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"A good spin-off of Yoshi's Island"


Yoshi's Touch & Go isn't a direct sequel to Yoshi's Island, but rather a spin-off of the game. Being a huge fan of Yoshi's Island I had to get this game and it's very fun and addictive. I've spent hours playing this game and didn't got tired of it. since it's different from any other Mario game, some will be turned off but should give it a chance. There's a unique game to be enjoyed here.


The graphics are very sharp. Think Yoshi's Island graphics but more polished with some nice lighting in the background. They're bright and clean but kind of take away the color crayon look established by the original. The background even changes from day to night and vice-versa. which is very slick. The game has no slowdown, even with lots of enemies on the screen. Yoshi and his enemies look very nice and have good animation.


All I have to say is it's fun and addictive. The gameplay is very different from Yoshi's Island. In Yoshi's Touch and Go, you play the game using the stylus only, instead of a standard platforming game. You don't use the buttons or the D-pad to guide Yoshi to the end of the level, rather the game character's are always strolling along and you must use the stylus to direct clouds to block pointy objects or tap an enemy and Yoshi shoots an egg at it. You can draw little bridges and direct Yoshi on the lower screen. And in a clever move, should you need to have those clouds disappear, you have to blow into the microphone and the clouds all blow away. By tapping on Yoshi, players can cause him to jump, or flutter jump if the tap is when Yoshi's already in the middle of a leap. Points are scored by hitting enemies and objects with eggs or collecting coins by walking into them. bonus points are earned by hitting multiple objects with a single egg. Yoshi's Touch & Go has you playing the game both vertically and horizontally, first with Baby Mario floating downward tied to balloons with you drawing clouds to guide him as he floats down. Since Baby Mario is only on the top screen, in the game you must strategies, since you can only draw on the bottom screen. When he reaches the bottom, Mario hops on Yoshi's back and runs off. When the game first starts you'll be Mario, floating down and after that you'll be Yoshi, walking along shooting enemies and drawing clouds, it's very simple and addictive. It's like that with most of the gameplay modes. Yoshi's Touch & Go comes with four (two have to be unlocked) gameplay modes: Marathon-trying to get as far as possible without getting hit by an enemy, Score Attack-score as many points as possible by shooting stuff and collecting coins, and the two unlockables are: Time Attack-Mario is in the clutches of some enemies who must be tracked down and shot down to save Mario, and Challenge-a race to keep topping up a countdown by taking advantage of bonuses and coins and killing your foes. By breaking the high scores of the four gameplay modes, you unlock a mini-game. Yoshi's Touch & Go even has a two-player mode that utilizes the wireless function of the Nintendo DS, and only one copy of the game is required for the two systems necessary for the network. The Yoshi's do come in different colors with some common ones and some rare ones. By catching coins, it adds up at the top right of the upper screen. If it reaches "100" then a star appears. touch the star and you become Super baby Mario, in which he runs, invincibly, and kills everything he touches. Just like in Yoshi's Island. There's even an option to change the direction of which way Yoshi walks. You can choose either 'right' or 'left'. and there's also an option that detects if there's another DS nearby using Pictochat.


The music is very good and fits well with the atmosphere of the game. If you played Yoshi's Island then you'll instantly recognize the title screen song. The music is never out of place, it sounds very relaxing, too. Yoshi makes that cute little voice and the sound of the eggs being shot sounds good. The music reminds me a lot of Yoshi's Island.


Yoshi's Touch & Go is a very fun and addicting game that all should try at least once. It was the first DS game to be used with the stylus only and fans of Yoshi's Island should give this a try due to it being very similar, except for the gameplay being very unique. This is one of those games that's meant to be replayed and enjoyed again and again. Yoshi's Touch & Go is a good spin-off of Yoshi's Island.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 11/07/06

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