Question from NeiliaKrumm

How do I get my toad spell to work?

I try over and over to cast it with my white mage, but the group never turns to toads. Also, I cannot get my thief to open the sealed doors in Castle Argus.

NeiliaKrumm provided additional details:

Ok, I'll try that with the thief. But with the toad problem, I have already taught my mage the spell. When I try to use it, there's a green flash all around the group but they don't change.
Oh.... and thanks!

Accepted Answer

zeldamasterds00 answered:

Once u hit all party members smoke shoots up on the leading person and he will appear as a toad. If that dosent work try switching jobs and casting it. Red mages, white mages, devouts and sages can all use toad.
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zeldamasterds00 answered:

You have to first get it and teach it to a white mage,first go into magic and select Toad and hit "All Party Members" to turn them into toads.
And to open doors with a thief they be the first in the party, the person walking around on the screen.
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