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         *Javier Guide*

Table of Contents:
Beginning notes
Version History
About Javier
Javier's abilities
Deep into Javier
Master Strats!
Best Levels
Javier Vs....
Thanks everybody!
Contact me

    *-*-*-*Beginning notes*-*-*-*
Hello, all! This is SuperSonic612 (now also known as sonicthehedgehog and
sthehedgehog)! Thanks for pickin' this guide to read. Here I'll be talking
about Javier (A-Ve-Er)....incase you hadn't guessed. It seems that Javier is
sort of in the shadows, and it's time to shed a little light on them. Anyway,
please don't worry. I got a lot of experience doing this stuff now, so this
guide will be 105 times better than my last one. Well, I just wanted to say
that, so let's begin!

    Copyrighted by Kai Kartock, 2005
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www.ds-gamer.com <http://gamer.com/> (?)
Please let me know right away if you see this on any other site.
If you would like to use this guide, E-MAIL ME. I will probably give you
permission, but please, just please ask!

    *-*-*-*Version History*-*-*-*
0.1  9-21-2005<>Started Guide. Created Table of Contents, Beginning notes,
Legal, and started About Javier.
  0.2  9-22-2005<> Fixed a few things up, and finished About Javier.
0.3  9-22-2005<> Wow, twice so far today. I really got nothing to do :( Heh
heh... Anywho, just continued where I left off.
  0.4  9-23-2005<> Finished guide.
  0.5  10-03-2005<> Added a lot of stuff I received in e-mails.
0.6  10-04-2005<> Started Javier Vs.... and also fixed/added a few other
random things.
0.7  10-05-2005<> Correct yet a few more things, and continued in Javier
0.8  10-05-2005<> Added the full year to the date, fixed something when I was
describing his SCOPower, and FINISHED Javier Vs....THERE'S TOO MANY COS IN THIS
  0.9  10-06-2005<> Added s'more stuff I got in some emails.
1.0  10-21-2005<> Changed the title. Like it? Couple other things too.
Changed my email. Make sure you send to this email anything you want to
tell/ask me. If you send to my old one (how you would even get it now I don't
know), you will probably be waiting a really long time for a reply. Don't say I
never told you.
1.1   10-27-2005<> Fixed the title. I apologize for anybody that saw that.
It's supposed to spell out "Javier"
1.2   11-04-2005<> Fixed the title again.....sick of looking at a bunch of
jumbled up letters that doesn't even make sense....
1.3   12-07-2005<> Wow...pretty long since I updated last....could it possibly
be the last update? Nah, probably not. Anyway, just added/took out a couple
things I got in e-mails to do.
1.4   5-31-2006<> SUPERSONIC612 LIIIIVES!!! That's right. It's been nearly
half a year since I've since I've updated this guide, but it's time to bring it
back again. For right now, I just fixed a few things, but expect to get a
totally revamped guide shortly (you wouldn't believe how many e-mails I have
stacked up in my Inbox about Javier)
1.5   8-12-2006<> Yep. This is more then likely going to be one of the last
few updates. I better get ALOT of fan-mail if I'm going to update this too many
more times. But, it's time to start the end. Fixed alot of stuff, and got quite
a bit in here I got from emails.
1.6   8-12-2006<> Well...this is probably the last one. Unless I find mistakes
or something...oh well. Tied up a few loose ends.

                    *-*-*-*About Javier*-*-*-*

We first find yours truly in Campaign mission 15. The gallant tank driving
heroine Jess forced Javier (I'm glad they don't show how she forced him.....)
to show her around the neighborhood called Omega Land. Then you battle him, and
then blah, blah, blah. That was just his first appearance, no one could care
less about the rest. You can unlock Javier for play anywhere once you beat the
Black Obelisk. Then just buy him at the Battle Maps shop! Anyway, let's move on

From the game: A Green Earth CO who values chivalry and honor above all else.
Often commands his units to charge.
Hit: Honor
Miss: Retreating

Increased defense vs. indirect attacks. When he captures com towers, his
defense also goes up.

     COPower: Tower Shield
Improves defense vs. indirect attacks, and doubles the effect of com towers.

     SCOPower: Tower of Power
Improves defense vs. indirect attacks, and triples the effect of com towers.

    COPower Meter: xxxXXX

Note: You get 10% attack/defense when you activate either power.

Javier is sort of like Andy. His units are all-around, and no price
in/decrease, power level, etc. The only difference is, of course, that his
units don't get hit as hard against indirect. He gains 20% defense over
indirect attacks.

Now, that might not seem like too much, but it really can help out a great,
great deal. Picture this. You're fighting Grit, in Fog of War. He hits your
valuable Recon unit that you're using to see what he's building, with the
all-mighty Rocket unit. Now normally, that Recon would be lunch, but, under the
right circumstances, with just that 20% boost than usual in defense, it might
just live to scout another day.

So as you can see, Javier is already a little overpowered. He doesn't suffer
any defense loss from direct attacks, so he's also covered there. But, of
course, people like me don't play him because of that indirect thing. People
play him for his real power. Com Towers.

Let's do a little recap here, in case you're somewhat new. Com Towers are new
toys that our buddies over there at Intelligent Systems put in this game in a
few select maps. They're normal ability is to increase every units offense on
the player's side of the field by 10%. But with my main man Javier here, the
defense goes up too. And let me tell you. That defense boost is more than

As I said before, Com Towers crank the attack up on all allied units by 10%,
but, also like I said before, Javier also gets a defensive boost. I'm 99% sure
that the defense goes up as much as the offense, but please e-mail me if you
know. I will also test this soon. Anywho, let's go into another picture. Let's
pretend that you're playing as the star of the show. Now what if you had one
tower? Sure, that might not be much, but let's go picture-in-picture here,
going back to the battle with Grit. Because of that 1 Com Tower. Because of
that 10% boost in defense, your Recon might just come out of there alive, ready
to go back to a near-by city to heal. Now what if you had two Com Towers?
That's 20% more defense. And offense, for that matter, but stay with me. That's
2HP worth that you're saving! What if you had three? Same thing. What if you
had five? Sure, most maps don't have 5 Com towers, but look at that 4-Player
map in War Room. "Final Battle." That contains atleast 5 towers. Do you realize
that you're blocking out 50% of the damage you would normally get hit by? Let
alone dealing that much back to the enemy!

I don't think a lot of people play Javier for 1 reason, and only 1 reason.
Possibly, only 60%, if that, of new maps (although some of them got re-designed
a little, most AW/AW2 maps aren't Com-Tower-friendly) even have CTs (Com
Towers). And that's sort of true. I can reason with that. But folks, aren't we
forgetting something? What about that indirect bonus thing? If you do a match
against a computer, they're going to crank out atleast one Artillery unit.
Atleast. If you fight Comp. Grit, than it's going to be even more. If you fight
friends, more-than-likely they're going to use an indirect or two, especially
if there's a chokepoint in the map somewhere. The only exception might be Max,
but that's okay. Like I said before, it's not like Javier loses any defense
against direct-attacks.

         *-*-*-*Javier's Abilities*-*-*-*

Let's start this section right off with CO Powers. We'll first look at Tower

Like it says in the description above, Tower Shield DOUBLES the effect of Com
Towers, and also increases the defense against indirects.
Note: Javier gets a 10% boost in attack and defense with both, his COPower, and
his SCOPower.

First we'll take a look at the indirect bonus thing. Sure, that might not be
much, but, do I really need to explain it again? What if you were fighting
Grit? That'll help out a great deal! Now, I know what some of you are saying.
"Well what if I don't fight Grit very often?" That's okay too. I usually don't
either. But getting back to the subject. Just like I said before, most comp.
matches, maybe even friends, dish out a few indirect units here and there. So
it won't be to much trouble. You get another 20% against indirect attacks,
totaling 140%

Okay, let's talk about the other effect now. The doubling effect. Do you
realize how powerful this is? With just a simple push of a button, Javier could
have 20, 40, 60, maybe even a whoppin' 80% boost in BOTH attack and defense for
the turn! And all you need is 1, 2, 3, 4+ for each one! Another example: You're
playing the map "Final Battle." You can easily secure 3-4 CTs very early. Use
this power, BLAM. In the words of a weird CO, "OHH YEAH!!"....Anyway....that
means you just got 80% more attack and all you had to do is capture a few
towers. And if there is no towers in the map/you don't have any? Sure, maybe it
doesn't have all the effect, but you still get the indirect bonus, along with
that 10% attack/defense you get with using your power. And with only three
stars needed?

All right, let's go right into his SCOPower, known as Tower of Power. Cheesy
name, but the effect is very, very dirty....

Okay, once more, let's look at the indirect bonus. The least-favored of the 3
powers, but it ain't half-bad. It's more powerful than the regular COPower, but
other than that, just read above. You get another 60% against indirect attacks.

Now, let's get into the meat of this burger. The triple-domination effect. Work
with me here. With just 3 towers. Just 3 towers. You could have almost an
instant KO right there. And oh yeah, that just reminded me! The defense. For
the remainder of the turn, he is basically invincible if you have 3 towers.
Even if you have two. That's fine. That's Great. That's 60% more defense and
offense you're squeezing outta' this thing. And don't forget about the 10%
boost in attack and defense. Once more, let's look at "Final Battle." If you
have 3-4 CTs, and, if timed right (which isn't hard), you'll be able to snatch
Koal's HQ in 4-6 turns. And he can't do a flippin' thing about it. Your defense
will just be too high. Trust me. I did it all the times I've done that level.
And all you need is 6 stars.

Okay, now let's take a quick look at tag powers.

Kanbei * Code of Honor
Jess * Green Flash
Sensei: 105% (Duel Strike)
Grimm: 105% (Duel Strike)
Von Bolt  90%  (Duel Strike)

Now let's see here. Kanbei and Javier are a very devastating team. But only if
you have Com Towers. But if you do, they could possibly be the most ruthless
team in the game. And my personal favorite part about this team is the fact
that when you use your Tag COPower, it really doesn't matter who starts or
finishes. Since they both have high defense at this time, it doesn't really
matter.....and besides, they have a really cool name!

Team Green Flash is also deadly. However, with this one, you should definitely
have Jess first at bat. Personally, I kinda like Code of Honor better, but
that's just me....But anyway, Jess should first re-supply and increase their
units movement, along with a bit of attack power. It's probably more important
to get your units in a good striking zone with her turn rather than go too much
on the offense, unless, of course, you don't have any CTs..... After that, have
Javier go in there and show them the real power of teamwork! Yeah, I know that
was a cheesy and boring line ripped off from Sonic Heroes, get off my back.

Now let's talk about Sensei and Grimm. I really don't see how Sensei would get
a bonus from him. I mean, sure, his powers are awesome, but they don't really
do anything differently with Javier than they do, say, with Olaf . Once more,
that's my opinion anyway. Oh well. Grimm more than makes up for that though.
With his insane attack power, this team just rules the sky....and every where
else. Just make sure Grimm leads off, other than that, make sure you tell your
opponent that it's OK to cry during this move, 'cause there going to lose about
half their units.

And finally, Von Blot....I mean, Von Bolt. If it's too hard to tell, you
actually LOSE attack points when you use your Tag Power with him. But I mean,
his power is still kind of cool, and atleast his units won't lose that much
attack. And Javier's also covered if he's got a few towers under that armor.
It's just too bad that it's going to take forever to actually use a Tag Break
with them....

But now, if I may, I would like to take a moment of your time and talk about
other good COs that work well with Javier. Sure, maybe he doesn't get an attack
boost, but who the heck cares about that?

Sami: I think this is a pretty obvious choice. Use their tag power and capture
a few towers, than give Javier the spotlight and put all of those to very, very
good use.

Adder/Koal: You could really use either of these weird-don'ts, but I think I
would probably go Koal over Adder, but that's just me.....Why these two, you
ask? Well, you got to get to those Com Towers first, don't you?

Grit: I got this one in an e-mail. I'll put here exactly what he wrote:
"And for a tag team, Grit/Javier is just fun. You're
basically the god of indirects. 'You think you're too
far away, I'm using Grit, BANG!' 'Oh using my strategy
against me, Javier don't care'" Lol. Thanks a lot!

Mr. M says....
"I think anyone could tag well with Jake, and Javier is no exception. Their
Dual Strike Power is still 100%, and they both have good abilities. Say
you've captured a few Com Towers, Jake can start the Dual Strike, and he
gets movement/range boosts for all non-infantry units, so he's the
spearhead. Then, in the second turn, Javier has an attack boost from Com
Towers, so he can mop up the weakened units."
Thanks alot, sir!

casali7 suggested...
"When I play any maps with lots of direct and inderect units I use
Rachel/Javier because when the Tag Power comes on, Rachel's missile strikes
will damage the enemys strongest units, and if u have Com Towers, she can punch
a hole throught their strongest "barricade" and Sir Javier goes in and
hopefully destroys and if not, sevirely criple enemy forces for a few turns."

Lash: You know, for hating them quite a bit, so far I've mentioned three Black
Hole COs....anyway, I think Lash might be a good choice. You could always use a
few more defensive stars.

Hachi/Colin: You can use him, but Colin is nowhere near as good a team-partner
with Javier as Hachi is. Colin might get a little lower prices, but with that
SCOPower that's coming attached to the old coot, it's more than worth it.

Max: Not a bad choice. Also another good CO for the ol' "Anti-Grit" trick.
Other than that, I don't know how much I would recommend him over Hachi or

Andy: I don't really need to say anything here. Healing units for no price cost
never hurts.

More to come, maybe. If you find out that any other COs work well with Javy
here, feel free to e-mail 'em to me, and I'll be sure to post them on here. Or
if you think there's a reason that one of these shouldn't be on here, you can
tell me that too.

          *-*-*-*Deep into Javier*-*-*-*

Let's use that thing that we haven't used since the 1980; imagination.

Okay, let's pretend that you're fighting Olaf, a nice, well-rounded CO. You
were on a day-limit, and it was the last day. You have 1 Megatank. 1 full HP
and full ammo Megatank. What would you rather get hit by? An Artillery unit, or
a Recon unit? What was that? Did you say an Artillery? While yes, in a normal
case, that would be true, because of his increased defense against indirect
attacks, but think about this. If your opponent attacks your Megatank with a
Recon, than that's it! Game over! You won!

What was that about? It's called "Using Common Sense." A technique that seems
to be long gone. When many people play as Javier, or some other select COs,
they tend to....how should I put it....think too much. I know it kind of seems
like I'm acting more like a doctor rather than explaining how to play as
Javier, but c'mon people! So far, in every battle I've fought with Javier (and
that's a lot), more than often, I tend to lose when I try to come up with
master plans. "Oh no, I need that Com Tower!" I would say. Well, you know what?
I actually won that level that I said that in, and I never even got 1 tower! My
point: Relax. You're going to do so much better if you just take things as they
come. I'm not saying don't go for towers, but if you can do better with that
infantry than capture that tower, than do it! In a nutshell, I'm saying don't
worry about that Megatank that's on that tower that you need. Instead, worry
about that Md. Tank right in front of you. That Megatank can come next.

I think we'll dive into a pool of Force Ranks now.

This is what I recommend for Javier:
Star Power-This always helps any CO. Get to Rank 5 as fast as you can just for
Slam Shield-It's important to have a nice defense against directs too.
Soul of Hachi-This isn't hard.
Mistwalker-Neither is this one.

Star Power-Same as above
Slam Shield-Same as above
Tower Power-Yes, I know you're sacrificing Soul of Hachi, but you get an extra
5% attack/defense for every tower you have. Now tell me that's not worth it?
Mistwalker-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Eagle Eye-In FoW, it's invaluable to see far away places. Slap this on with a
Recon and you got on mama of a vehicle.
Scout Vision- I got this idea in an e-mail. Instead of SoH, use this, and you
can get 3+ vision.
Mistwalker-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Eagle Eye-Same as above
Tower Power-Same as above
Mistwalker-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Eagle Eye-With rain comes FoW, buddy.
High and Dry-20% is very impressive.
Mistwalker-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Eagle Eye-Same as above
High and Dry-Same as above
Tower Power-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Icebreaker-Basically same as above
Soul of Hachi-Same as above
Mistwalker-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Icebreaker-Same as above
Tower Power-Same as above
Mistwalker-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Sand Scorpion-Basically same as above
Soul of Hachi-Same as above
Mistwalker-Same as above

Star Power-Same as above
Sand Scorpion-Same as above
Tower Power-Same as above
Mistwalker-Same as above

This one's from tyler cassetta-frey:
I call This my defense Javier.
Use the these skills:

Slam Guard-8% direct defense
Slam Shield-12% direct defense
*now you can take on Max with 20% direct defense.

Snipe guard-8% indirect defense
Snipe Shield-12% indirect defense
Now with Javier's 10% defense bonus, you can now take on Grit with 30% indirect
(for Grimm- you can use brawler, bruiser, sharpshooter, and sniper for 13
attack bonus for  (in)direct attacking)

If you want to Javier and Grimm, I recommend-
Slam Guard-8% direct defense-replace with Bodyguard if against Grit.
Slam Shield-12% direct defense
Bodyguard: in case Grimm needs it replace with Snipe guard if against Grit
Snipe Shield-12% indirect defense
You can also replace Bodyguard with Tower power if your really careful to let
Grimm go first.



Strategy: Time To Power (as in transforming time to power)
Also if you use the defense Javier, you can put a megatank on a city or
something in a choke point while you build up an army or funds.

Alright, I believe that was mostly every condition possible. There is just a
few more things in Campaign. E-mail them to me if you have any ideas. You can
also email me and tell me if I should change some around, or whatever (if
possible, give me a reason why too).

      *-*-*-*Master Strats!*-*-*-*

Okay, so there not really "master" or anything, but it sounds kinda cool.
Anyway, I only really have a few.....hmm....please e-mail me some strats that
you don't see here. You can give opinions on mine here as well, if you want to.

Unit Mower: I invented this one myself! This is a little tricky to pull off,
but under the right circumstances, could net you an early win. Here's some
rules that help a lot:
FoW: This is pretty much 100% necessary.
1-2 CTs: It never hurts with these. You can't get very many though. Go no
farther than 2, even if there's three more dangling in front of your head.
You'll see why.
Atleast 12,000 G. per turn: Once more, you'll see why.
A very early chokepoint: And I'm talking almost immediately.
4 Factories.
OK, I think that's about it. Now, on your first turn, build as many Recon units
as you can. If the bases are like this, than....
*    *
*    *
build recons from the nearest to your opponent. On your next turn, hurry up and
bring those recons over to the opponents side. Build more recons (as many as
you can).
Hopefully, your opponent will damage them. Killing them would be even better.
You only need to lose three, but if you could lose 6 that would be even better,
but that is a lot of moola your forkin' out for those things.
Rinse and repeat.
Pray that your opponent won't catch on.
Keep doing this until you have your first COPower.
When you do, stay quite, and make sure your opponent can't see you. Build Md.
Tank after Md. Tank after Md. Tank, as many as you can each turn. However,
build 2 tanks. Regular tanks. Now, two things could happen here.
~Your opponent doesn't do anything.
~You opponent brings something over to see what you're doing.
If option A occurs, wait until you have a lot of Md. Tanks. As many as
possible. Then send them on up and devastate your foe.
If option B occurs, than your going to have to get rid of it soon with your
tank(s). Very, very soon. Make sure your opponent can never see those Mds. Be
very careful. This could completely give you away.

I know, that one wasn't very good. It's way too situational, but if you find
the map to do that in....
If you know of any more, please e-mail me. More is maybe going to come....

               *-*-*-*Best Levels*-*-*-*

Right-o, I've promised this one to all ya's for awhile now, and it seems that
one is pretty popular...I'll run down what I got in emails first.

"Javier + 6 com towers + bodyguard + woods = 10% of enemy damage taken.
Megalopolis. The ultimate map for Javier. It seems overly implausible, due to
being against Kanbei and having a fraction of the cities, with few in capturing
range right off. But it's actually the most unbalanced map in all the war room
in your favor (buy it, it's a 2-player war room map). Right away, there are
four com towers that are an infantry walk's away from your 2 forward bases.
That, right there, gives 40% defense bonus. There are two chokepoint cities
that you should capture asap - extra 30%, raising that to 70%. Throw in a
high-level CO (doesn't matter which) with bodyguard, teamwork, synergy, and
star power (for tag powers) and it's an extra 13% attack and 10% defense.
Total: 50%. Add in the first slam guard. 58%. Add in the slam shield. 70%. You
are now invincible in cities to both direct and indirect. There are two more
com towers just a few turns by way of APC (the towers are also on the way to
Kanbei's main undefended block of cities). 90% defense ON ROADS. If you can't
get the slam shield yet, it's an 88% bonus, increased to 98% on plains. Hunker
down until you get all 6 com towers and it's as good as won. Capture his back
cities while pushing through the wooded area to cut down heavily on production.
Now let's do the attack bonuses: 100% base + 8% synergy + 5% teamwork + 60% com
towers + 13% optional direct damage skills = 186% damage. I'm not too sure on
the figures for the skills, due to not having played in a week or two. End
result: I had a megatank attack my infantry on a plain from the woods. My
infantry took 1 point of damage. The megatank, somehow, took two points of
damage. Against Kanbei. That was the most fun I've ever had on a war room map.
Using it, I have also validated the figure that com towers increase defense by
10%. I really shouldn't have to explain it, just try it out. Moving from the
woods to the plains vastly multiplied the damage I took from 2% to 12%. End of

Have some evil fun.

Fearful Ferret"

"I'm not sure if this is accurate enough testing, but on the war room map
called Megalopolis where you fight Kanbei, I used Javier without skills on.
There are 6 comm towers on the map that you can capture fairly early on
which (according to your faq) boosts his defense by 60%. Whether this is
true or not, Javier's tank (yes a REGULAR tank) on a city, was taking blows
left and right from artillery, neotanks, and rockets, and it's health never
changed after I captured those 6 comm towers. Also, when sending infantry to
the cities behind his HQ, they were completely immune to all the rocket
shots and artillery fire that were coming at them. My APCs that I used to
get the infantry there only took a maximum of 2 damage from his rockets
while on the road. So in conclusion, the comm towers seem to boost his
defense by 10-15% for each one you capture.

Some Dude"

Ah...good ol' Megalopolis. A map that's so...cheap. Good times. Well, as you
MIGHT have guessed, I'm also a pretty big fan of using Javier on the Final
Battle. This map is even more rigged than MEGALOPOLIS, in my opinion. You can
start by capturing the Koal's tower right away, and he doesn't even attempt to
stop you. Target Kindle's the same time as Koal's as well. You should get them
with ease too.  Jugger puts up a little fight, but you shouldn't have much
trouble capturing the power house. And the rest is just a waste of time. They
seriously fall like rocks after that.

Just found this one awhile ago! It's a 4-Player map known as Deep Forest. It
has 4 Com Towers in it. Now, no matter what country you want to be from, you're
going to only have access to 1 for awhile. But fret not! One is all you need as
long as you rush the country(ies) closest to you to get their tower. If you can
fend them off until you get it, you just made life so much easier for yourself.

Dark City. This one is kind of a flip of the coin, roll of the dice kind of
level for Javier. The CTs are crammed quite a ways back, but if you can get
there before your neighbors do, you'll probably have quite an advantage.

Think you can do better? Email me and show me what you got! In my next
update...as long as there is one...I'll put it in here!

               *-*-*-*Javier Vs....*-*-*-*
Welcome to the tournament of champion COs! In the red corner, we have Javier!!!
And in the blue corner....every other CO!!! Who will win? Let's find out!

Javier VS. Andy: Ah, I classic match, in my opinion. This one might be a little
tough. As long as you have some CTs, it shouldn't be that bad. However, if you
don't, this is going to be a pretty tough match. Javier's only power (if there
isn't CTs) is the indirect defense+. Now, unless your opponent is a gold fish,
chances are, they're going to know that. So they're going to try to stick with
direct. If you can have Force Ranks on, just follow the basic strategy that
tyler cassetta-frey provided me with, and you should be fine.

Javier VS. Sami: Watch out for a mech flood. Nearly every Sami player does
that. But one ace you have up your sleeve is the fact that, because of a slight
advantage in the department, Sami's indirects won't hurt as much. And that's
definitely going to hurt her, as she also relies on indirects. Find a way
around the mech flood, cover her bases, and this'll be cake.

Javier VS. Max: Ouch.....expect a tank flood right away. Since he did get a
little nerfed since AW2, it isn't quite as bad, but his directs are still
powerful, and now his indirects don't lose any power. They still do lose that
space though. This one might be a little tough, just if there are towers, make
sure you get them first, and you should be fine.

Javier VS. Jake: He gets his boost on plains, as everybody knows, and his
powers boost that even more, along with the indirect space. Just be careful,
but you don't have too much to worry about. Word.

Javier VS. Rachel: Ooh.....man....Rachel's a very tough cookie. Luck runs in
the family, except Rachel only gets about half the luck her big sister has.
Still, with that SCOPower, this is going to be very tough.

Javier VS. Nell: Man, the tough times just keep on comin'. Beware her powers.
Fear her powers. You better have some towers, because that's pretty much the
only thing protecting you. Good luck; you're going to need it to beat hers.

Javier VS. Hachi: Broken CO #2. Hachi's unit prices are cut down a little bit
(not as much as Colin's), but his powers soon change all that. For only 3
stars, his power enables him even lower costs (way lower than Colin's). For
another two stars, it's the same thing, but he can also build from cities. Now
the tough part comes: beating him. In this battle, taking cities (taking his
cities is even better) is more important than towers are. Since his units are
normal strength, you don't have to worry about towers as much. They still help,
but go for cities first.

Javier VS. Colin: Two of my favorite COs in the ring together. Now, if you
didn't get the hint from above, Colin's units are pretty low....literally. They
lose 10% attack, but he loses quite a bit of prices too. You obviously have an
advantage in pre-deployed matches, but outside of them, try to find a unit that
best counters your opponents strategy and then see how it plays out. Try to
keep him building units; that may seem a little "HUH?" to you, but if you do,
both his powers will be minimized a lot.

Javier VS. Grit: FUN!! Since you have an advantage against indirects, this is
going to be a complete walk in the park. Still be careful; you're not
invincible, just stronger. You're just going to be better than...say....Grimm,
that's all.

Javier VS. Olaf: Look at Andy, basically. In this battle, you might want a
couple APCs/Black Boats, since you're going to be fighting snow a lot. If you
see him nearing his SCOPower, depending on the situation, you may want to start
putting some important units on cities. That -2HP hurts ALOT more than you may

Javier VS. Sasha: The 100+ per money isn't that important....as long as she
doesn't have a lot of properties. If she has 10 cities (which isn't very hard
to get), she's getting a free cities-worth of dough, so be careful. War Bonds
can hurt, but I never thought that to be any worse than her first power, Market
Crash. For every 5000 dollars she has, her opponent's COPower gauge goes down 1
star (If she has an amount of money not equal to 5000, your Power Meter will
still take damage from the rest of the money, it just can't go down another
star). This move can be devastating if you have a lot of towers and want to
wreck super havoc on her, and she just shoots that out of the sky. Other than
that, this battle shouldn't be hard.

Javier VS. Drake: The first Green Earth CO here. Be super, super, super, super
careful if there are sea units in the map. With Drake, a Sub/Carrier/Battleship
combo is absolutely devastating, and you can barely do anything, if anything
about it. His powers are deadly, especially his Super one. Not only does it now
bring FoW, it also makes you lose 1 vision. Luckily, that's a two way street,
so unless he uses it at the end of his turn, you should be fine. Now that I
think about it, it's a plus if he does, because not only will he have to wait
until the end of his turn to inflict the 2HP on you, his 10/10 boost will be
nearly worthless as well.  Make sure you have APCs/Black Boats for this battle
too, since your fuel's going to be halved often.

Javier VS. Javier: Umm.....yeah.....well....it's kind of hard to picture
this....so....I really can't give you any "sure-fire strategy" here. Just try
to stick with directs, and get towers. Other than that.....

Javier VS. Jess: Ah, team Green Flash fighting each other. Memorable. Oh well.
As long as there's towers, all things must come to an end, as they say. If you
have towers, you really can't lose this battle. If you don't, you still have
the bonus against indirects; one of the main attack forces in her battalion.

Javier VS. Eagle: Towers=owned. No towers=get owned. A math problem even the
less-gifted of us can figure out. If you got towers, even two free turns won't
do anything for him; your defense will just be too high. If you don't,

Javier VS. Sonja: With no FoW, you should win, although there are some very
experienced Non-FoW-Sonja-Players out there. In FoW, it shouldn't be too bad,
as long as you play your cards right. Make sure you're not getting scouted on,
but return that same favor anyway. With her bad luck, and no good luck, it
shouldn't be hard, but the HP guessing might become a little problem. If you
recon, than you might be able to figure out what's-which. Also be aware of that
terrain-star-defense-loss thing. I can't really give you too many strategies to
beat that part though.

Javier VS.Kanbei: This one is a hard one. Without towers, you might as well run
on a treadmill and expect to go somewhere. If you do have towers....well....if
your up against a good player, might be your only chance.....

Javier VS. Sensei: With him, you should build the following units: A-Airs,
B-Copter, Fighter, Stealth, Megatank, Battleship, Carrier. A few of those are
very hard to pull off, because of their price, but if you can afford it, they
never hurt. Just prepare for a mech flood, with a lot of copters mixed in there
too. Don't forget his 1+ transport moving space.

Javier VS. Grimm: OOHH YEAH!!! This is a pretty good fight. Grimm is very
offensive, while Javier is more defense (sort of). If you have towers, it
shouldn't be too bad. 3 towers and you're blocking out his boost. Don't forget
his #1 weakness: defense. If you can beat him down before he starts to you, it
should be pretty easy through-out the battle.

Javier VS. Flak: I still don't like Flak very much, but I'm going to try to put
that behind me for awhile and give you some real strategy here. Now, for those
2 people out there that doesn't know, Flak is sort of like Nell. The only
difference is that Flak can have bad luck too. But if I'm correct, (and I'm
pretty sure I am), Flak, if Lady Luck smiles on him, does more than Nell. His
powers basically make a live-or-die moment. You could do 7 damage to a Megatank
with an infantry, or not even do 1 HP to an infantry with a Megatank. Now, if
you're fighting Flak (or really any other CO that relies on luck), than always
expect him to have good luck. If you count on him to have good luck, you're
going to have a lot easier time recovering than if you counted on it the other
way around. And on a final note: I really hate his music >_<

Javier VS. Adder: Ew....he looks like he got wasted....Adder been bar-hoppin'
lately? Anyway, incase you're weak in the upper story, you're going to notice
right away that he has a very short bar...uh...I mean, COPower
gauge.....anyway, if you use his COPower, he gains an extra space of movement
(so infantry could go 4 spaces, instead of three, and so on), and his SCOPower
nets him 2. He still does get the normal 10% boost in attack and defense that
every CO gets, so....Okay, in conclusion, just fight him like you would any
other CO. It's possable that Come Towers aren't even needed for this
battle....suppose it depends if you're fighting the computer or not.

Javier VS. Lash: She got nerfed a little bit, but I think she's still pretty
bad....in a good way....er....something. Watch out for her powers, the most
deadly part about her. The "I can do death!" line that she says in campaign is
pretty true in every other mode too. If she's using her SCOPower, and on a
mountain/HQ, she's very deadly. You better have A LOT of towers to counter that
(you'd need 8 towers just to block that out....haha....good luck, buddy). Try
to drag her out on roads and plains.

Javier VS. Hawke: He does gain that 10% boost, but that's basically his only
strength. With a slow gathering of a power meter, letalone a long one at that,
it shouldn't be too bad. Sure, he's tough in the hands of a skilled player, but
chances are, you're pretty skilled too, so you kinda cancel that rule out. Note
that he only gains 10% OFFENSE, and he gets absolutly NO DEFENSE. A rush for
him never hurts; it can be quite effective against him.

Javier VS. Jugger: A personal favorite (next to Javier, of course....), I do
know quite about him. First, he looks very cool. You know, with that little eye
thing, then....oh, okay, I know that really has nothing to do with what I'm
talking about here....so, anyway, he is Flak-like basically. However, he has a
bigger chance of hitting big, or going home empty pocketed. However, it seems
like he has quite a bit of normal attacks too. Play him like you would any luck

Javier VS. Koal: An Adder-like player. Basically, if you play as Adder, you can
play as Koal. He gets a slight boost when on roads, so you don't want him on
them too often. However, since the road doesn't offer any defense, you could
also use that advantage to your own....

Javier VS. Kindle: Ah, a chick that looks like Marge Simpson. Yeah, I know all
the hate mail's gonna be coming in just for that line. Anyway, she gets a
monsterous boost of 140% DAY TO DAY, as long as she's on buildings. And if that
wasn't enough, her powers just put icing on the cake. Her first power makes
every unit on anything that offers 3 stars of defense (except missile silos)
lose 3 HP. Now if you have anything that costs 16,000G+, this move is really
going to hurt your budget (providing it's on an allied property). Her SCOPower
gives her more boosts per amount of cities that she has (cities mean anything
that gives you dough. Well, that's what they are to me anyway).

Javier VS. Von Bolt: Ooh....scary! Well, sort of. I finally got Von Bolt, and
let me tell you! Phew! What a disappointment! He really isn't tought at all. As
long as you use what Jonathan said, this guy ain't nothin'. Really pathetic.

"Against von bolt you need to have a group of infantry, or something over in a
corner of a map (somewhere not important to you or the enemy.) trying to absorb
the effects of his SCOP.  If something important gets hit, use a tag power (if
you're using a tag team) and it lets effected units move on the second turn
(this helps avoid unneccesary damage)."
Thanks alot for that, Jonathan.

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CJayC, once more, for creating this site that I can post this on!

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Thanks a lot!

Brian Walsh, who gave me the idea to take out Soul of Hachi and put on Scout
Vision for FoW matches, pointed out that you first find Javier in mission 15,
gave me the Grit/Javier idea, and corrected me in my tower recap. I can't
believe I had defense instead of offense..... Also gave me the idea to do a
"Javier Vs...." section.

Intelligent Systems/Nintendo, for this sweet game.

Everybody that told me that you can buy Javier after the Black Obelisk....yeah,
all 6 people that actually did....I'm serious. Well, thanks a lot guys!

The Rose's Thorn, for providing me with a few random things, but most
importantly the idea to do a "Javier Vs..." section, just like Brian Walsh did.

Yugioh15 for inspiring me to wright a better guide than my last one (and I
believe I accomplished that).

Advance Wars Net (AWN), for providing me with Javier's team stat things.

Some Dude, who talked about Megalopolis a little bit.

Fearful Ferret, who talked about Megalopolis A LOT! Also about Javier himself a

casali7, for the Rachel/Javier tag.

Alex, who was one of my first "fans", might you call it. I can only pray that
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the chapters with.

Xenesis Xenon for having in his guide how much of a boost Javier gets against
indirect attacks.

Jonathan, for help with Von Bolt.

Mr M. for giving me the idea of Jake as a tag partner.

And finally, Javier, for being in this game!

HONORABLE MENTION: SuperCheesePuff, for giving me, after a very long 6 months,
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