Hard Campaign Walkthrough by Jags1880

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Advance Wars DS Hard Campaign Walkthrough

By Jags1880


Welcome to my Advance Wars DS guide for the Hard Campaign.  Hard Campaign is,
as it sounds, a harder version of Campaign mode.  It has a greater challenge
and lets you choose ANY CO that you have unlocked, even Black Hole COs.

To start, I will assume that you know all controls to the game, much of its
mechanics, have unlocked most COs, and that you have general strategy.  If
you were able to breeze through normal campaign with little to some help,
then you should be ok.

Directions when reading this guide
When reading this guide, you need to know a few things that I will now list.
If I say "move Artillery east" then move it east as far as possible.  If I
say "attack the Tank with your Md Tank from the east" then your Md Tank
should be 1 space east of the Tank that you attack.

When writing this guide, I used NO Force Skills/Force Ranking Skills/whatever
you want to call them.  If you want to use them, go ahead.  If a totally
different strategy revolves around using these skills, then I may make a
separate guide for the mission.  HOWEVER, keep in mind that the day to day
guides that I have will most likely not be the same as in my guide if you
use Skills.  The AI will make different movements based upon everything,
including Skills. 

When following this guide, keep in mind that if you choose different COs
than the ones I used, the movement of the opponent can and most likely will
vary slightly.

To those following the Day to Day strategies that I have given, this is your
learning session.  This guide was not made so that a person with little to
no skill/strategy could breeze through Hard Campaign attaining an S-Rank
every time.  The Day to Day guides are meant so that you can learn and
see the strategies I use so that you can become a better player.

Also, keep in mind that the day to day strategies will not always work.
Many times will the AI change depending on the slightest difference.
Luck and the fact that the AI tends to move units randomly at times results
in a not always 100% reliable guide.  However, using the day to day guides
still gets you in the right direction; improvise if you must.  This is also
why there is an overview and commonly more additional information for each
mission.  Besides, do you really want to be baby fed the entire way through
this game?  I hope not...

300 Point S-Ranks
This guide is written so that you attain a perfect 300 point S-Rank on every
mission.  A perfect score is attained by beating a mission while destroying
many units, losing few units, and beating the mission quiclky.  To be more

Technique is graded based on the units that you have lost.  You can only lose
20% of the total units you had/produced in order to attain 100 points in
Technique.  (Thanks to Andrei for this info)  A good strategy to get a good
Technique score is to produce many units near the end of the mission to
increase the total units produced.

Power is destroying a certain amount of units in one day. (clarification?)

Speed is based on how fast you complete the mission in days. (turns)  I have
listed the Turn Limit for each mission, though some are still unkown to me.

Also, when using multiple armies, only the army that completes the mission
will have their Power score totalled, so finish it with the army that
destroyed the most. Technique is a little different and adds up the losses
from all armies.

When reading this guide, you may come accross some terms that you have not
heard of.  Here's a small list of some that I use:

Advance-Same thing as move, just less specific and it indicates that you
are advancing toward your Foe or destination,

Mech Flood-When you or the AI mass produces Mechs

Rushing-Moving one or more units as quickly as possible to their
destination, commonly ignoring enemy units on the way.

Choke points-Closed areas where only one unit can fit. (i.e. bridges)
Placing units here to prevent the foe from advancing is like creating a
wall; they won't get past.

OHKO-One Hit Knock Out, or in other words, the unit is destroyed in one hit.

Rout-To destroy all units.

Mass Produce-Make many of a certain unit

I may add more in the future.

Here are a few tips to remember while reading this guide.
Try to attack enemy units while still staying out of range of other units.
I cannot stress this enough as this is the most important thing to do.
Constantly check the attack range of what is around you.  In chess, do you
ever want to put your Queen, Rooks, etc. into range of other pieces?  No, you
try to take out as many of their pieces as you can while staying out of
range.  Advance Wars is the same, and in many more ways than you may think.

Kanbei is ALWAYS a recommended CO in pre- deployed maps.  Team up with Sonja
for 15% more luck, or in other words, the chance to do 15% more damage.

A strategy that always works is Sami+Tag Power is an instant win in almost
all missions for a quick HQ capture.  Pair her with Eagle so that you can
trasport those Infantry to the enemy HQ from across the map.

If you want to search for a mission that you are on, say, Pincer Strike, hold
control, push f, and type in "Pincer Strike."  Spread the word of this while
you're at it, too many people don't know this.

The Walkthrough

Mission 1:  Jake's Trial
Opponent:  Rachel
Recommended COs:  Jess; Colin
Time requirement:  15 Days

The first mission is moderately difficult.  The general strategy is to
destroy all 3 Md Tanks quickly while still holding out elsewhere.
Do this by leaving mechs on the city and blasting the Md Tanks with an
Artillery.  Continue to join mechs to prevent score deduction/gain more
funds.  Once the Md tanks are gone just start making tanks.  You can try
to rush with a tank, but she rarely lets her tank in range of yours unless
you are Sami.  In that case, it really isn't a rush since you won't be able
to destroy the tank very quickly.  I recommend waiting it out just out of
range of her tanks (she will do the same) then strike after you have enough
tanks.  I also recommend doing this soon after she uses her Super CO power.
It gets bad if she begins to Mech Flood (produce massive amounts of Mechs)
then, well, try not to stay in range.  I will be using Jess and Sami.

Day 1-Jess
Attack Rachel's tank with your own (from the woods of course)
Finish it off with the nearby Mech
Move your south most mech NW onto the woods
Capture Cities with your remaining mechs, but do not move the middle one.
Move your APC onto the City 2 spaces East of it
Advance your Recon
Build an Infantry
End turn switching to Sami

Rachel will attack your West most Mech with a Recon

Day 2

Finish capturing
Capture the city next to the Md tanks with the western Mech
Attack recon from the south with your Tank
Move the damaged Mech north 2
Finish it with your recon
Move your APC South of your Recon and West of your Tank, drop off to the left
Build an Artillery
End turn switching to Jess.  I wouldn't really use Sami again....Jess is
very suitable for this mission.

Rachel will attack your capturing Mech with a Md tank

Day 3

Finish Capturing
Join North Mech with the damaged one
Move Artillery east
Move western damaged mech east 2 spaces
Move western Mech south 2 spaces
Move eastern Mech west 1 spaces
Begin capturing the Base with your Infantry

From here on, the rest may vary.  I will still a couple more days while still
listing my strategy.

Move Recon 2 east
Build a Tank
End turn

Rachel will attack your Mech again and hide her Tank behind infantry

Day 4

Finish Capturing
Attack Md Tank with your Artillery
Finish it off with your Mech on the City
Join both damaged Mechs onto the city
Move damaged Tank north 1 in order to....
Move APC east 1 (where the tank was to set as bait)
Move Recon 2 west (behind the tank safe from the anti-air)
Advance your new Tank
Move Western Mech 1 east
Move remaining Mech SW
Build a Tank
End turn

Rachel will continue to stay out of range of your tanks

Day 5...kinda
Same deal, Artillery shoots the Md tank and the Mech finishes it, then join
Mechs.  You will do this one more time.
Capture SW city with your Infantry

Basically, you should probably copy Rachel.  She's playing the waiting game,
but since you receive more funds, you have the advantage.  Get a small force
of tanks, 3-5, and strike when you think the time is right. (you do good
damage and lose no units, perhaps when you have a power as well, breaking
her waiting game)  Also, You might want to consider bunching up a few of
your units (Mechs and Tank(s)) around your Artillery to attract her missiles
from her Super CO Power.  Be sure to spread your other units out though.
You might want to build an Anti-Air as well because she tends to mech flood
sometimes. She will make less mechs if you have an Anti-Air.  That's
basically Day 5 and 6.  

I recommend attacking on either day 6 or 7, depending on where her Super CO
Power hits (or is going to hit)  If you survive these turns during her Super
CO Power with little casualties (1 or 2) then you're doing good.  The rest
is just a clean up.  Just destroy everything in sight without having damaged
units in range of something that could destroy it.  Join units often if you
need to.  Near the end, place units incapabable of decent destruction on top
of her Bases.  When/if she gets her Super Power again, make another group of
units to draw it's fire.  Oh, and don't let her hide an Artillery in the very
corner.  That's about 3-4 days wasted right there.  Personal record is 11
days 300 S-Rank.

Mission 2:  The New Black
Opponent:  Jugger
Recommended COs:  Grit; Kanbei
Time Requirement:More than 11

Overview:  This mission is very simple.  Use your Artillery to destroy the
Neotanks and Md Tanks and use your Neotank to destroy  the small force in
the middle of the map.  This mission is incredibly easy so I won't give a
day by day guide.  Just fire upon the west most units Jugger has and fire
at his Mechs if they are near your Artillery.  Keep destroying stuff with
your Neotank.  If one makes it to your tank, you can use Artillery to gun
it down from there or bring your Neotank up.

Mission 3:  Max Attacks
Opponent:  Lash
Recommended COs:  Sensei and Kanbei
Turn Requirement:  Not a problem.  More than 8.

Overview:  Yet another easy mission.  Send decoys to take the hit from the
Black bomb, destroy some units with B-Copters and transport a Mech to
capture her HQ.  Don't forget to send a B-Copter or two with your T-Copter.

Day 1
Move 3 south western B-Copters south west.  The Black Bomb should hit them
and some of Lash's units
Destroy the north Minicannon with 3 B-Copters
Destroy the two Mechs with 2 B-Copters
Advance remaining units besides a Mech and T-Copter

Day 2
Move all but 2 Full HP B-Copters north west
Advance remaining units besides the Mech and T-Copter
Move 2 full HP B-Copters East
Advance remaining troops on the ground west, but behind the copters

Day 3
Load a Mech into the T-Copter
Move T-Copters south
Move two eastern B-Copters south

For the rest of the units, just try to destroy as much as you can.  Make a
wall of B-Copters so that your indirects can take down Md and Neotanks.
Next turn, destroy the Tank on/near the HQ.  It may take two turns if you
didn't pick Sensei.  In any case, when it is down, drop off the mech and
capture the HQ.  Easy.

Mission 4:  Reclaim the Skies
Opponent:  Jugger
Recommended COs:  Kanbei and...anyone else
Turn Requirement:  Not a problem.

Overview:  One of the easiest, but definitely the shortest mission.
Some people  just repeat this mission to level up their COs because it is so
fast and easy.  Basically, destroy over half of his units on the first turn.
Use your Anti-Air to attack anything and everything.  Rockets will take down
his tanks.

Day 1
Attack Tanks with your Rockets
Attack stuff with your Anti-Air.  Don't let two in range of both eastern
Destroy a bomber with your Missile.
Advance your Tanks, keeping them safe from bombers.
Day 2 and beyond

Clean up the rest.  The only way that you might not get a perfect S-Rank is
if Jugger gets very lucky when he uses his Super CO Power.

Mission 5:  Neverending War
Opponent:  Koal
Recommended COs:  Sami and Eagle; Jess
Recommended Force Ranks:

Overview:  This one can be quite hard.  The basic strategy is rush to the
Airport, make a T-Copter and capture his HQ with Sami.  Without Sami, this
mission becomes worlds tougher.  I highly recommend her.  Koal isn't too
consistant in this map so you will have to wing it near the end or perhaps
even in the middle.  Eventually he starts to mass produce Neotanks, but if
you go by my guide or are fast enough, then they aren't much of a problem.
Just use Artillery and bait to take them down if they get too close.  If you
move one of your Mechs up north, it will buy you a day or two since it will
distract a few units, keeping them up north. For this guide I will be using
Eagle and Sami.

Day 1, Sami

Move tank onto eastern City
Move Artillery behind the Tank
Move north Mech north
Move south Mech east
Move East Mech south east
Move APC 1 space east
Build 2 Infantry
End turn, switching to Eagle

Day 2
Load western Infantry into APC
Begin Capturing with other Infantry
Destroy enemy Tank with Artillery
Move northern Mech east
Move eastern Mech south
Move remaining Mech south east
Move APC behind the Tank and in front of your Artillery
Build an Anti-Air
End turn, switching to Sami

Koal attacks your Mech with his

Day 3
Finish capturing
Attack Mech with your Tank from on top of the Base
Advance Anti-Air to just north of your eastern City
Move Artillery on that City
Move Northern Mech down two.  This Mech just rescued you by stalling him.
Destroy his Mech with your full HP Mech from the south
Move damaged Mech south
Move APC east and drop the Infantry north

End turn

He attacks your northern Mech and your Artillery with B-Copters

Day 4

Destroy his B-Copter from the north using your Anti-Air
Move northern Mech south
Move southern (damaged) Mech north
Destroy his Mech above the Base with your Tank from the eastern woods
Begin capturing the Base
Begin Capturing the City just east of and with your Mech
Move southern damaged Mech north 1
Advance Infantry towards the bridge
Move your APC 1 space east of your city that your Artillery is on
Move Artillery two spaces east
Build a Tank at your eastern Base

End turn switching to Eagle

He should use is power and attack your Mech that is capturing, though I
think he might kill your most damaged Mech instead.  If he does kill your
Mech, not a big problem.  Just lure the B-Copter in next turn so that you
can destroy it with your Anti-Air.

Day 5

Continue/finish capturing both properties
Attack his Tank with your newly built one from the east
Destroy his B-Copter from the south with your Anti-Air
Move your Artiller north east.  It should end up diagonal from the Minicannon
Join a Mech with the one that was shot by the B-Copter on the City
Move damaged northern Mech south east
Load infantry into APC
Move APC west 1 space
Build a Tank in your eastern Base
End turn

Day 6
Finish Capturing
Attack his Anti-Air from the south.  It should be on the first city you
Destroy his Anti-Air with your Anti-Air
Move heavily damaged Tank onto east most city
Fire at the Minicannon with your Artillery
Move your Infantry that is on your new Base north east
Move your APC south east so that it is diagonal from the Minicannon
Move your remaining damaged Mech east
Build a Tank on your new eastern Base
End turn switching to Sami

Day 7
Destroy his tank with your Anti-Air from the east
Move your western Tank east.  It should be just out of range of the
Move your damaged tank that is on your south eastern city 2 east and 1
north, right above the Tank you just moved
Fire upon the Minicannon with your Artillery again
Move your APC to 1 space south of the Minicannon
Move your newly built Tank one space above the Minicannon and attack it
Move your damaged Mech south east
Join your Mech that just captured the city with the Mech east of it
Move Infantry south
Move remaining damaged Tank two east
Build an Artillery
End turn

He should attack your APC with his Tank

Day 8

Move your APC north east and drop off the Infantry onto Black Hole's north
west city
Destroy the Minicannon with your Artillery
Attack his Tank with your western Tank
Attack his Tank again with your Tank 1 space above the Minicannon.  Attack
it from the road
Attack and destroy his tank with your remaining Tank
Advance remaining tank 5 spaces east and 1 space north
Move newly built Artillery west two and north two spaces
Advance Anti-Air north east
Move Mech east
Build another Artillery.  Those Neotanks will start coming
End turn

The rest of this map is very easy.  Capture that airport and make a bomber.
Destroy a neotank or something to get your Tag Power if you don't have it
already.  Basically, use it to capture his HQ.  Have Sami be the second CO,
use your Tag power and drop off the infantry next to the HQ, switch to Sami
and capture it.  During this tag power, feel free to destroy some more with
Bombers or whatever else you have.  You should win by day 13 or 14.  You can
afford to lose a few units as well, so don't be too worried.  If Neotanks
start coming your way, just back up units with a few Artillery.

Mission 6:  The Ocean Blue
Recommended COs:  Grit; Kanbei; Drake
Turn Requirement:  11 Days

Overview:  This one is a little tougher than it looks if you don't us Grit.
Your navy is easily outnumbered and his two Battleships prevent you from
advancing...well anywhere.  If you picked Grit, he can take down the sea
with his Rockets and B-Ship, especially when he uses his CO Power.  The AI
usually stays one space out of range allowing you to take them down with
your CO Power.  For this reason, I'm going to do this guide assuming that
you are using Grit.  If you don't have him, buy him.  He's incredibly useful
for some maps.  Anyways, for this guide, I will be using Grit alone.
This mission is just basic strategy, not much I can really say besides what
I have already said.

Day 1

Fire upon a Mech on plains with your Rocket in the center.  It may or may
not kill it.  I will go considering that you did not kill it.
Load Artillery into your Lander
Advance remaining Rockets towards Lander
Advance remaining air and naval units east
End turn

Day 2
Fire upon the Mech in the woods with your island Rocket
Load Rockets into Lander
Drop off Rockets north of the other Rockets and drop off Artillery west of
those Rockets
Move Battleship east 1 space
Move both B-Copters so that they are directly below your Rockets and
End Turn

Day 3
Destroy her Lander with your Battleship
Attack the Infantry she dropped off with western B-Copter from the north
Destroy that Infantry with your Artillery
Destroy remaining Mechs (if any) with Rockets
Move Cruiser east 1
Move Sub east 1, north 1, and dive.  This will protect your B-Ship from her
Move Lander back to your Island and load up the Mech and Md Tank
End turn

Lash attacks your cruiser with hers

Day 4

Destroy her Cruiser with your B-Ship
Move southern B-Copter south 2.  You can now see her Sub.
Attack her Sub with your Cruiser from the north
Attack her Sub again with your Sub from the south.  If it didn't die, you
can clean it up next turn with your Cruiser.  I'll assume that it did.
Move remaining B-Copter north 1 space
Move northern Rocket east 1 space
Move Artillery just north of the orange city on the island
Advance Lander south
End turn

I believe Lash's movements may vary by day 5.  Basically, use Grit's Power
to destroy as much as you can.  Destroy his cruiser to advance your Sub to
destroy his B-Ship(s).  Use your B-Ship to fire at the Neotank and destroy
it the turn after.  This will allow you to drop off your Medium Tank to take
down her ground units.  Use Copters to help damage Sea and ground units, but
keep them out of range of her Anti-Air at all times.  The rest is just a
very simple clean up.

Mission 7:  Fog Rolls In
Opponent:  Koal
Recommended COs:  Sonja and Kanbei/Lash/Jess/Colin/etc.
Turn Requirement: 10

Overview:  This is one of my favorite missions.  It's quite simple because
you have the advantage of having a Base in the middle, yet quite hard
because the speed requirement is merely 10 days.  Koal does have two
Battleships; just ingore them since they have no ammo.  This is just another
normal map but with Fog of War.  The trick is to capture the middle
Base in 3 turns then skillfully procede to to his HQ and capture it.
I would repeatedly make tanks since that's about the only unit that will
help you.  After you capture the middle Base, use your copters and tanks
effectively so that they defend one another.  Koal will make multiple
Anti-Air, so mass produce tanks and keep your B-Copters out of range.
I will be using Sonja alone, but I'll have Sami behind her to cancel out
some of her bad luck so that her damage is more consistant.  If you didn't
know, the stars (Tag affinity) represent both how much luck they have every
day and their extra damage during a Tag Power.

Day 1
Load Infantry into APC
Move Recon 1 east and 4 north
Move Tank 2 east and 4 north
Move APC 2 east and 3 north, drop off infantry north
Advance B-Copters north east
Build 2 Infantry
End turn

Koal's Recon attacks yours

Day 2
Begin capturing the middle Base
Attack Recon with your Northern B-Copter from the North
Finish off the Recon with your Recon from the west
Move Tank into the woods just above the neutral Base
Move B-Copter to 1 space east of neutral Base
Move APC to 1 space south of neutral Base.  You have now surrounded it
ensuring a successful capture next turn
Move both newly built Infantry north
Build a Tank from your eastern Base
End Turn

Koal attacks your APC with his Recon

Day 3
Finish capturing
Begin capturing a city with west most Infantry
Attack his Recon with your newly built Tank from the south
Attack his Ant-Air with your Tank from the south
Attack His B-Copter with your eastern B-Copter from the south
Attack his Tank with your B-Copter from the east
Destroy his Recon with your Recon from the north
Move APC east 2 spaces onto the neutral city
Move remaining infantry east
End turn

Koal attacks your Tank, Recon, and B-Copter, not for much though

Day 4
I believe this day may, and most likely will vary.  I'm going to break away
from the day to day guide because of this.  Though, for starters, just
destroy as much as you can on Day 4.  If you are going for a 300 point
S-Rank, save right here.  If not, to beat this mission, just keep producing
Tanks to take down the Anti-Air that he keeps making.  Sneak an APC carrying
an Infantry through the woods so that you can drop it off next to the HQ.
If you are going for a 300 point S-Rank, remember than an Infantry at full
HP must be in range of his HQ on day 8.  When writing this guide, I finished
it in 8 days, but it was incredibly risky and Koal did not always do the
same things.  Once again, just keep your near full HP B-Copter out of range
of his Anti-Air (and the Cruiser in the water).  Enough Tanks should
overwhelm him.  Join them if they are severely damaged to prevent score
deduction.  If it's day 8 and he still has a decent amount of attacking
units left, try dropping an infantry near the HQ and surround it with units
so that nothing can attack it.  Protect it like this for 2 days and you
win.  Good luck.  If you are attempting the perfect S-Rank then you should
be able to finish it at the very least in 3 tries from where I said to save,
otherwise, you need more practice.

Mission 8:  Tag Battle
Opponents:  Jugger and Lash
Recommended Cos: Colin with Sasha; Max; anyone else really
Turn Requirement:  20 Days

Overview:  Another normal route or capture production map.  You are
outnumbered in pre-deployed units, but not in properties.  The good news is
that they only advance their 2 B-Copters and one Tank.  Stay out of the
Piprerunner's range at all times unless it is damaged.  Only attack the
Piperunner if it is on the east side of the pipe or if you absolutely have
to; the Artillery can't reach you there.  Once the intitial moving units
are destroyed, lure in the rest and blast them with superior numbers.  Build
multiple Tanks and join them if damaged as usual.  Don't let them capture
any Base or the Airport.  You should capture the Airport quickly to start
producing Bombers.  They won't be able to do a thing once you have those.
I will be using Max with anyone else, it doesn't matter.

Day 1
Begin capturing the south eastern city with your eastern Mech
Move remaining Mech south east
Move Tank south 2 spaces
Move Anti-Air south 1 space and west 2 spaces
Build 2 Infantry
End Turn

Day 2
Continue capturing
Destroy their recon that attacked your Mech with your remaining Mech
Begin capturing the city north west of your HQ
Move remaining Infantry east
Build an Anti-Air from the eastern base and an Infantry from the western one

Day 3
Finish capturing
Attack their Tank with your Tank from the east
Attack their Tank again with your Anti-Air from the south
Move newly built Infantry east 1 and south 1 space
Join Mechs
Move Anti-Air south 1 and east 3 spaces
Build a Tank from your eastern Base
End turn

They will attack your Mech and Tank with B-Copters and their damaged Tank
will attempt to hurt your Anti-Air but will be destroyed from a

Day 4

Destroy both B-Copters with your Anti-Airs from their current locations
Advance new Tank east
Begin capturing the city in the north east of the map with your Infantry
Move southern Infantry west 1 and south 1 space
Move damaged Tank east 1
Move your remaining Infantry west 1 and south 2 spaces
Build a Tank at your western Base
End Turn

Day 5
Finish/begin capturing what you can (city south of HQ with your northern
Advance eastern Tank south
Move remaining Infantry south 1 and west 1 space
Move newly built Tank south 2
Advance eastern Anti-Air south
You can build either an APC to get to the Airport 1 turn quicker or a Tank,
your choice.

I'm going to break off from here, even if it is quite early in the map.
The western Infantry was to bait the Tank in.  Your remaining Anti-Airs
should be used to eliminate Infantry capturing Bases even if they are in
range of the Piperunner since after attacking the Infantry, they are quite
useless.  Eventually, around day 7-8 you will want to attack the Piperunner
if it is in range of the Base in the middle of the map.  They only thing
that you need to watch out for is their Tag Power, though you can lose a
decent amount of units and still attain 100 Technique.  If you have your
Tag Power, either use it right away or save it for when you have 2-3
Bombers.  If you use it with Bombers, they will destroy nearly everything,
possibly saving you a turn or two.  The rest is general strategy.  Capture
what you can, build Tanks, save a little money for Bombers.  After you make
a couple Bombers, they will make Anti-Airs.  Either use your Tag Power to
destroy them or just keep advancing your Bombers while staying out of range
of them.  Eventually they will be cornered and you can bomb them easily.

Mission 9:  Victory or Death!
Opponents:  Koal (bottom screen) and Lash (top screen)
Recommended COs:  Max, Kanbei or Eagle for either screen.  They all do well
on both screens.
Turn Requirement:  Not a problem

Overview:  Though it might look fairly hard, this map is very simple.
Once the second front is won you can use a Tag Power to destroy the Crystal
or you can destroy the crystal before that if you choose Eagle.  When your
partner comes back, I believe that you get an automatic 6 stars added to
your CO bar.  Just destroy the first and only wave of enemies on the bottom
screen and you basically win.  Keep at least 1 Bomber at full HP in order
to take the Crystal down in 1 hit with Eagle.  I will be using Eagle on the
bottom screen and Max on the top screen.  Make sure that the AI is set on
defense for the beginning of the mission.  You don't have to send any
fighters to the top screen if you don't want to, though it's your choice.
Make sure to at least send them after Koal's air units are downed.
This guide will complete the mission before the top screen CO finishes, so
I will be using Eagle.

Day 1

Capture what you can and advance all units east without going into range of
enemy fire.
Set AI to Defense

Day 2

Finish capturing what you started capturing
Advance units further, but still out of range of danger.  I would put a
Bomber just out of range of his Anti-Air.
Move your B-Copter in range of his Fighter.  He should take the bait
Other than what was said, attack anything you want as long as they will be
safe the next turn.

Day 3

Destroy his Fighter with your Fighters
Attack his Anti-Air with your Bomber
Use your CO power if you want.

The rest is simple.  Keep ground units out of range of his bombers unless
you want to bait them in.  On day 3 he will have his Super CO Power so
adjust units accordingly, mostly those that would be in range of his
Bombers.  Once most or all of his air units are down send your Fighters up
to the top screen.  Basically, once Eagle gets his Super CO Power or when
the second CO joins up, you win.  Just make a dash to the crystal with a

Mission 10:  Black Boats Ahoy!
Opponent:  Kindle
Recommended COs:  Drake and Kanbei
Turn Requirement:  Not a Problem

Overview:  Another easy mission.  You have superior ground and naval forces.
I'm really not sure how you can lose this one.  Just don't forget that lab
map from the neutral city in the middle of the northern island.  Because
this one is so simple, I won't do a day to day guide.  Just an overview per
day of what to do.

Day 1

Advance all units east with the exception of a Tank and an Infantry/Mech.
You will load them in the Lander next turn.

Day 2

Advance....again.  Seriously, this should not be a Hard Campaign mission.
If you cannot beat this mission, go to the War Room and get some pratice.
Advance units east and start getting your lander to the southern island.
Don't forget to start capturing the neutral city as soon as possible, unless
of course you don't want to move onto the Black Boat mission.  You might
want to leave 1 cruiser behind to defend your units from her B-Copter, which
is really the only threat on this mission.

Mission 11:  The Long March (Optional Mission, you receive the Black Boat
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Kanbei and Jess/Kanbei and Sonja;  
Blue Moon-Sasha and Grit
Turn Requirement:  Not a problem.  Somewhere after day 9, so take your time.

Overview:  Easy to win, hard to receive a perfect score.  If you are going
for a perfect score, then your delima is that you need to get both enough
Power and Technique.  The way to perfect this mission is to leave behind
everything except the following:  A Tank, a Recon, an APC
(with an Infantry), and your Missiles. You can only loose 2-3 units
depending on when they were destroyed and how long it took you to complete
the mission.  North of Orange Star, they have two B-Copters,one Infantry,
one Tank, and one Artillery (on the Lab).  Make a dash to there with the
units I told you to bring.  If you are not going for an S-Rank or a perfect,
bring the Md Tank as well; you shouldn't loose if you take that.  As for the
remaining units, park your Md Tank on the City and back it up with ALL of
your indirect units.  The AI will still attack it with their own Md Tanks
(perhaps they are set on the AI "Strike"?)  If the Md Tank becomes damaged
and is in range of being destroyed, retreat it and let the Recon do the job
for a turn or so.  Now, for Blue Moon, just fire at anything that threatens
Orange Star (preferably Md Tanks and Tanks, the closer to Orange the more
important to take down) while also using Sasha to prevent their Tag Power
for 1-2 turns.  Also, I would recommend not to let them use their power by
turn 3, so in other words, stop attacking stuff once they are very close to
their Tag Power.  I will be using Kanbei and Sonja for Orange Star and Sasha
and Grit for Blue Moon.

Day 1-Orange Star beginning with Kanbei

Advance northern Recon into far east woods
Move remaining Recon south 1 and west 4 spaces
Advance Md Tank onto south east city
Retreat eastern Artillery to the bridge, one space above the Recon
Destroy their Recon with your Rockets
Advance Remaining Artillery east so that they make a backwards L
Advance Missiles east
Advance Anti-Air north east
Load Infantry into APC
Advance APC north east
Advance Tank north east
Advance Mech north east
End Turn

Day 1-Blue Moon beginning with Grit
Advance eastern Sub North East (more so east)
Destroy their Rockets with your B-Ship
Destroy (or, if unlucky, heavily damage) their eastern Tank with your Rockets
Move remaining Sub north 3 and east 1 space and dive it
Destroy their Infantry with your Artillery
Use your remaining B-Ship to damage their 
Fire upon their Artillery with your remaining B-Ship
Advance Cruiser north west, but not adjacent to the shoal
Build 1 Infantry from the eastern Base
End Turn

Jugger will attack your Md Tank with his Artillery, though you will heal it
back provided that you are Kanbei (free CO power energy!).  I believe it not
consistant if they switch COs or not, but chances are they will switch.

Day 2-Orange Star
Move Recon north 2
Move Md Tank 1 east (takes the choke point)
Move your north western Artillery south east onto the city
Advance your Rockets east
Move your Missiles 1 space east
Advance your Anti-Air east
Move your APC one space east
Move your Tank 3 spaces east
Advance your Mech east
Fire upon their Recon with your Artillery
Fire upon their APC with your Artillery
End turn

Day 2-Blue Moon
Begin capturing
Move your eastern Sub north 1 space, east 3 spaces, and north 1 space.  This
will help stall enemy forces by attracting them
Move your Rockets north
Fire upon their cruiser with your western B-Ship.  They now almost have their
Tag Power
Move your Cruiser north 4 and east 2 spaces, blocking the choke point from
the enemy Sub
End turn switching to --Sasha-- without attacking anything else, preventing
them from receiving their Tag power

Koal attacks your Artillery with his own; He also attacks your Recon using
two B-Copters (one to spot it and one to attack, the bait was taken, though
he might not always take it...)

Day 3-Orange Star
Destroy their southern B-Copter with your Missiles
Destroy their remaining B-Copter with your Anti-Air from the east
Attack their Md Tank with your Md Tank from the west
Move southern Recon south two spaces
Fire upon the Artillery with both your Artillery and Rockets
Move remaining Recon east 3 and north 2 spaces.  Time to lure that Tank out.
Advance Tank, APC (with Infantry still in it), and Mech east/north eastish
Move western Artillery west 1 space to spot the underwater Sub
End turn switching to Sonja

Day 3-Blue Moon
Finish capturing
Basically, shoot the most expensive units.  Anti-Air, Neotanks, etc.  Attack
their Sub with your Cruiser too.  Leave your Sub where it is to stall them
for another turn.  After you have attacked everything, use Sasha's CO Power.

Jugger will attack and destroy your Recon.  It was worth it, trust me.
He will also attack your Md Tank with some weak unit like a Recon, and
suprisingly it will probably do about 3 damage (happened to me 3 times
when making this FAQ, so perhaps it's consistant luck?  More like my
consistant bad luck...)  Anyways, the rest of the map is quite easy.
Advance your northern ground force by destroying the Tank, but still keep
that Infantry in the APC for one more day.  They have an Artillery right on
the Lab, so stay out of range until it's time to attack (you will probably
have your Tag Power by then, making it a quick and easy capture)  As for the
rest of your units, just keep the general formation that they are in and use
your Recon, Mech, or damaged Md Tank to stay in front of your indirects.
When they are too damaged, switch out and let another unit take the choke
point.  You can take 2 unit losses and still get a 300 point S-Rank.  Also,
let Sonja initiate the Tag to get Kanbei's defense and counterattack during
the opponents turn.  As for Blue moon, use Sasha again to get another CO
Power and use it.  Switch to Grit right after that; you won't be able to
stall their Tag Power 3 times, just 2.  After you use her Power twice,
switch to Grit and use his Power.  You should win by capture on day 6 or 7.

Mission 12:  Lightning Strikes
Opponents:  Grimm (bottom screen) and Sensei (top screen)
Recommended COs:  Colin for the bottom screen; Kanbei for the top screen
Turn Limit:  Unknown, but shouldn't be a problem I hope

Overview:  Another mission with two fronts, except this time, you can control
the second front yourself.  This should be self explanatory: don't let the AI
control it...  In any case, because of the second front, there are a few ways
to go about this mission.  Either support the second front quickly, or
don't.  If you don't support it, Sensei's Powers will definitely make the
second front last much longer.  I'll start with the main front.  First of
all, you are again outnumbered by pre-deployed units but not by funds.
Grimm also moves all of his pre-deployed units besides his Tank near the
Missile Silos.  This means that your Artillery will need to fire upon his
Md Tank.  Since speed is incredibly important in this mission, I will be
using Colin on the main front and Kanbei on the second front.  If you are
following it day by day, choose these COs.  I will be sending units to the
second front early in order to get a Tag Power on the main front quickly.

Day 1-Main Front
Turn off Auto CO
Send your western Anti-Air to the second front
Advance Anti-Air east
Move your Recon west 1 and north 4 spaces
Move Infantry west 1 and north 2 spaces
Move Mech 1 space east
Build two Infantry
End turn

Grimm should move his Recon in range of both your Mech and Recon

Day 1-Second Front
Issue commands to your Mechs first.  I will list them from the north most
Mech to the southern Mech.
Advance Anti-Air north east one space below the shoal
Move Missiles north
Move Recon north 1 space
Advance western Tank onto the eastern shoal
Advance remaining Tank to just above that shoal
Advance Recon north east
Move Infantry north 1 and east 2 spaces
End Turn

Sensei will attack your Recon, the bait was taken

Day 2-Main Front
Destroy his Mech with your Anti-Air
Begin capturing the city near your eastern Base
Attack his Recon with your Mech from the east
Destroy his Recon with your Recon from the north
Move northern Infantry north
Move Artillery north 3 and west 2 spaces.  He will surely take the Recon as
Move remaining Infantry east
Build an Anti-Air from the western Base and an Infantry from the eastern

Grimm destroys your Recon and attacks your 2 eastern Infantry.  Why he
doesn't want to destroy the capturing one is beyond me, perhaps attacking
something with 1000g is more important than something 400g that will take 3
more turns to finish capturing.  Strange, but good if you are going for a
good score...

Day 2-Second Front
Destroy Sensei's two western B-Copters with an Anti-Air and Missles
Now, you want to retreat your units so force his B-Copters into range of
your Missiles.  I will command the Mechs from west to east this time.
SW, SW, W, W, SW
Move one Tank onto the woods diagonal to the southern bridge and one Tank
onto that bridge
End Turn

Sensei uses his Power and attacks a couple units

Day 3-Main Front
Attack his Tank with your Artillery
Finish it with your Mech from the east
Launch the Missile Silo and damage his Md Tank and Artillery
Continue capturing
Join both damaged Infantry on that city
Destroy his B-Copter from the north, your eastern Base
Advance remaining Infantry south east
Send your newly built Anti-Air to the second front
End Turn

Grimm attacks your Anti-Air and capturing Infantry

Day 3-Second Front
Destroy the west most B-Copter with your Missiles
Destroy the nearby B-Copter with your southern Anti-Air from the south
Destroy his most north western B-Copter with your Anti-Air from the west
Move north west Mech west 1 space
Move northern Mech south west.  This defends your Missiles
Move damaged Mech west 1 space.  This should be in the river 2 spaces east
of your HQ
Move east most Mech west
Move western Tank north 1 space
End Turn

Sensei will attack with all of his B-Copters

Day 4-Main Front
Start capturing the Airport
Move northern Mech south onto the city
Move Artillery one space south of that exact city.  Time to bait in that Md
Send your last Anti-Air to the second front
Retreat your capturing Infantry west
Attack his highests HP Mech in the River from the neutral city with your
Build an Infantry on your eastern Base
End Turn

Grimm takes the bait with his Md Tank and attacks your Infantry again.

Day 4-Second Front
Time to destroy some B-Copters!  I'm not longer going to give a day to day
guide on the second front.  You SHOULD be able to destroy 4 B-Copters.  Also
during this turn advance your Tanks and Recon towards his Infantry/Mechs.
Use your Super Power if you want, or save it for when you need to OHKO a
Mech on a city.  Your choice on this one.  I'd save it since you destroy the
B-Copters in one hit anyways.  Use it before you win the second front
because otherwise it will be wasted.

Day 5-Main Front
Finish capturing the Airport
Attack his Md Tank with your Artillery
Move your Mech back if it is in range of his Artillery
Attack his southern Infantry with your own from the south
Use your CO Power
Attack his southern Infantry with your Infantry from the south
Join both remaining damaged Infantry onto the mountains, safe from harm
(or at least moderate harm)
Build yet another Infantry on your eastern Base
End Turn and get ready to start pumping out Bombers while using COlins CO
Power twice for tons of cash to make them.  Grimm usees his SUper CO Power,
but destroys nothing of yours.

Day 5-Second Front
Just make sure he gets his Super CO Power this turn or else you will have to
deal with more Mechs, thus taking more time.

Day 6-Main Front
Start off with your CO Power.
Begin capturing north most city
Retreat Mech south to be safe from his Recon
Finish off whatever is left near your eastern Base
Build a Bomber
Leave your Artillery where it is

I'm going to break away from the day to day guide here.  Basically, just
build Bombers and, well, bomb his units away.  You might also want to make a
Rocket this turn as well from your eastern Base to fire at anything he
builds from his western Base.  Once you're done on the second front, you can
use your Tag Power to win on that turn or the next turn with Bombers.  You
shouldn't have a problem finishing this mission if you followed it up to Day

Mission 13:  Frozen Fortress
Opponents:  Kindle and Jugger
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Grit, Jess, Kanbei, Olaf, it doesn't really
matter.  Blue Moon-Your choice on this one.  Colin/Sasha, Jess, Max, Sami,
Olaf, and Kanbei are good choices. 
Turn Limit:  Not a problem

Overview:  Is it just me, or is this map easier than its Normal Campaign
counterpart?  In any case, the Md Tanks don't move; let sleeping dogs lie.
(AKA, do not go in range of them)  The only difficult part about this one is
to see if you can capture the lab map (north east neutral city) before you
finish the mission.  The objective is simple, destroy their Mechs before
they capture a single Base.  If you accomplish this, which is incredibly
easy, you win.  I will be using Kanbei for Orange Star and Olaf for Blue

Day 1-Orange Star
Move western Infantry east 2 spaces and south 1 space; this will bait the
Begin capturing the Base with your Mech
Begin capturing their western city with your Infantry
Advance Anti-Air south east
Advance Tank east
Build 3 Infantry
End Turn

Day 1-Blue Moon
Move Anti-Air south 1 and west 4 spaces
Begin capturing western city with Mech
Begin capturing the rest of the cities
Build an Infantry on your northern Base
End Turn

Kindle attacks your Infantry with her B-Copter

Day 2-Orange Star
Destroy their B-Copter with your Anti-Air from the east
Attack their Infantry with your Mech from the west
Destroy that Infantry with your own from the east; bait once again
Move Tank east 3 spaces; this keeps you out of range of that B-Copter
Begin capturing with the rest of your Infantry, it really doesn't matter
what with th exception of, you need to start capturing the west most city.
End Turn

Day 2-Blue Moon
Finish capturing
Attack their Infantry capturing a Base from the south with your Anti-Air
Advance remaining Infantry west
Build a Tank from your northern Base
End Turn

They attack two of your Infantry
It starts to snow

Day 3-Orange Star
Destroy his B-Copter with your Anti-Air
Destroy his Recon with your Mech
Advance your Tank east
Build an APC from your eastern Base

The rest is a piece of cake.  If you want to go onto the next secret
mission, Lash's Test, keep advancing your Tank east and drive the Anti-Air
away.  Send an Infantry in an APC to capture that neutral city containing
the map.  Whatever you do, do not attack anything else besides the Anti-Air.
 Destroying their Artillery will net them a Tag Power later on.

Day 3-Blue Moon
Attack their southern Mech with your Anti-Air from the north
Advance southern Infantry west
Begin capturing the Airport with your other Infantry
Move your Mech 1 space west
Advance remaining Infantry west
Advance Tank to just south of the Airport
Build another Tank from your northern Base

They attack your Infantry capturing the Airport with their Tank

Day 4-Blue moon
Destroy their remaining Infantry from the south with your Anti-Air
Attack their Tank with your southern Tank from the west.

The rest is simple.  Finish off the Tank, destroy the remaining Mech with
Tanks/Anti-Air, capture their HQ.  Don't forget to wait on capturing the
HQ until Orange Star gets the Lab Map, if you want it of course.

Mission 14:  Lash's Test (Optional mission, you receive the Black Bomb
Opponent:  Lash
Recommended COs:  Kanbei, Grit, Grimm, Kanbei+Sonja
Turn Limit:  13 days

Overview:  Yet another easy mission.  Use your western Black Bombs first
turn; the Piperunner can destroy even Kanbei's Black Bomb in one hit.
The only difficult part about this mission would be releasing your other
Black Bombs before they run out of fuel.  Grit has the ability to do this
very early (two turns quicker) using his Rockets, but he isn't required.
If you don't use him then you will need to advance your Rockets very
quickly, making the mission harder, but still just an easy mission.  Because
this is a guide and is meant to make it easy for you, I'll use Kanbei and

Day 1-Start as Grit

Explode your west most Black Bomb
Explode your other western Black Bomb exactly where the first detonated
Move now western Black Bombs west 1 space and move the remaining Black Bombs
west 2 spaces
Advance Infantry west
Load western Mech into APC, move APC west and drop off the Mech west
Move B-Copter north 5 and west 1 space.
Advance remaining units. (except for the Rockets, I will explain next step)
Let Neotanks and Md Tanks take priority in advancing.
Move Rockets north 1 and west 3 spaces
End Turn

Day 2
Begin capturing the eastern Tower
Advance Infantry west in order to capture the other Tower
If it is in range, destroy her Piperunner.  It should be in range of your
Explode your north eastern Black Bomb, damaging both the cruiser and
Move your B-Copter west 1 and north 1 space, just out of range of the
Move your Rockets north 2 spaces; they are now able to fire upon the pipe
Advance remaining units as you see fit.  As always, keep indirects out of
range, only move Tanks onto cities for defense and healing, use an APC as
bait if you wish.

I believe Lash may or may not retreat her Cruiser.  It shouldn't matter
too much, though you will have to use your B-Copter to destroy it and the
Batttleship, or using Grit's Power will do.  I'm going to break off from
here with just some general advice.  After attacking the pipe seam once
with Grit, you might want to consider attacking it again with your
B-Copter which then allows you to use Kanbei next turn.  If the Cruiser
did not retreat but advanced instead, you might want to attack it with
your B-Copter, though Grit will do minimal damage to it.  You could always
retreat your B-Copter and fire at the Pipe Seam next turn with Grit.  As for
the rest of the battle, advance your big tanks first.  Once the Pipe Seam is
down, damage as much as you can with your Black Bombs.  The rest is just a
clean up of mostly 1 HP units.

Mission 15:  Verdant Hills
Opponents:  Javier and Jess
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Anyone  Blue Moon-Grit (obviously)
Turn Limit:  Not a problem

Overview:  Another easy map if you have the correct strategy.  Here's the
strategy I use:  Orange Star does nothing while Green Earth Advances towards
them.  Capture their HQ with Blue Moon since they leave it unguarded.
Destroy as much as you can while you are Blue Moon as well.  Remember, only
the army that wins the match by either rout or HQ capture is tallied for
points, so Orange Star can take as many casualties as you want.  I really
can't think of anything beneficial Orange Star can do.  The only thing that
may help is to build something from the western Base in order to make them
split their units up when advancing towards Orange Star.  In any case,
I will be using only Grit for Blue Moon.  Stick Max behind him if you want
some extra damage.  Use COs that need exp for Orange Star.

As for a day to day guide on this mission, I really don't feel a need to
give you one.  Just destroy their units that are inexpensive, have good
movement, and indirect units.  After a few turns, capture their HQ with a
Mech.  Just make sure they don't use their Tag Power to go all the way back
to your HQ while you are capturing it.  If you are going for a perfect score,
just make sure that they don't destroy more than 3 of your units, such as
your Mechs.

Mission 16:  Snow Hunters
Opponent:  Hawke
Recommended COs:  Andy, Hawke, Kanbei
Turn Limit:  Shouldn't be a problem

Overview:  We finally reach another moderately difficult level.
The good news is that it's really short if done properly.  The basic
strategy is to rush the Minicannons as fast as possible by blasting
everything in your path.  This mission can be completed in 5 days, (I got
lucky ) but aim for 6 days, the day where the his Neo and Md Tanks start
showing up.  Precise movements of all units is required.  It's all basic
strategy, but it needs to be done to perfection if you want to complete it
very very quickly.  For this guide I will be using Andy and Hawke, the
ultimate healing team.  This mission is very nice to you on the technique
score, so don't worry too much about that.  Getting your Tag Power is a must
on this mission.  There's also a Lab map here.  Get it if you want
Piperunners or a full completion game.  Otherwise, I would skip it; the next
mission is very difficult, at least to perfect S-Rank.

Day 1-Begin as Hawke

Move Battleship east 2 spaces
Advance cruiser and Sub west
Move Lander east 1 space
Load northern Infantry into APC
Move APC south 4 and east 1 space, drop off east
Advance western Rockets onto eastern City
Advance remaining Rockets west
Advance Infantry south west into the woods
Advance southern Mech west
Advance eastern Md Tank north west
Advance remaining Md Tank north 4 spaces and west 1 space
Attack both western Pipe Seams with your B-Copters
Advance eastern Anti-Air west 5 and north 1 space
Advance Tank north 2 and west 1 space
Advance southern Artillery onto HQ
Advance northern Artillery west
Advance remaining Tank west 2 and north 2 spaces
Advance remaining Anti-Air south west
End turn

Hawke attacks your Lander with his Artillery

Day 2
Load Infantry into the Lander
Drop off Infantry onto the south east island east
Move Battleship east 4 spaces
Advance Cruiser west.  your Cruiser will be used to gain some CO energy
Attack his Cruiser with your Cruiser
Advance your Sub to right behind your Cruiser
Move Infantry south west into the woods
Move southern Mech south west into woods
Attack the southern Pipe Seam with your southern Md Tank
Move remaining Md Tank west 2 spaces
Attack middle Pipe Seam with your Rockets on the City
Move southern B-Copter south 1  and west 1 space
Move northern B-Copter south 1 space
Move east most Anti-Air west 1 space
Move southern Artillery north 1 space
Move northern Tank east 1 space
Move Artillery on HQ north 2 spaces and west 2 spaces
Move APC west
Advance Mech above HQ west 1 space

End turn.  The party starts next turn

Hawke damages or destroys your Mech with his Bomber.  I will assume that it
is destroyed.

Day 3-this might vary, email's confirming that this risky strategy works
might be nice.  Hawke is quite random, so you may want to save.

Begin capturing the city on the south east island, it contains the Lab
Advance Battleship west
Attack his Cruiser with your Cruiser
Fire the Missile Silo at his 2 Artillery and 2 Md Tanks
Destroy both Pipe Seams with Artillery
Destroy middle B-Copter near the bottom broken Pipe Seam with your northern
Anti-Air from the east
Attack his Bomber with your Southern Anti-Air from the woods
Destroy his now northern B-Copter with your Anti-Air from the south
Destroy his missile damaged Artillery with your northern Tank
Attack his northern Md Tank with your southern Md Tank
Advance Md Tank west 2 spaces (go around the Pipe)
Advance western Rockets north 1 and west 1 space
Advance remaining Rockets west
Advance remaining Tank north west
Advance southern B-Copter south 1 space, west 3 spaces, and south 2 spaces.
Do not attack
Advance remaining Mech west
Advance APC south west
If you haven't already saved the game, save now.

Depending upon your damage against Hawke so far (because of luck) Hawke may
or may not use his Super CO Power at the beginning or in the middle of his
next turn.  That is why I said to save here.  If he uses his Super CO Power
at the end of his turn, you're ok.  If he didn't, restart and do NOT do the
following step.  You also saved because Hawke is very very random next turn
in what he attacks.
Attack his remaining B-Copter with your northern B-Copter from the east
End turn

Hawke severely damages your units, destroys a couple anti-Airs, etc. etc.
Hawke uses his Super CO Power at the END of his turn.

Day 4

First of all, do NOT continue capturing until after you initiate your Tag
Power.  Ok, I can't really give a day to day guide on this part since Hawke
is quite random in what he attacks.  Your Objective is to attack the most
expensive units so that you can get your Tag Power.  If you do not get your
Tag Power, restart and try again.  Once you get your Tag Power, just destroy
as much as you can.  While doing this, advance your Artillery to behind or
adjacent to the side of the Minicannons.  Advance Rockets to the road next
to the Pipe so that you can fire upon the Minicannons next turn.  Use your
APC to uncover the dived Sub. I would attack the Battleship with a B-Copter
at least once to minimize damage towards your Artillery.  After you have
used your Tag Power, finish capturing the city that has the Lab map.
When you switch to Andy, load the Infantry up in the Lander and retreat from
the Piperunners.  Advance your Battleship west if you want.  If you have the
skill, you can easily pull this off.

Mission 17:  Spiral Garden (Optional Mission; you receive the Piperunner
Opponent:  Kindle
Recommended COs:  Jess, Colin
Turn Limit:23?
Technique:  lost 6 and still a 100

Overview:  I consider this one of the hardest missions in the campaign.
I'm sure there are multiple ways to finish this mission, so if you have a
different method than me, send it in.  I really don't feel satisfied with my
guide either, though I don't know if a definite one could be made.  Anyways,
for my guide, the goal is to either capture 15 properties or rout the enemy,
whichever comes first.  Your first objective will be to place your units
effectively so that they prevent the enemy Piperunners from advancing.  Note
that Kindle's Piperunners will advance in the line of fire of an Anti-Air.
Use this to your advantage with the north western area at the beginning of
the game.  Also, during the beginning of the misson, I recommend splitting
your forces...kind of, one for the north west and one for the south east.
Your next goal is to produce Rockets ASAP.  Rockets seem to be the key unit
to use in this game since you can just fire over those pipes.  Rockets will
destroy the oncomming Md Tank and Neotank as well.  Later on, send one or two
rockets north of the Airport.  Back to the beginning of the mission,
use your remaining Tanks to destroy the Piperunners once those Md Tanks
are down.  Once the Kindle's initial wave of forces is nearly gone, start
producing Neotanks and perhaps one Megatank with Colin.  I'd make a Megatank
first because of it's low movement.  It's a great unit since it only costs
around the same as a Neotank and Jess can resupply it.  During this time,
grab that Airport as well.  However, do NOT mass produce Bombers.
Keep a nice ratio of Bombers to ground units and you should be ok.
Always, always use Colins CO power, most of the time at the end of his turn.
This is so he gains some CO energy during that turn, though you could go for
the 10% increase of attack if you desperately need it.  For some reason,
Kindle will make tons of Infantry and Mechs.  The are no threat if you
advance fast enough.  Otherwise, they will act as walls preventing your
units from advancing.  I highly recommend not advancing to the Lab through
the pipes.  I tried this and Kindle mass produced units near the Lab.
Only go for it if you have Sami.  Basically, using Neotanks, Md Tanks,
Megatanks, and Bombers, just blast through her forces on the western side of
the map.  As far as technique goes, I believe you can lose 5 units.  Use
decoys and bait wisely.  I will be using Colin and Jess for this mission.

Day 1, starting with Jess
Advance northern Anti-Air north
Advance northern Tank west
Attack the Pipe Seam with your Artillery
Advance Recon south west (this unit is really pointless, so let it be bait)
Attack the same Pipe Seam with your eastern Tank
Begin capturing with your Mech
Load Infantry into APC
Advance remaining Tank west and attack the Seam
Advance remaining Anti-Air west
End Turn

Wow, Kindle already takes two very different moves.  Sometimes she hides her
eastern Piperunner behind the capturing Infantry and sometimes she does not.
This pretty much changes everything up there.  I will assume it is NOT
behind the Infantry since that seems to be the most common placement.

Day 2
Finish Capturing
Attack her western Piperunner with your Anti-Air
Advance your northern Tank west and attack the Seam
Attack the Seam again with your other Tank
Move your Anti-Air east 1 and north 3 spaces, just out of reach of her Tank
Advance you Recon to just 2 spaces above the neutral south west city
Destroy the eastern Pipe Seam with your Artillery and Tank
Move your APC north 3 and west 2 spaces, drop off east
Build a Rocket from your northern Base
End Turn switching to Jess

Kindle takes the Recon bait

Day 3
Retreat your northern Anti-Air south west, just out of reach of the
Advance your south eastern Tank north 3 and east 1 space, just out of reach
Advance your Rockets north east
Advance your Artillery 1 west, 3 north, and 1 space west, ready to blow
those seams
Begin capturing with your Mech
Advance Infantry west
Attack the Seam again with your northern Tank.  It's halting that Piperunner.
Destroy her B-Copter with your Anti-Air from the east (where it is now)
Advance remaining Tank to just south of that Anti-Air.
Move your APC to just above your Rockets
Build an Infantry from your northern Base
End turn, switching to Colin

Kindle attacks your Anti-Air with her Tank

Day 4
Finish capturing
Retreat your Anti-Air south 2 and west 1 space
Move your Rockets north 2 and west 2 spaces
Attack the western Seam with your Artillery
Move your middle west Tank north 1 space and attack the Seam
Begin capturing that base
Retreat your western Anti-Air south 2 spaces
Attack the western Tank with your Tank from the south (I did 6
damage...somehow.....oh well)
Load the APC with your Infantry
Build a Rocket from your northern base and an Infantry from your southern
End Turn, switching to Jess

Kindle attacks, but doesn't destroy anything.  She places her units
incredibly well, including a now invincible Piperunner in the south west
corner.  Then she uses her power...

Day 5
Continue capturing the Base
Finish off the western Tank with your own Tank from the east, out of range
of the Piperunner
Retreat your damaged south west Recon and Anti-air south east, out of range
of the Piperunner
Attack the Recon that attacked your Artillery with your southern Rockets
Attack the damaged Pipe Seam with your eastern Tank\
Move your APC west 2 spaces and drop off west
Move your Rockets west 2 spaces
Move your Artillery west 1 space
Destroy the Recon with your Anti-Air from the west
Move your APC west 2 spaces and drop off west
Move your south Infantry west 2 spaces
End Turn

Kindle destroys your Anti-Air with her Neotank and advances her south west
Piperunner east

Day 6
Finish capturing the Base
Retreat your western Tank south west and attack the Seam on your way
Attack her Neotank with both your Rockets and Artillery, Rockets first.
Finish it off with your Tank if you can.  I will assume that you can
Attack that southern Piperunner near your HQ with your Anti-Air
Retreat your Recon all the way east, this should remain there to prevent
score loss
Advance your southern Infantry west
Move your Rockets on to your HQ
Advance Mech west 1 space
Move APC east 2 spaces
End turn switching to Colin

Her Piprerunner attacks your Rockets on your HQ

Day 7
Attack her Piperunner with your Rockets
Move your Anti-Air 5 east and 1 north
Destroy the southern Piperunner with your Tank
Attack the Infantry capturing the Airport with your Rockets
Attack the Pipe seam leading to the Airport with your Artillery and Tank

I'm going to stop here.  The rest isn't nearly as hard as the part that you
just did.  Eventually, you can either use Colins CO power and do a DGR
(Double Gold Rush, using one after the other without spending any after the
first power) or save up for a Tag Power to take down those Piperunners.
This is your choice, though I would save here.  You can also deal with the
western troops 1 of 2 ways, with Rockets from your new base or a
Neo/Megatank.  Any will do very nicely, though I'd build them after DGR or
during your Tag Power.  Personally, I recommend DGR since you can take down
those Piperunners with Jess's Tanks during her Super CO Power.  In any case,
once you break through the seam leading to the Airport, send a Rocket or two
up there.  You can snipe them all you want from there.  Once you get the
Airport, you can make Bombers or even a Black Bomb with Colin (use it
through the Pipe maybe?)  Basically, just dominate with Jess's Neotanks and
a Bomber or two.  Build units with Colin of course.  If you can't win this
one, after you followed everything I said, then you need some practice.  If
you can't get a perfect rank, then I can understand, it's difficult.

Mission 18:  Omens and Signs
Opponents:  Jugger (bottom screen) and Koal (top screen)
Recommended COs:  Javier, Kanbei, and Grimm (bottom screen) Kanbei, Eagle,
and Max (Top Screen)
Turn Limit:  Unkown

Overview:  Back to the easy missions.  As long as you remember to set the AI
to defensive and then to Strike, you should have no real problems.  It's all
basic strategy.  Destroy their units.  For this reason, no day to day guide
for you.  Once again, if you are unable to beat this mission, I'm very
surprised that you are able to get this far in Hard Campaign and you need
practice.  Also, the Technique limit is nice to you.  I lost 4 units and
still received 100 for Technique,  Here's what you do.

Land units:  Free those Carriers.  Not much else to do

Sea and Air units:  The only trick to this mission is sending those fighters
up at the right time.  You can send a few at the beginning if you wish, but
save at least 2 for the fighter.  Use a B-Copter or something to bait the
Fighter in.  After Jugger's air units are down, send up more fighters.  If
the AI is still having trouble, send up a few Stealths.  You can free the
South Eastern Stealths by deleting a Carrier there.  Use Carriers to resupply
Stealths if you need to, though remember that it takes 1 day to resupply.  As
for sea units, make a black boat or two.  Watch where his Sub is, spot it
with a B-Copter when it dives, and proceed with general strategy. Don't
forget to attack first day with a Carrier.  I will include the hardest part
in the day to day guide.

Day 1
Set the AI to Defense.  It's easy to forget this.  I even forgot when writing

Day 2
Set the AI to Strike accordingly, you might not have to.

Mission 19:  Into the Woods
Opponents:  Kindle and Lash
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Kanbei, Sonja  Blue Moon-Kanbei, Sonja, Grit,
Turn Limit:

Overview:  A hard mission the first time, but easy the second time since you
know where everything is.  Lucky for you, I'll tell you the majority of what
they have and where it is.   There are two Ooziums in the large concentration
of forests, they send all of their Md and Neotanks at Blue Moon, there is a
Rocket hidden in the forest beyond the southern bridge, and they have two
more Ooziums a few (5-8) spaces away from their HQ by the time you reach it.
Like always, Kanbei rules pre-deployed maps and Sonja dominates Fog of War;
put them together since they have a great Tag Affinity.  As for the mission,
it's easy to win, but the Technique limit is quite hard to reach.  Remember,
since there are two armies, only the one that completes the mission has its
score tallied.  Blue Moon faces the most enemy units, so  we'll go for an HQ
capture with Orange Star.  I will be using Sonja and Kanbei for Orange Star
and Grit and Sasha for Blue Moon.  A strategy I will use is to just let Blue
get pummeled allowing Sasha to repeatedly prevent them from getting their
Tag Power.

Day 1, Orange Star, Sonja
In order:
Advance east:  Megatank, Recon, both Md Tanks, both Mechs, the southern Tank,
and the Infantry
Advance on the road:  the northern Tank, northern Anti-Air, Neotank, Rockets
Advance remaining Anti-Air 5 east and 1 north
Advance Artillery 2 north and 2 east
Advance APC south east
End Turn, switching to Kanbei

Day 1, Blue Moon
In order:
Advance east:  the eastern Anti-Air, Tank, northern Rockets, both Artillery,
Recon, all Mechs, southern APC,and the Md Tank (east as much as you can, on
the plains)
Advance on the road:  Rockets, Missiles, remaining Anti-Air
Advance remaining APC east and load the Infantry in it
End Turn

Day 2, Orange Star
With good luck, there is a short-cut.  However, I won't take it.  There is
an Oozium 2 and 3 spaces east of your Megatank and you can kill it with luck,
but I'm not going to.  Instead, because I have restarting this one so many
times, I will move units just out of range of indirects that you cannot see,
etc. etc.

Advance Megatank along the road
Move Recon onto the neutral city by the woods
Destroy that Recon with your northern Md Tank from the road
Move Neotank to just above that Md Tank that you just moved
Move northern Anti-Air 4 east and 1 north
Move nothern Tank east 2 and north 1
Advance Md Tank onto the road
Advance Rockets on the road
Move remaining Anti-Air east 1 and north 3
Advance southern Mech east
Advance Infantry east
Advance Artillery along the road
Advance APC into north east woods
Load Mech into APC
End turn

Day 2, Blue Moon
Move Tank north 2, onto the City
Advance both Artillery east
Advance Md Tank east
Advance Rockets east onto the City
Move Recon into south east woods
Advance Missiles east
Move western Anti-Air 1 south and 1 east
Advance western Rockets east
Advance remaining units (besides the eastern Anti-Air) eastish.  Place a
Mech on the mountain for vision..kinda
End turn, switching to Sasha

They already do a few things random, but I don't think the important ones.
(important to you at least)

Day 3, Orange Star
Attack the APC with your Md Tank from the west
Move your eastern Tank into the north eastern woods, diagonal to the bridge
Destroy the Artillery with your Megatank
Destroy the Rockets with your Neotank
The rest is kind of random.  There are two Oozium east of your Recon and
Mech, so do not go adjacent to those squares.  With the exception of that,
destroy what you can.  They do have an Artillery 3 spaces west of the
southern bridge, but it won't destroy anything in one hit.  Just be sure to
save your Anti-Air, B-Copters are the only threat remaining.  Stay as Kanbei.
Day 3, Blue Moon
Not much to say here besides blow up what you can with what you have.
Use your Recon and Infantry/Mechs on the mountains to see the enemy.
I recommend taking down that Megatank and parking your Md Tank on top of
that City near where the Megatank was.  Stick an APC where your Md Tank was
to take that choke point.  If they have their Tag Power, use Sasha's Power.
If they don't save it and use it next turn.

Day 4, Orange Star
Your objective is to load an Infantry/Mech into the APC and run it down the
road.  Also, destroy all B-Copters you can and stay out of range of the

Day 4, Blue Moon
Blow stuff up and use Sasha's Power again if you can.  However, it might be
wise to let them get their power this turn and just retreat.  This will draw
their units away from their HQ allowing you to capture it.  Your choice on
this one, save if you want.

Day 5 and beyond

Orange Star should have their Tag Power by now.  Use this, the rest is a
piece of cake.  Destroy what is left and rush the APC to the HQ for a quick
capture.  The only things that block your way are one mech and two Oozium.
(which are usually on the mountains)  Using this strategy, I actually routed
them in 7 days, so you should have no problem if you followed the day to day
part of it.

Mission 20:  Muck Amok!
Opponent:  Koal
Recommended COs:  COs that need experience
Turn Limit:  Unkown, though you shouldn't worry about it

Overview:  This mission is very easy, and for that reason, I won't give a day
to day guide.  It's just the same thing over and over: destroy the Oozium.
The general rule is to only attack Oozium if you are sure that it will be
destroyed and if you are not in range of any other Ooziums.  Koal also has a
Tank and an Anti-Air.  These can easily be destroyed with your Neotank and
Stealth.  If you want, go ahead and try to capture those Towers on the east
side of the map.  If you do, put units such as APCs around them so that Koal
can't attack the Infantry/Mech capturing the Tower; he will most likely use
his Super CO Power on the turn he tries to attack.  Also, this mission is the
best mission to gain experience for your COs, roughly 2200 for 4 COs.  If you
want, you can keep restarting the mission if you save on another slot before
you begin the actual mission.

Mission 21:  Healing Touch
Opponents:  Kindle and Jugger
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Kanbei  Blue Moon-Eagle, Sasha, Kanbei
Turn Limit:  Not a problem

Overview:  Simply said, this mission is easy to beat.  The strategy is to
destroy everything as fast as possible.  Getting a perfect score is hard
because the Technique limit is hard to reach and it applies to BOTH armies.
It doesn't matter which one finishes the map. Try to not lose any of Orange's
but rush it with Blue Moon.  In any case, Sasha will help out on this mission
because she will completely prevent all Powers.  I will be using Kanbei and
Sonja (just for additional luck) for Orange Star, Eagle and Sasha for Blue.

Day 1, Orange Star-Kanbei
Begin capturing the Tower with your Infantry
Destroy the Infantry with your Rockets
Destroy the northern Crystal with your Megatank
Destroy the Mech with your Neotank
Destroy the Rockets with your Recon
Destroy the Artillery with your Md Tank
Destroy the Anti-Air with your Tank from the west
Destroy the northern Recon with your Anti-Air from the south
Destroy the Recon with your B-Copter from the west
Advance Mech north
Place your Artillery 1 space north of the Rockets to protect them
Move APC north 2 spaces to protect your Artillery
End Turn

Day 1, Blue Moon-Eagle
Begin capturing the Tower
Destroy the APC with your Mech from the south
Destroy the Crystal with your Bomber
Destroy the Recon with your Rockets
Destroy western Fighter with your western Fighter from the east
Destroy the Bomber with your Stealth from the east
Destroy the remaining northern Fighter with your Fighter
Destroy the B-Copter with your Anti-Air
Destroy the Artillery with your B-Copter from the west
Move Missles south
Move APC south, the Anti-Air is now trapped
Move T-Copter north west
End Turn, switching to Sasha

I think the first day is fairly random; Kindle will either attack your
Megatank with her Md Tank or she will destroy your Tank, which is very bad.
At least, I think she might.  In any case, she usually targets the Megatank.

Day 2, Orange Star
Finish capturing
Destroy the middle Crystal with your Megatank
Advance APC towards the Megatank, north east
Destroy the southern Tank with your Mech
Destroy the recon with your Artillery

The rest is easy.  With Orange Star, retreat your severely damaged units and
destroy nearby units with your Md and Neotank. (from the north so that you
are closer to the crystals)  Just make sure no unit is in range of certain
death.  For Blue Moon, make your way to the north east Crystal and make a
path allowing your Bomber to get there.  Near the end of your turn, use
Sasha's Power THEN attack the crystal with your Bomber for a OHKO.  Remain as
Sasha.  On day 3, destroy the remaining Cyrstals with your Neotank and Md
Tank plus whatever else you have left with a CO Power.  If you cannot destroy
them all by day 3, make sure to keep Orange from certain death and use
Sasha's Power again at the end of her turn.  Remeber to just as many units
from dying as you possibly can if you are going for a good score.

Mission 22:  Crystal Calamity
Opponents:  Kindle and Coal
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Grit; Blue Moon-Kindle; Green Earth-Sasha
and Colin
Turn Limit:  Unkown, sometime after day 13

Overview:  This mission is dubbed the hardest of all in the entire game by
most players.  However, the only hard part about it is preventing their
Infantry from taking a Silo.  First of all, don't go in range of the
Neotanks, ever.  The basic strategy to this mission is to repeatedly use
Sasha's CO Power so that Black Hole NEVER get's their Tag Power.  The other
objective, which applies to Orange Star and Green Earth, is to launch those
Silos as soon as possible.  With Sasha using her CO Power almost every turn,
you shouldn't have a problem defending the Silos.  Next, after you capture
the Silos, you can use Grit with his CO Power to fire upon the Obelisk and
destroy it.  In order to get 100 Power, you might want to save up for a Super
CO Power and build tons of Rockets/Missiles so that you destroy tons of
enemies in one turn.  That is the general strategy, but here is a more
specific strategy per army.

Orange Star can lure the first Tank out with the Anti-Air and blast it away
with Artillery.  Lure the Megatank in the exact same way though you can use
an Infantry; Megatanks can't destroy them in one hit when they are on
woods.  The first Infantry that you build should go straight for the west
most Silo.  Build a Rocket on day 3. (so make 2 Infantry day 1 and ONLY 1
Infantry on day 2)  Move Rockets and/or Artillery in range of the Obelisk
after you destroy the Megatank.  If you want, you can shoot what they make
at their south eastern base too.  Be careful of their Artillery near the
Obelisk that likes to shoot over the Pipe.  Start mass producing Rockets and
maybe make a Missile.  You can use these to attain 100 Power.

Blue Moon can lure the Tank in with their own Tank on the neutral city.
Finish it with your Md Tank.  Next, lure the Neotank in the exact same way.
Get a Mech or Infantry on that island Silo pronto.  After you launch it,
bring the Mech/Infantry back and load Rockets into it.  Scare away the sea
units with your Rockets (so you can fire 1 space east of your port) on the
turn that the lander comes back to your port, though make sure your Rockets
can move into the lander next turn as well.  Drop the Rockets off on the
Silo island and destroy the Black Cannon from there.  Of course, advance
Infantry and Mechs to the Silos using APC(s).

Green Earth has it the hardest.  Here's a tip for the first turn.  Do not
advance your Anti-Air much.  Check the Stealth's maximum movement.  Move your
Anti-Air south only slightly, making sure that they are UNABLE to attack
the square that the Stealth will most likely move onto.  This will prevent
the Stealth from becomming invisible, very very handy.  On day two, destroy
the Oozium but without using two Anti-Air.  Once destroyed, send the
remaining Anti-Air to where the Oozium was to protect it.  Park your Missiles
on top of your south most city.  Proceed to destroy those air units.  After
you're done, use Sasha's Power.  Only use her Power if they have enough stars
to use their Tag Power.  The rest is basic strategy.  Destroy any nearby
Mechs WITHOUT going into the Neotanks' range.  Of course, save your money
as much as possible.  Buying Infantry and perhaps an Anti-Air/Tank
would probably still be worth it.  Once you have routed most/all of the
initial wave, make some air units such as a Bomber or whatever you want.
Maybe you could just lure units into Grit's range so he can fire upon them
during his Power.

For Orange Star, I will be using Grit.  For Blue Moon, I will be using
Kindle.  For Green Earth, Colin and Sasha.  Put COs with Tag Affinities
behind those single COs if you want extra luck.  This may, however, change
up the initial movement of the Tank that is to be lured by (your) Kindle.
Use if you wish.  I will not cover Orange Star and Blue Moon.  You shouldn't
have a problem if you read the army specific directions part of the overview.

Day 1, Green Earth-Colin
Begin capturing the Base with your eastern Infantry
Move western Anti-Air south 1 space
Move remaining Infantry south
Move Recon south
Advance Tank to just north of your Recon
Advance Missiles south
Move remaining Anti-Air south 2 spaces
Build and Infantry
End turn, switching to Sasha

Day 2, Green Earth
Finish capturing
Move your Missiles onto your south most City
Attack the Oozium with your Infantry and Recon from where they currently are
Attack the Oozium with your Tank from the south
Destroy the OOzium with you western Anti-Air
Move your remaining Anti-Air to where the Oozium used to be
Advance remaining Infantry south
Build another Infantry
End Turn

Random on what they attack of Sasha's.  They may destroy the Tank or attack
the Recon as well.  Either way, you still get to destroy much of their air

Day 3
Destroy the Bomber with your Missiles
Attack the Stealth with your full HP Anti-Air
Retreat your damaged Anti-Air OR join with the other Anti-Air if possible
Attack the Mech with two Infantry, both from on top of the cities
Advance remaining units, but keep them out of range of their Recon.
Use your CO Power
Build Infantry and an APC?  A B-Copter? A Tank? Nothing?  Your choice, but
don't spend very much.

The rest is up to you.

As I said before, with Orange Star and Blue Moon, lure their units into range
of your indirect units.  Stay on better terrain (cities for example) for
better defense when luring.  And make sure that Green stays out of range of
that Neotank.  Save often and reset if you make a big error.  Use Sasha's
Power on day 4 as well since they have their Tag Power again.  If you think
you won't be able to use it, do not destroy more units.  Make sure that
they NEVER EVER get their Tag Power.  If the Stealth retreats, remember to
make a fighter to counter it.

Mission 23:  Dark Ambition
Opponents:  Kindle and Olaf
Recommended COs:  Orange Star- Kanbei; Grit Blue Moon-Grit; Kanbei 
Green Earth-Jess; Kanbei
Turn Limit:  Unkown

Overview:  This mission is very easy to win, but takes some strategy to get
100 points in Technique.  I believe you can lose around 5 units total.
The only part you could mess up on is when they use their Tag Power.
Place units one space west of the broken seam, such as APCs, then place
more units all around those.  They will destroy quite a few units, but you
should still have more than enough to finish them off.  Grab the Silos ASAP
with Orange Star.  To be more specific:

Orange Star's purpose is to launch those Silos use indirects effectively.
With Grit, you can stall them by NOT destroying their units adjacent to the
seams AND making sure their Artillery are unable to fire at the seams.  In
other words, scare those Artillery away with your Indirects.  Use those
APCs to block the seams after you drop off Infantry.

Blue Moon will support Orange Star.  The stealth is excellent to place at a
pipe seam when cloaked since nothing they have can attack it.

Green Earth's units will act as the main wall near the pipe seams.  Not much
else to say.  Destroy what you can.

This mision is all general strategy and is again, very easy to beat.
Attaining a perfect S-Rank, however, is much, much more difficult.  For this
reason, I'll give the movements for the first day. I used Grit for Orange
Star, Kanbei for Blue Moon, and Jess+Javier for Green Earth.  Sasha might be
helpful as Green Earth too.

Day 1, Orange Star
Load Infantry into western APC
Load Mech into eastern APC
Move and drop off both APCs west
Move Rockets east 1 space.
Move Artillery east 3 and north 1 space
Move your Anti-Air adjacent to the northern seam.  Leave it there and let it
get hit by the Rockets on day 2; this will buy you time.

Day 1, Blue Moon
Move Carrier and Bomber east
Move Stealth 5 east and 1 south, hide
Supply that Stealth
Move Rockets south east, this will lure the Md Tank in closer
Advance remaining units, but stay out of range of the Md Tank

Day 1, Green Earth
Advance all units, give priority to your hard hitting Tanks
Make sure you advance your B-Ship east

Orange Star should now just fire upon units except those adjacent to the
pipes, they will buy you an extra turn of time.  I would save the Silos for
Day 3.  Be sure to position your Infantry right so that you can fire 3 Silos
in two days.  Blue Moon should destroy the Md Tank using the Bomber.  Advance
the Carrier east again; the Black Bomb will either target that or Green's
B-Ship.  Next, for Blue Moon, I would destroy the Infantry.  Attack with the
stealth from the south so that next turn you can use it to block the seam
exit.  Green Earth should just blast everything in its path.  Switch Sasha
if you think you can pull off a CO Power before they get their Tag Power.
Otherwise, use Javier during their Tag Power to defend against those Rockets.
However, if you scare those rockets away and use decoys well, you can prevent
them from really doing anything with their Tag Power.  Just don't destroy
those uints adjacent to the Pipes and use that Stealth to block the northern

Mission 24:  Pincer Strike
Opponents:  Jugger and Drake
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Hawke; Sonja; Colin?; Blue Moon-Sasha; Kanbei
Turn Limit:  19

Overview:  This mission is also considered one of the hardest in the entire
campaign.  The rain and Drake's powers are the reason.  Using Sasha on Blue
Moon, you can prevent them from getting a Tag Power for the entire mission.
This mission really doesn't any other unique strategy; the rest is a basic
Fog of War mission, though you do have one less vision than normal.  Now, 
onto the specific movements and strategies.

Orange Star should begin advancing while of course staying out of range of
those big tanks.  I would move that Battleship north east and leave it there
the rest of the mission.  This will ensure that the Neo and Md Tank don't try
to advance, at least not at the beginning of the mission.  I would surround
your Battleship with Cruisers so that those B-Copters can't get more than 2
hits on it.  Blast the B-Copters away with your Cruisers when they attack.

I'll start with the sea.  Move that Battleship north east and attack the
Missiles.  Those things have too good vision to leave alive.  You should be
able to win it by using your Tag Power.  Eventually, their Cruiser will
attack your B-Ship.  That means their B-Ship and Sub are nearby.  Using your
Tag Power, you can find the Sub and destroy it with a Cruiser, destroy the
Cruiser by moving then firing the B-Ship, AND destroying their B-Ship with
your Sub.  Oh, and you should make a Black Boat on day 2 if you can.

Orange Star should grab that Base ASAP.  Your units can stay around there.
Rushing blindly into the fog is hardly EVER a smart choice, unless you saved
right before doing it. (awesome technique here if you are patient enough)
I would just sit tight until Blue takes down most of those units north of
that area.

Blue Moon should, first of all, be played exclusively as Sasha for the 
first 8 or so days.  On day 1-2, position your units so that your Rockets
are on your south east base, your Artillery is in eastern Woods, and your
big tanks are as close as the Rockets as they can get.  Of course, keep all
units out of range of the Rockets at all times.  When the rain falls, destroy
anything you see, but go for the Rockets mainly.  You can use the Artillery
to fire at the B-Ship too.

From then on, the mission is quite easy.  Just advance up the road with both
armies and destroy all in your path.

Also, Sasha's Power is your main weapon this mission.  Here is when to use
it:  When both of their COs have full bars; When Drake is the current CO and
one/both CO(s) are incredibly close to using their Tag Power.  Remember that
Drake will initiate the Tag Power both at the beginning and end of his turn
if he can; don't let him build enough energy during HIS turn.  Only attack
the Ooziums when you know for a fact they will get both bars full; those
things just act as CO energy for Drake.

For Orange Star, I used Hawke and Sonja.  For Blue Moon, I used Sasha and
Kanbei for last part of the mission.  Colin could contribute some luck to
Sasha if you want.

Day 1, Orange Star-Hawke
Move Battleship east 3 and north 2 spaces
Advance both Cruisers east
Advance Neotank onto the neutral Base
Move Infantry north 1 and east 2 spaces
Move Tank east 1 space and north 3 spaces
Advance both B-Copters east
Move Lander north 1 and east 1 space
Advance Anti-Air and Recon north eastish
Move APC north 2 spaces
Build 2 Infantry
End turn

Day 1, Blue Moon-Sasha
Move west Tank west and north tank north
Ditto for those Md Tanks
Move southern Recon south and eastern Recon east
Move southern Mech north and eastern Mech west
Move Artillery north 1 space and east 2 spaces
Move Anti-Air west
Move Rockets south
Move Neotank south east
End turn

Day 2, Orange Star
Surround the Battleship with Cruisers on the north and south
Move your Sub 3 north and 1 space east
Move western B-Copter east 2 and north 2 spaces
Move remaining B-Copter north 1 space
Attack the Missiles with your Battleship
Advance Neotank onto north east Orange City, provided it isn't in range of
the other Neotank/Md Tank
Move Tank north 1 space
Begin capturing the Base
Begin capturing the north City
Load Infantry into APC
Move APC east 1 and north 1 space, drop off north
Advance remaining units as you see fit, just not in range of course
Build an Infantry from your east Base and a Black Boat

Day 2, Blue Moon
Move Recons onto vacant cities
Move southern Tank south and eastern Tank east 1 space each
Advance Mechs
End turn.  The formation is set.

Jugger attacks your Sub and Battleship.  Stupid Jugger is almost always lucky
on me....rain comes too.

Day 3, Orange Star

Destroy the B-Copters, finish capturing, advance an Infantry north near that
Silo.  Move Neotank and Anti-Air onto the Woods adjacent to your new Base.  
They wouldn't dare break through there.  Orange Star's strategy isn't
very complicated, just stand your ground until Blue helps out.  I won't give
much more details for them.  They have tons of Anti-Air, so keep your
B-Copters safely behind your troops.  You can move your B-Copters north to
destroy the missiles if you want.  The other B-Copter will probably attack
them though.  Use your Sub for extra vision.

Day 3, Blue Moon
Advance all units, but keep them in the Woods.  Give Priority to the hardest
hitting units.  Nothing else really to say besides advance the Artillery
east so that you can later fire at the Battleship.

Day 4, Orange Star
Destroy anything you can while staying safely out of range.  Sasha will use
her Power this turn, so no worries.  I would still keep your ground for the
most part; if you do, the Megatank will go for Blue Moon, through the Woods,
very very slowly.  This is good.  Launch the Silo if you want, or save it
for when you have a better view of the map.  Maybe make an Artillery to back
up those units near your new Base?

Day 5, Blue Moon
Destroy stuff.  Think out a plan of what to attack and in what order to do
maximum damage.  Hit with your larger tanks and clean it up with Recons,
Tanks, Rockets, etc.  Move your Artillery in range (but still in the Woods)
of the north west corner of that tiny lake on the east, the Battleship is
there.  You should be able to take down at least half of the Rockets, damage
the rest, and damage some other units like Artillery or Anti-Air.  Use your
Power at the END of your turn.

I'll stop here.  If you are in this far in the campaign, you should not have
any real trouble unless you are just absolutely horrible at Fog of War.  If
so, here's your chance to get better.  

Save up for a Tag Power between Hawke and Sonja, unleash it for an easily won
sea battle and some Oozium busting.

For Blue Moon, just make sure that they NEVER get their Tag Power.  Destroy
everything in sight to gain CO energy.  Heck, place expensive units to where
you KNOW they will get hit if you really want CO energy.  Trust me, one unit
is worth sacraficing to negate a Tag Power with Drake.  Once you capture
the Airport and Base, make a Stealth or two, then pump out Bombers.

The only threat after the days I went over is the Megatank.  Remember, an
Infantry is the best thing to place in front of it.  It's inexpensive and
the Megatank commonly can't OHKO it.  Blast it with Rockets, a missile from
the Silo, and then big tanks.

As long as they don't get a Tag Power out, this mission is incredibly easy.
You were given tons of units with Blue Moon, use them effectively.

Mission 25:  Ring of Fire
Opponents:  Koal and Kanbei
Recommended COs:  Bottom screen-Grit  Top screen-Kanbei or Hatchi
Turn Limit:  Shouldn't be a problem

Overview:  This mission is a piece of cake with Grit.  It's FAR easier than
the Normal Campaign version.  The second front, however, is probably the
hardest single map in all of AWDS provided you don't send in units that
you build.  Not much purpose to doing that since you will have almost won
the main front or lost the second front by the time those units get there.
There is, however, something you can do.  Destroy Kanbei's B-Copters at all
costs.  Then, once they are destroyed, send a B-Copter or two over the sea.
You can just wait here until you win the main front.  If you picked Hatchi,
just wait there a few turns until you get enough funds to build some great
units from those Cities.

The bottom screen should fire at everything it can.  The fast units on the
outside take priority.  Destroying those Infantry will help as well.  Use
the APC to run around supplying those Rockets.  Bring an Infantry to the
Airport on the east of the map by means of an APC.  If you can't shoot at
something on the outside of the map, shoot stuff near the volcano.

The top screen is once again, incredibly difficult.  I will only give a day
to day guide for the top screen.  The general strategy is keep those
B-Copters alive at all costs and destroy theirs at all costs.  If you do
this, the match becomes a stalemate. (which is much better than losing)
In order to do this, use Kanbei, hide your Anti-Air and Missiles from the
Bombers and Tanks.  Place Rockets, Mechs, and B-Copters in front of them
to hide them.  However, only place B-Copters in front if they are not in
range of other B-Copters.  I will be using Grit and Kanbei for this mission.

Day 1, Bottom screen
Set AI control to off
send both Anti-Air, the Rockets, and the Missile to the second front in that

The rest is up to you.  Feel free to send Infantry/Mechs to the second front
when you finish capturing the properties near your HQ.

Day 1, Top screen
Begin capturing both Towers.
Move the Missiles that are on your HQ to the north eastern City
For simplicity, end the turn here.

Day 2, Top screen
Finish capturing
Move Rockets north 1 and east 1 space
Move western B-Copter east 3 spaces
Move remaining B-Copter east 2 and north 2 spaces
Move north east Anti-Air west two spaces
Move western Anti-Air east 1 space
End turn

Day 3, Top screen
You may have sent an Infantry/Mech by now.  I won't give it specific orders,
so just use it to attack other Infantry/act as a wall

Destroy the Bomber with your southern Missiles
Attack the other Bomber (which is just west of where the other Bomber used
to be) with your southern Anti-Air from the east
Attack/destroy the Bomber with your damaged Anti-Air from the north
Move/destroy the Bomber with your southern Anti-Air 2 spaces north
Move Missiles south 2 spaces
Move remaining Anti-Air east 1 space
Make sure when moving the B-Copters that they are actually out of range
of the other B-Copters
Move both B-Copters west 2 spaces
Move Mech west 1 space
End turn

He uses his Power and destroys a few units and damages both Missiles

Day 4, Top screen
Attack the eastern B-Copter with your southern Missiles
Use your Super CO Power
Destroy two full HP B-Copters with your Anti-Air.  Attack the ones where
your Anti-Air have the best terrain defense.  It will probably be the eastern
B-Copters; attack from the Woods and Plains
Fire at a B-Copter with your severely damaged Missiles
Attack the B-Copter you just fired at with your damaged B-Copter
Attack a full HP B-Copter with your remaining B-Copter

He will only attack your Missiles and damaged B-Copter thanks to your
Super CO Power.  Next turn, finish off the B-Copters.  You're done with that
front now.  Just keep a B-Copter alive.  Don't let his Infantry capture your
HQ though.  If you really want, you could send units to that front, such as
air units that Grit makes from the Airport.  It isn't necessary though, a
300 point S-Rank is simple on this mission. Just fire at stuff with Grit.
Remember that the outside units ALWAYS take Priority, though you should move
away from the Oozium that get over the mountains.

Oh, and if you are having trouble with the main front....use Grit.  I can't
think of how someone using Grit could have trouble with this mission.
Oh, and don't forget, Grits CO Power gives the same attack boost as his
Super CO Power, so I recommend only using his normal CO Power.

Mission 26:  Surrounded!
Opponnents:  Kindle and Andy
Recommened COs:  Orange Star-Kanbei; Jess; Sami Blue Moon-Kanbei; Jess; Sami;
Turn Limit:18?

Overview:  The last difficult mission of the campaign.  The trick to winning
is to not get overthrown by their Tag Power.  To start, you should split
your forces.  Orange Star's Neotank should be place on your western Base
and their Md Tank should be places on your northern City.  This will prevent
them from advancing during their Tag Power.  Stick about 3 indirects behind
them.  Because they use their Tag Power, they will advance, so you can use
that to your advantage.  Also, something VERY important.  If the north west
Infantry begins capturing the southern City (which is closer to those Silos)
on day 1 you pretty much lose.  Now, for more specific instructions:

The east side should rush the Anti-Air with your Tank.  Use your B-Copter to
damage the Rockets.  Then, rush for the Tower before the forces north of you
come. (probably an Anti-Air)  

The south side should go for the Piperunner on
day 1 with your B-Copter.  It's worth it.  One key note is to stay out of
range of that Neotank.  Take Andy's Super CO Power into consideration; it
boosts his movement by 1 if you didn't know.

The north side should probably Mech Flood.  If you want a good score, you can
keep joining them up.  Using Sami, you can get that Airport to help out.
Once you get the Airport, a B-Copter will do.  Don't make anything except for
Infantry and Mechs to start, this is vital to the strategy.  This will make
Andy attack the Md Tank you put on your northern City.  Once their Tag Power
is over, make a B-Copter or something to clean up the rest, then go for the

The west side has the most forces.  As I said before, park your Neotank onto
your western Base and your Md Tank onto your northern City.  Keep them there
until after they use their Tag Power.  Right after, you could use your Tag
Power (depending on the COs you chose) and break through.  Try to get to the
Silos before that Infantry does.

For this mission, I found that Sami/Eagle on Blue Moon and Kanbei/Sonja on
Orange Star worked very well.  The extra luck really, really helps against
Andy.  Just make sure that you DESTROY his units as often as possible.

Day 1, Orange Star-Kanbei
Attack the Anti-Air with your Tank.  If destroy it, improvise.  I will assume
that it lives.  I believe they will move their Tank east if it is destroyed.
Destroy the Piperunner with your Rockets.  It's highly unlikely that it will
not be destroyed.  You can use the Recon to finish it if isn't destroyed.  I
will assume that it is destroyed.
Begin capturing the eastern City with your eastern Infantry
Advance Md Tank west
Begin capturing the City by your middle Cities with your Infantry
Load Mech into APC
Move and drop off east
Destroy/Attack the Mech with your B-Copter.  It is actually better if you
don't destroy it.  If you do, then improvise.  The Anti-Air will move
on top of the Tower if you do destroy the Mech.  I will assume that the Mech
Advance Neotank towards your Cities
Move Artillery east 1 and south 2 spaces
Move Recon south 2 spaces
Move Mech south
End turn

Day 1, Blue Moon-Sami
Attack the Piperunner with your B-Copter.  I once did 4 damage...
Move western Anti-Air north 1 and west 1 space
Move Rockets west
Load Infantry into APC
Move APC 3 east and 1 south, drop off south
Move Artillery west
Move Tank south 2
Move Recon south 1 and east 1
Move Mech south 1
Begin capturing the northern Airport
Move Recon east
Build a Mech
Save here
End turn switching to Eagle.  As much as I hate to do it, I must.  It turns
out that if you stay as Sami, they will attack your B-Copter with their
Neotank.  That is bad, since it is now closer to your troops.  If you
switch to Eagle, the AI attacks with just two B-Copters.  ALSO, watch their
north western Infantry.  If it begins to capture the city west of it, restart
from where you saved.  Otherwise, it will launch those Silos at you and,
well, you lose.

Day 2, Orange Star
Finish capturing only the western City
Move your Neotank onto your western Base
Move your Md Tank onto your northern City
Move rockets west
Attack the Rockets with your B-Copter from the west.  Very rarely do they
leave an Anti-Air right there, but I've seen it once.  If so, improvise.
Attack the Rockets with your Infantry from the north
Move Recon east 1 and south 3 spaces.  Road block.
Move Artillery east 2 and south 2 spaces
Move your southern Mech east.
Begin capturing the southern City with your remaining Mech
Move APC east 1 space
Build an Artillery
End turn

Day 2, Blue Moon
Destroy the Piperunner with your Rockets.  Don't target the seam.
Move Anti-Air so that one is just west and one is just south of your Rockets
Attack their Tank with your Tank from the Woods...IF.....read the following.

Ok. they should be very, very close to their Tag Power. If so, don't attack
anything else. (when less than 1 star away)Just make sure they do NOT get
their Tag Power this turn.

Move southern Mech west 1, protect that Rockets.

Move southern Recon west 1 space
Continue the top area by continuing capturing, joining mechs, and moving
your Recon east towards the Infantry.  Also, build a Mech.
End turn switching to Sami.  This is a must.  If you stay as Eagle, their
Neotank will attack your own.  I'm not sure why the AI changes here.  It just
goes to show how precise the AI is, weighing every possibilty on a scale...

Day 3, Orange Star
Finish capturing
Destroy the Rockets with your Artillery
As before, the southeast varies.  Attack what you want that seems to be the
best.  In any case, start capturing that south east Tower
Move Rockets west
Move APC onto HQ
Move Artillery onto middle City
Build another Artillery
Move Infantry west 1 space
End turn

Day 3, Blue Moon
Finish capturing the Airport.
Join Mechs
Continue/start attacking the Infantry up north with your Recon
Move southern Recon east..it just needs to be out of the way
Move damaged Mech east
Destroy the northern B-Copter with your Anti-Air from the east
Destroy the remaining B-Copter with your Anti-Air from the east
Move Rockets north west or destroy stuff in range that you can't destroy
otherwise.  Don't let Andy heal those units.
Do stuff in the south east
Stay out of range of the Neotank, remember it can move 7 spaces next turn.
Build another Mech
End turn, switching to Eagle

They use their Tag Power.  Tons of things are completely random, so I'll
just break off here.  The rest is a cakewalk.  To start, Orange Star can try
to blast as much as possible.  If you think you can attain a Tag Power, go
for it, then use it to break through all of the western forces.  Otherwise,
just sit on your Cities until you get it to break through.  Just keep an eye
out for your HQ; they sometimes sneak an Infantry/Mech over there.

Blue Moon can easily take the northern Tower when you get a Tag Power.  Just
capturing during Sami's Super CO Power.  The south west Tower can be taken
by either luring the Neotank out into your indirects' range or by making
air units.  Basically just use general strategy and destroy the units they
build.  They receive little money and if you make an air unit they will just
make Anti-Air, very easy to destroy with ground units.  Since this was a mad
dashing mission, you might want to build multiple units near the end to
increase your Technique score.

Mission 27:  For the Future!
Opponent:  Von Bolt
Recommended COs:  Orange Star-Anyone really.. Blue Moon-Grit; Drake; Kanbei
Green Earth-Eagle; Kanbei
Turn Limit:  18 (thanks to Sean Abrahams)

Overview:  This mission is rediculously easy if you aren't going for an
S-Rank.  The strategy is to advance Blue Moon's Battleship north and
simply destroy the Obelisk with it.  Simple, no?  That's about all I have to
say for beating it.  If you are this far in the game, you should be able to
win a simple sea battle.  You can even build more Battleships if you must.
Use Drake/Kanbei if you want.

Now, getting a perfect S-Rank is different story.  Power is the hardest
to get.  You can do this one of two ways.  First, you can just advance
through their units with Orange Star.  It's easily possible, but I don't
recommend it.  I recommend using Grit and possibly Jake on Blue Moon.  Mass
produce Artillery and just destroy a massive number of units with your
Tag Power.  Also, I recommend making units such as Infantry all the time
to increase your Technique score.  Orange Star and Green Earth will most
likely take a beating.

Mission 28:  Means to an End
Opponents:  Von Bolt-Bottom screen; Kindle-Top screen
Recommended COs:  Bottom screen-Max; Colin; anyone really Top screen-Javier;
Rachel; Hawke; Colin; your choice on this one too.  The AI controls it.
Turn Limit:  

Overview:  Sadly, the last mission of the Hard Campaign is yet another easy
mission.  For this reason, I won't give any day to day guide here.  Here's
the strategy.  First, set the AI to defensive for the first 2 or so turns.
Next, I would immediately send a B-Copter south to elminate those Infantry.
Then, make a T-Copter to go capture those Cities.  While doing this, mass
produce Infantry to take out those Mechs/capture stuff.  Once those are gone,
just make tanks, B-Copters, Anti-Airs, Mechs, Infantry, etc. to take down
the Oozium and few units that he produces.  Again, only use direct attacks on
Oozium if you know that they will be destroyed on that turn.

Congrats!  You've now finished the Hard Campaign.  Now get to the War Room
and VS mode for even harder challenges.

Version History
September 18, 2005: 0.7 The first version and my very first FAQ.  Roughly
70% of the missions have guides to them, up to Mission 19.

September 20, 2005: 0.8 Completed Missions 20-22.  The introduction is now
split into more categories.  Added a couple terms.

September 25, 2005:  1.0  All missions have a complete walkthrough.  Info
on the scoring of Technique submitted by Andrei.  Changes some text from
some missions and some of the introduction.

November 13, 2005: 1.01  Minor typo fixed thanks to "Mr_Kanbei."  Added some
more to a few guides and to the intro.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems for making such an awesome game.
CJayC for hosting one of the best sites out there.
Andrei for some information on the scoring of Technique.
Sean Abraham for correcting a turn limit.
Mr_Kanbei for fixing a typo on a mission number.

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