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What do Job Mastery Cards do?

Is this the way they work:

If I receive a card for, let's say, a Geomancer that I don't already have the Mastery weapon for, but I DO have at Job Level 99, will I get the Geomancer's Mastery Weapon?

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SilentLoner answered:

Job Cards can be used to add a 'signature' onto letters that are sent to other players. When you talk to the Master Smith after receiving a letter with a job signature, you will receive the mastery item for that job, even if you haven't reached Job Level 99 with that job yet. However, you will still need to get to Job Level 99 if you want to get the card for that job yourself.
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s7eve06 answered:

The cards are just a trophy item for reaching job level 99. When you receive the card from the blacksmith you also get that classes weapon/armor and limited to one.
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pkdatboi answered:

What SilentLoner said is correct. I'm pretty sure they also raise your stats a bit.
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