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Ping Pals
Money Word FAQ
By Mother Shabubu, Inspired by jbutco

Version 1.2
First of MANY more to come

FAQ is Copyrighted by Mother Shabubu (C) 2004 Mother Shabubu


Im Sorry    (1/4/05)

Id like to Apologize on not updating this Faq, I have been busy at work and
it has kept me off my computer for some time. I want to thank all who sent me
regarding new money words. I'm glad to say I will have some free time soon and
I will make it a Priority to update this FAQ with all the new words ive been

Thank you for your contributuins and patients


Talbe of Contents

1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Common Words
4. Uncommon Words
5. Rare Words
6. UNTRA-Rare Words
7. Special Thanks
8. Copyright/ Contact Information


(1) Version History

Version 1.0  12/10/04  Idea to do this FAQ based from the Board started by
                       jbutco. Version History, Introduction, Common,
                       Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare word sections, special
                       thanks, copyright/contact info.

Version 1.1 12/10/04   More Common Words, Uncommon Word, Rare Words, ULTRA-
                       Rare Words, Thanks to jbutco, Shadowfxd, joetheguy,
                       3dekes, and Tao_Ort.

Version 1.2 12/11/04   New Words Added Thanks too Lowbill, joetheguy,
                       jbutco, Tao_Ort

Version 1.3 12/12/04   New Words Added Thanks to joetheguy, Tao_ort


(2) Introduction

Got the Idea from a Board post by jbutco. Why not make a FAQ of what he
started. I fully give jbutco and those who posted in the board full credit,
im just doing the dirty work and typing this out. Hopefuly you guys will
find this and continue to contribute. By the way, This is NOT in alphabetical


(3) Common Words

Money, Military, Love, Lame, Lost, Job, Number, World, Frankly, Pop, Young,
Old, Hate, Poor, LOL, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Tired, Happy, Neat,Book,
Sad, Yellow, Greed, Red, Blue, White, Coin, Tipsy, Chat, Treasure, Dog, Cat,
Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Hair, Eat, Film, English, Science, Gym, Math, Lunch,
Dollar, Billion, Summer, Winter, Homework, Pizza, Tiger, Monkey, Cash, Found,
Ice, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Cheerleader, Warer, Class, Cafeteria, Teacher,
Professor, History, Kitty, Wireless, Puppy, Snow, Video, Game, Hate, Cute,
Shot, Rain, Sunny, Cool, Hot, Cold, Black, Ketchup, Relish, Friendly, Score,
Chest, Breakfast, Dinner, Star, Girl, Boy, Snack, Cheese, Laugh, Freak, Poor,
Fire, Ice, Backpack, Sleepy, TTYL, Skate, Phone, Candy, Hat, Cell, Cake, Pencil,
Paper, Cry, Dance, Band, Locker, Wallet, Purse, Hungry, Belt, Change, Dude,
Cya, Thanks, Mustard, Blonde, Scratch, Liberty, Hamburger, Galaxy, Nervous,
Digital, Historical, freak, empty, grounded, meeting, bandage


(4) Uncommon Words

Brilliant, Kangaroo, Dragon, Religion, United, States, Vampire, High,
Gift, Thing, Alligator, Bar, Like, Vote, Hidden, Turtle, Master, Amazing
Hug, Forget, Spirit, Handle, Goblin, Wizard, Lover, Pirate, Fatal, Leader,
Boil, Message, Contribute, Discover, Sharp, Mister, Chocolate, Spit, Seven,
Opera, Drive, Skirt, Bikini, Magazine, Persuade, Tease, Restroom, Toilet,
Trek, Queen, , Princess, Natural, Famous, Giggle, Infatuated, Loose, Ponder,
Argument, Pilot, Flake, Answer, Soap, Parents, Creature, Hook, Kingdom, Drama,
Makeup, Obsessed, Cheat, Promise, Wisdom, Luck, Clone, HErd, Email, Weight,
Directions, Spider, Tech, Northern, Western, FInish, Pilot, Disaster, Liver,
Tasty, Acne, Zipper, Zone, Judge, Molasses, Predator, Beauty, Country, Blouse,
Average, Universe, Fat, Skinny, Thin, Geek, Detention, Sticky, Pie, Break,
Bounce, Simple, Address, Huge, Pigeon, Gullible, Oily, Basket, Personal. Whale,
Tranquil, Thesaurus, Conform, Medication, Explore, Pimple, Radical, Trunk,
Peanut, President, precious, allergy, buff, massage, faith, potter, saliva,
delicious. envelope, shoot, jail, request, pray,


(5) Rare Words

God, Magnificent, Link, Sushi, Stuff, Python, Awesome, Blam, Fantasy, Xylophone,
Granny, Enemy, Poker, Wayforward, Glamorous, Enterprise, Warp, Boss, Wait,
Sonic, Hopeful, Quantum, Surgery, Ginger, Protect, Camel, Platypus, Mushroom,
stud, gargoyle, florescent,


(6) ULTRA-Rare Words

Cabbage, Epoch, Blatherskite, Genie, Oxymoron, Magenta, Equinox, Stingray,


(7) Special Thanks

Special Thanks goes to jbutco for starting the Board and the MANY words he
found, Lowbill for being the first person ever to find an ULTRA-Rare word and
for the MANY words he found and submitted, Shadowfxd for the words that where
submitted, mrsunshine for the word he submitted, evilteddy for the words that
he submitted, joetheguy for the list of words he submitted, aerobica for the
word submitted. Nipspin for Ultra-rare word #3. 3dekes for his U-R word.
Tao_Ort for posting on the Message Board and NOT emailing me *grumbles*
Finally to THQ, Nexon, Wayforward and the rest Involved with the making of
this game.


(8) Copyright/ Contact Information

This document is Copyright (C) 2004 Mother Shabubu.
Ping Pals is Copyright (C) of THQ 2004

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