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By Pyroman93

Copyright (2005) (James Prior)
1) Contents 000001
If you want to skip going through the Guide just to see one section, I have
Codes for getting to sections more quickly. Just hold the 'ctrl' key, and press
'F', type in the code, then press 'Find next'. To find a particular mission in
The Campaign, just do the same, except type in 'Mission (mission number)'

1)   Contents (000001)

2)   Version History (000002)

3)   Campaign Walkthrough (000003)
I)   How the Guide Works
II)  Walkthrough

4)   FAQ (000004)

5)   Terrain Movement Chart (000005)

6)   Thanks (000006)

7)   Legal Stuff (000007)

8)   Contact Me (000008)

9)   Authorized Websites for This Guide (000009)

2) Version History 000002
I will try to update my FAQ as much as possible, but I will only send the
updated versions every Sunday evening, GMT time, if there are any.

July '05
0.01: Just starting Contents Page, getting things organized, haven't even got
The game yet.

0.02: Created title, expecting game to arrive in 5-7 days, decided to add in the
FAQ, and added the 'How My Guide Works' section.

0.03: Expecting game to come in 1-2 days, did the legal stuff, and decided to
Add the Character Guide.

0.04: Decided to add the Unit Guide.

0.05: Pretty angry because I won't get the game for another 2-3 days, a week
Overdue! >_< Anyway, created the 'code' thing on the contents page, and created
The Terrain Movement Chart, but haven't filled it yet.

0.06: About halfway through the movement chart, should get the game (finally!)
Tomorrow, but if not, in three days.

August '05
0.07: Finally getting the game tomorrow, worked on the character guide a lot,
But took out the unit guide as it would be too much work.

0.2: Finally I have the game, got the Campaign Walkthrough up to Mission 6,
Updated the Character Guide a lot, and finished the Terrain Movement Chart.

0.25: Took out the Character Guide due to the new CO Guide by Xenesis Xenon.
Tweaked the movement chart, and added Mission 7 to the Campaign.

0.27: Added Mission 8 to the Campaign, added the 3 first questions to the FAQ,
added neoseeker.com to the list of authorized websites.

3) Campaign Walkthrough 000003
My guide isn't a step-by-step walkthrough, except in the earlier levels, in the
First several turns, as the AI in AW: DS is random. Instead, my guide shows the
Recommended character or the character that you must use and the enemy
Character, has the difficulty, states the objective (or at least what I think it
is) if it is different to the usual, states the force ranks needed in the later
levels, has special notes if needed, and finally, has a general strategy. Also,
the 'MTR' before the strategy stands for 'My Top rank.' If you still don't
understand (don't worry, I know I'm not very clear), here is an example:

Enemy: Flak
Difficulty: 6/10
Objective: Destroy Black Cannon
FRs needed: Forest star, CO Gauge speed-up
Special Notes: Time limit of 30 turns.

Enemy: Rachel
Difficulty: 1/10
First, move your tank to the forest above the enemy tank, and fire. Then, move
Your mech to the forest under the enemy tank, and fire. It should be destroyed.
Finally, move your infantry unit to the closest neutral city, and capture it.
Rachel should advance both of her infantry, one of them capturing a city. On
Your second turn, attack the top infantry with your tank, and the bottom one
With your mech. You can either continue capturing with your infantry or advance
With it. Next turn; continue attacking until both units are down. Really, this
Is too simple to even be in a guide.

Enemy: Jugger
Difficulty: 2/10
Attack the tank within range of the artillery in the city, and move the other
Artillery to the adjacent forest, and advance the tank. For the next few turns,
Just keep attacking the tanks with the artilleries and advancing your tank. When
There's one left with 4-5 HP left, your tank should be close enough to finish it
Off. Do so.

Enemy: Lash
Difficulty: 3/10
The Black Bomb is unavoidable, but you should move all of your B-copters towards
Your HQ anyway. Move the T-copter and APC within range of the two mechs, then
Load. Advance the artillery to be just outside of the enemy infantry attack
Ranges, on the bridges. Next turn, Move 2 B-copters to the two roads just to the
Left of the bridges, clogging the tanks' path, if you know what I mean. Next,
Move two other B-copters to the same areas and join them, making 2 B-copters
With full health out of the 4 with 5HP each. Move the remaining B-copter across
The sea towards the enemy HQ, and make the T-copter do the same. If and infantry
Is in range of your artillery, attack it. If you haven't already done so, move
Your APC either above or below the artillery, depending on the artillery's
Position. Next turn, just keep the enemies busy with your full-health B-copters
And artillery, but also move the T-copter and 5HP B-copter towards the enemy HQ.
Next turn, do the same, except unload the mech in the T-copter onto the enemy
HQ, and use the nearby B-copter to clog the enemy's path towards the HQ by going
On either the nearby bridge or either of the two roads beside it. It is highly
Unlikely that the enemy will figure out what you're doing and go back to their
HQ, but you never know. Do the same with the B-copters and artillery for the
Next two turns while capturing the HQ with the mech.

Enemy: Jugger
Difficulty: 2/10
Special Notes: There is a real-time time limit of 30 minutes.
If you can't beat this in 30 minutes, then this is most definitely not your
Game. This level only got 2/10 instead of 1/10 because of the time limit, but it
Is very possible (and I've done it) to complete this level with more than 29
Minutes remaining. First, take out the tank with your rockets and tank. Then,
Move the a-airs to attack the fighters and bomber. Lastly, take out the B-copter
With your missiles. Next turn, finish the fighters and bomber off with your a-
Airs and/or missiles.

Recommended Character: Jake
Enemy: Koal
Difficulty: 4/10
Move the top Mech East and the lower mech west. Build a tank on the lower base.
Next turn, move your tank to your city to the East, start capturing the neutral
City under your lower mech, attack the Recon with your upper mech, and build a
Tank in your upper base. Now, your upper mech should be dead, and that's fine,
Don't worry. Advance the upper tank, and attack the enemy tank with your lower
Tank. Finish capturing the city with your remaining mech. Next turn, attack the
A-air with one of your tanks, depending on its location. If you haven't used
your upper tank yet, attack either mech with it. For the rest of the level, you
Must first capture the base two squares above your city farthest to the East,
Then build tank after tank, and the occasional artillery, destroying all of the
Enemy units. Do not focus on the MD tank until that is the only one remaining,
Or the only other enemy unit remaining is the artillery. Towards the end of the
Level, when the MD tank is down to 1-5HP, buy loads of infantry and mechs to
Boost your technique rating.

Enemy: Lash
Difficulty: 2/10
This is very easy. First, take out the cruiser with your rockets and
battleship. Now that your B-copter is basically invincible, attack the enemy
battleship with it. Advance your sub towards the enemy sub, and dive, so the
enemy battleship can not attack it. Move your cruiser just out of the
battleship's attack range. Then, load your infantry into the APC, then the APC
into the Lander, then move the Lander to the shoal on the West coast of the
island in the middle, and unload the APC. During the Lash's turn, pay close
attention as to where the enemy sub dives. Move your sub next to that square,
and then attack the sub with your cruiser. Continue attacking the battleship
with your B-copter. Move your rockets to the shoal on the Southern coast of the
island then move your APC above your rockets and unload its infantry onto the
adjacent city. Move your Lander back to the south coast of the land where your
HQ is, and loads your tank and artillery into it. For the rest of the level,
keep attacking the battleship with your copter and sub until its dead, finish
capturing the cities on the island in the middle with your infantry, finish off
the sub and then the Lander, and then finally attack the rockets near the enemy
HQ with your B-copter, battleship, and/or tank and artillery in your Lander. The
point of capturing the cities is in the case of you being able to use Colin's
SCOP, you would have enough funds to make a real impact.

Enemy: Koal
Difficulty: 5/10
I've always been bad at Fog of War, but this one is pretty easy, so don't worry.
First Off, Move your recon directly east to the forest after the road turns, and
then Move you infantry to the mountain adjacent to the forest above the road, so
you get an overall pretty good view. Move your B-copter to the road under the
forest with the artillery in it and attack. Advance the rest of your units, but
be careful of the artillery's range. Next turn, if the enemy recon is in range
of your rockets, attack it, and then finish it with your tank. If not, attack it
with your tank, then a-air. Once it's down, finish of the artillery with your
copter. Move your recon unit to the forest that the enemy tank isn't adjacent
to. Move your infantry up to the mountain above it. You should see an APC and a
mech after you move your recon and infantry. Advance the units you haven't used
yet, but keep them out of the enemy tank's range. Next turn, if the enemy tank
is next to your recon, move it to the forest one square left and two squares
down, and then advance your units, excluding the infantry on the mountain and
your copter, to be just out of the tank's range again. Next turn, move your
recon to the forest two squares left and one square down, and again, move the
other units just out of it's range. Next turn, you should have finally lured the
tank into your copter is range, your tank's range, or even both! If is in both,
then attack with both, which should kill the tank. Attack with your copter
first, as the tank will deliver less damage to it in the counterattack than it
would against your tank. Move your recon to the forest directly above to get the
best view of the map. Take out the APC with your rockets and artillery. For the
rest of the level, slowly advance, taking out anything you see, and take the
enemy HQ with your mech. Oh, and be sure to always move your recon into forests
and nothing more. Watch out, because there is a tank on the enemy HQ, and
artillery in the forest directly South-East of it.

Recommended Character: Sasha
Enemies: Jugger, Lash
Difficulty: 4/10
The first thing you need to do is capture. If you can capture the base and the
cities surrounding it in the north-east corner, and the airport and two cities
on the island below, you're half-way towards victory. Use APCs to get to the
properties more quickly. Don't forget to capture the city directly north-west of
your HQ, but not the one 2 squares south of it, as it is in the pipe-runner's
attack range. By the time you've captured the majority, or even better, all of
the properties, you need to prevent the enemy from capturing the base next to
the pipe-runner. Send an a-air if there isn't a nearby tank, or a neo-tank or an
Md tank if there is. You'll need to take out the pipe-runner anyway, so you may
as well buy a neo-tank no matter what. With Sasha, you should be able to afford
it by now. You should capture the base, but it isn't necessary to do it now. By
the time you're done with that, the enemy should now have the base at square I7
(the one under the bridge).If you can afford it, buy a bomber from the airport
to take care of the enemies. If not, buy an Md tank from the base in the north-
east corner (you really should be able to afford that). When the area is clear,
you don't necessarily HAVE TO capture the base, but you can if you want to. You
do, however, have to at least clog it (put a unit on top of it) with a unit you
probably won't use again. For the rest of the level, charge at the enemy HQ with
a balanced mix of neo-tanks/Md tanks and bombers.

4) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 000004
Q: Is Sturm in the game?
From: Charles Ferraro
A: No, I'm afraid he is not. I'm sorry, but he was one of my favorites too, but
he does not make an appearance in this game.

Q: When are you going to finish your FAQ for AWDS?
From: Mike Cote
A: I have recently completed the game, but it still will be a while. I predict
that I will be about half-way through the FAQ by the end of August, and I hope
to complete the FAQ as soon as possible, hopefully before the 7th of September,
when my school starts, so I won't be as busy and can focus on school. So far, I
am writing guides for two levels every 3 days (or 2/3 of a level per day) on

Q: When does the game come out in the US?
From: Richard Burton
A: It's already out in NA. I'm sorry that I couldn't answer you sooner, for you
asked before it came out on the 22nd of August.

5) Terrain Movement Chart 000005
Plain       |   1   | 1  |  1  |  2  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Forest      |   1   | 1  |  2  |  3  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
City        |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
HQ          |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Base        |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |    1     |  1   |
Tower       |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Air Port    |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Silo        |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Sea port    |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 | 1  |    1    |   N/A    |  1   |
Mountain    |   2   | 1  | N/A | N/A | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Sea         |  N/A  |N/A | N/A | N/A | 1 | 1  |    1    |   N/A    | N/A  |
Reef        |  N/A  |N/A | N/A | N/A | 1 | 2  |    2    |   N/A    | N/A  |
River       |   2   | 1  | N/A | N/A | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Road/bridge |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |   N/A   |   N/A    |  1   |
Shoal       |   1   | 1  |  1  |  1  | 1 |N/A |    1    |   N/A    |  1   |
Pipe        |  N/A  |N/A | N/A | N/A |N/A|N/A |   N/A   |    1     | N/A  |

6) Thanks 000006
Thanks to GameFAQs for accepting my FAQ and thanks to Intelligent
Systems for making such a good game! Thanks to Mike Cote, Richard Burton and
Charles Ferraro for contributing questions to the FAQ.

7) Legal Stuff 000007
You may use this walkthrough on another website if you wish, but you MUST
contact me and inform me of how to contact you and the website you wish to post
the walkthrough on AT LEAST A MONTH IN ADVANCE, or else your act can and will be
referred to as plagiarism. Also, your guide MUST give credit to me or any other
GameFAQs users who have contributed tips for my guide.

8) Contact Me 000008
If you wish to contact me on suggestions for my Walkthrough, if you want to
Contribute a strategy for a certain level/scenario, or if you have a question
for the FAQ, you can e-mail me at either psychoboy1593@hotmail.com or
mr.happy93@gmail.com. I check my hotmail account's mail more often, though. I
also have AIM if you prefer. My screen name on AIM is bloodyamerican93.

9) Authorized Websites for This Guide (000009)
So far, the only websites that are authorized to have this guide are: