability:      Knocks the opponent down for a couple of seconds.
Times:        Three Times, No Usage Restrictions
Cost:         500 Points
Strategy:     This could be kinda helpful in extremely short matches 
              like the DUS or Mix-Matches.

Keigo Atobe 
School:       Hyotei
Requirements: Clear Maximum Overkill Doubles, using Atobe as player,
              and Sakaki (Hyotei's regular coach) as coach.
Ability:      If your character is a hyotei player, then you get 1/2 
              of your awakening meter, if not, around 1/3. If your 
              opponent is awakened, then he will be back to normal.
Times:        Three Times, Once per game.
Cost:         1000 Points
Strategy:     Same as Banji, but if you are using a Hyotei team, then
              he is better, and a little more expensive, but money 
              really won't be the slight problem when you get DUS.

Kentarou Aoi 
School:       Rokkaku
Requirements: Clear Nationals Mix (Third from the top) using the first
              Rokkaku team that they give you as a default.
Ability:      Maxes out your C-Gauge, until you use it up...
Times:        Three Times, No usage restrictions.
Cost:         600 Points
Strategy:     Only good for some characters I depends on who
              you are going to use, defenitely not the best coach.    

Gen'ichirou Sanada 
School:       Rikkaidai
Requirements: Clear Kantou Singles (Third from the top) using Sanada.
Ability:      If your character is from Rikkaidai, your awakening meter
              gets maxed out, if not, you get around 4/5 full.
Times:        Three Times, Once per game.
Cost:         1200 Points
Strategy:     I have to say he is one of the best, and if you want quick
              awakening, get a Rikkaidai player, and this coach.

----------VII.Other Coaches----------

Ann Tachibana 
School:       Fudomine
Requirements: Clear Kantou Singles (Third from the top) using Kamio
              as player, and Tachibana Kippei as coach.
Ability:      It speeds up the C-Gauge for a game.
Times:        Three Times, Once per game.
Cost:         800 Points
Strategy:     This can be kinda useful as you will get to use your
              moves more often than your opponent.

Taro Sakaki 
School:       Hyotei
Requirements: Clear Iron Plate 3 (SV Singles)
Ability:      Empties out your opponent's C-Gauge, and adds four bars 
              to your own.
Times:        Fours Times, Once per game.       
Cost:         600 Points
Strategy:     He is the best coach for the C-Gauge abilities, so if you
              are playing short matches or against the computer, he is 

Nanjiroh Echizen 
School:       None
Requirements: Clear Open Cup Singles using Nanjiroh Echizen as player and
              Ryoma Echizen as coach.
Ability:      Unknown as of now...
Times:        Three Times, Once per game.
Cost:         1500 Points
Strategy:     ....

School:       None
Requirements: Buy every good that you can buy in his shop, this also includes
              all the voice cards.
Ability:      Takes away your opponent's awakening meter, and maxes 
              out your own!
Times:        Two Times, No usage restrictions.
Cost:         3000 Points
Strategy:     Obviously the hardest coach to unlock, and of course the best,
              use him when your opponent maxes out so you put good use to 
              his ability, and because he only has two, use him wisely.

Now we reach the 'Frequently Asked Questions' If you have any
questions about my Coach FAQ email me at 
Any questions not about my FAQ WILL BE deleted. I will like to 
all the people who take the time to ask questions, although it's 
impossible for me to answer all of them, I can answer some. 
Thanks for asking questions everybody.

-How do I get {Insert Coach here}?-
Check the school the coach belongs to, and look at the requirements.

-What does this coach do?-
Check in the ability part of the coach.

-How come I touch the coach, but nothing happens?-
It can be either that you don't have enough money, or you used up
all the times you can use it. Keep in mind that you can only use
the coach ONCE per point, except for others, you can only touch 
them ONCE per game. I suggest you use the coaches abilites 
sparingly, especially for longer games.

-I unlocked a coach a different way than you told me!-
Thats not a question, but anyways, there 'could' be different
ways to unlock a coach, and if you know any, please tell me.

-Is the Smith coach really worth it?-
The Smith Coach is without a doubt the best coach in the game,
he gives you a full awakening meter and depletes your opponent's. 
He is worth it, especially if you play multiplayer. 

-Is the price for using the coach worth it?-
Well, in the beginning of the game it is, but when you unlock 
the DUS tournament, money will never be a problem. So you can 
use any coach whenever you want, without worrying about money.

-Can I steal all of your information?-
NO! Now read down...................

----------IX.Legal Rights---------
Copyright 2004 - Luis Jacob Mendez

.................The part I Hate/Love about writing FAQS. For one, I can 
finally finish it, but on the other hand, why bother since people don't 
read it........

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guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
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All I'm asking for is for you to at least ask and (most likely) I will
let you use this FAQ in you website.Just ask, thanks!

The only website/s this FAQ should be on are:

This is who I'd like to thank for helping me, even in some small things.

-God (For everything......duh!)
-Konami (For making the best PoT game of all time!!!!!!!)
-CJayC (For posting this FAQ up, yay it's my fifth)
-Me (For writing this)
-These are the people who took the time and wrote to me about my errors.
My Friend Johnathan Mac (AirMcnair) who helped me out a lot!
The people of the Prince of Tennis 2005 Gamefaqs message board!

Now I end this classical by saying......		          ~fin