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Asked: 5 years ago

The 3 secret colour Yoshi?

Ok, so I found the Purple Yoshi on Challenge mode, and everyone keeps saying: "If you get 0 score on time attack mode, you get the Light Turquoise Yoshi."
Once I got 0 points in Time Attack, I only got the standard Green Yoshi!!!!!! Can anyone tell me Why?
(I can't get 10,000m in the Marathon, can I get any tips?) Thanks.

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Practice Practice Practice, for the Light Turquoise, verify on official website, to see if it's real!

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I think it's more like a white Yoshi, than Light Turquoise. And yes, you can get it by getting 0 points in time attack sky area, but you have to beat the high score, before you can get it. I think the same applies to challenge mode too.

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