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Back to the FantasyArkrex7/10
Over-rated by far. This game just isn’t worthy of this generation of gaming, yet it is priced the same as any other new game.Beast4042/10
Time to Relive the Old Days...Dark_Schala9/10
As if we really needed more proof of Square's failure since the merger.UltimaterializerX3/10
A mix of bad RPG elements with replay value and simplicity to make an adequate-at-best Final Fantasy game. What fun.Bearissoslow6/10
If a crystal ever talks to me, I’m gonna smash it!BloodGod656/10
Insanely fun, in a twisted, psychotic kind of waybluej339/10
Revolutionary gameplay does not necessarily make a quality gamebrutusmuktuk4/10
A fantasy reborn.Calamity8/10
Revisiting the game 20 years later.caspienne5/10
Worth getting if you haven't played before, but don't expect to be blown awayChauncey_Mo7/10
Overall it's fine, but just too frustrating at times to be enjoyedComputerbug86/10
Corran450's Review Series Vol. 6: Final Fantasy IIIcorran4506/10
A Boy Falls Into a Hole...Darksun452307/10
Impressive remake of a long lost RPG gemdarthjulian9/10
A Gaming Rarity: A Worthwhile RemakeDiscoStoo9/10
The third Final Fantasy has finally left Japan!Donald Love 878/10
I Hate BossesEJRICH7/10
We missed out on this one first time around.Gilgamesh13177/10
Sixteen years doesn't seem that bad a wait for this title......gothic_chic7/10
If RPGs were people, this would be the reckless party animal who died from a motorcycle accident at 22.HeoandReo8/10
Back to the Basicshorror_spooky8/10
Lack of Story + Poor Executon + Repetitive Gameplay = The Worst Final Fantasy I've Played.JenovaFollower5/10
Words fail me to describe how much I love this game.kiriyama29/10
Return to a time when Final Fantasy was true to its name. Relive the struggle between light and dark. Become one with the crystals…LanceHeart Gothann7/10
So Much Wasted PotentialLordShibas5/10
A respectful update to an old classicmayonaiserhino9/10
Pretty but Far From Perfectmedia_girl188/10
An almost perfect game, but it is too soon to call it a game of the year.Mykas09/10
The main reason I bought a DS, and it did not disappoint!Psycho Penguin9/10
The kind of game you want to hate… until it grows on you.roadtosalvation7/10
A Remade game that keeps true to the originalrubsnick8/10
Final Fantasy III finally arives on US shores, but was it worth the wait?striker647/10
A remake of a lost game aimed mainly for fans of the Final Fantasy franchiseTheGreatUltros7/10
The game's only flaw is a flaw in the genre itselfWishingTikal8/10
A Game Robbed of its true value by its delayed trip overseasXenon7/10
So many mixed feelings.zoradude7/10
After 17 years, this game is still fun to play.Zylo the wolf8/10

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A classic is reborn in 3D.6xdandangp9/10
Quite possibly the most underrated in the series...AnalyticalGamer8/10
Valuable Memoribilia.athlon119/10
A great game. A nice lengthy adventure.bloodwatch10/10
A work of art, or just another boring RPG?Blood_Nights8/10
A DS owner's fantasy game: Final Fantasy IIIDrLuigee219/10
Final Fantasy: A Review!GokuSephyCloud910/10
Aggravating, but a good game.Grand_Gamer_n18/10
Semi-New to the Series, already hooked.grimakis10/10
Pretty awesome.iammaxhailme9/10
Final Fantasy, the way it's meant to be played.Jilabalo39/10
A bit late in the times but still okKaiserDragon454/10
The Perfect Gift For Old FF Old Timer Fans!kastrov9/10
15 years on and its still a gaming success!kibapwnzu8/10
A Must Have for DS OwnersKratos2108/10
I tried to like this game, I really did!leveledclassic4/10
A Triumph For Square EnixLost_in_Life9/10
If you just want to look at the graphics, then it's a great game :D!Megamankid85/10
Beautiful GameMusicalMudkip9/10
Another epic quest. What else can we expect from Squeenix?Nightmare8279/10
A DS masterpiece and a fantasy worth having.oblivion_blade9/10
Old-School Final Fantasy Rebornpoisonfignewton8/10
FFIII, older gamers rejoice, new gamers will be left behindPuzzledBread7/10
A revolutionary RPG that deserved more out of its re-release...quittaboi783/10
Final Fantasy 3 is a great update of classic game that shouldn't be missed by any RPG fan.RadioactiveApeX8/10
Good for a portable, bad for console RPG fanReview4You6/10
Terra? Who's Terra? This is Final Fantasy III dummy!SigmaXX9/10
A true classic given new life.SmeagolsBane8/10
This game is goodSouske7219/10
The missing piece to an epic puzzleswiftyredd2n1259/10
North America's first release of the forgotten and lost Final Fantasy, is it any good?ThePhoenixFlame8/10
My first Final Fantasy game and I'm impressed!XxThunderxX10/10

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