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 ------    |\___  ___\\_  ___   __\                 | |            | |
     _/  _/     | |     | |  | |   ________         | | _________  |  \
     |  |       | |     ---  | |   \_______\        | | \________\ | |\\ 
     |  |      / /           / /                    | |            | | \\
     |  |     / /           / /             ________| |            | |
     |  |    /_/           /_/              \_________|            |_|

... wow.. i cant believe i actually made that by myself...

Another Code: 2 Memories
Translation FAQ
by amost


_Note_:  Here is my guide. Updating may be slow due to loads of school work.  
Email me if you have any questions, comments, or huge translation errors 
to point out. There will be many of those.

_Info_:  Here it is.  This game is Another Code: 2 Memories.  This game has
looked cool from the start.  For those who like puzzle games (like myst)
this game is for you.  Since i bothered to spend the money to import this,
I hope the game does not come out in north america, so I can continue to be
special, and my FAQ will actually have a use :P

If you are reading this FAQ, you probably have this
game imported, and if you are the type of person to have imported this game,
then you probably have at least some clue as to what the japanese language
is all about, so I wont go off and try to explain the kana/kanji to you,
however, I will still try to make some gramatical notes if need be.  For
example, some sentences in japanese have their first clauses correspond to the
second second clauses in english, so if someone says something like:


then they say (in a separate dialogue box)


in english, this may translate in to "YYYYYYYY XXXXXXXX" so it would be
pretty useless to translate these in the order that they appear, or for
instance, if something is on the top screen, and then the sentence finishes
on the bottom screen, I may have to translate the bottom screen first for 
the sentence to make sense, so if you see a translation not exactly match
what you think the word is, this is probably why that is so... That being
said, my japanese is not close to perfect, so any help or error notification
is appreciated.


Table of Contents
1. Updates
2. Charater Bios
3. Game Intro
4. Menu
5. Game
	a - Chapter 1
A. Stuff

1. Updates:
First update. Character bios.

I added the romaji of the character bios, and the fancy title thing at the
top... since all of this was done before this guide has been posted, it
really makes no difference.

Next: Game

2. Characters

Ashley Mizuki Robins
Protagonist.  A sensitive 13 year old girl who has shown curiosity.  
Thinking that her thought-to-have-died father lives, she faces going to 
Brad Edward Island.  Encountering various occurences, even if she feels 
shaky, she will search for her father to find out the truth.

Ashurei Mizuki Robinzu
shujinkou. yasashisatokoukichin wo motta takan na 13 sai no shoujyo. 
shin data omotteita chichioya ga ikiteiru koto wo shiri, burado edowaado 
tou he to mukau. samazama na dekigoto ni sougu shite kimochi ga yure 
ugoki nagaramo, chichioya wo sagashi, kakusareta shinjitsu wo saguri ateyou 
to suru.

Richard Robins
Ashley's father.  Scientist.  He was researching organism certification** 
with the same researcher as his wife Sayoko.  Disappearing 11 years ago, 
abruptly there is communiation, so ashley is expected to solve puzzles on 
the island.  A portable machine was sent to ashley, the DAS.

**near the beginning of the game, jessica says something about biometrics 
(ba i o me to ri ku su) so i assume "organism certification" is referring 
to that.

Richaado Robinzu
Ashurei no chichioya. kagakusha. tsuma Sayoko to onaji kenkyuujyo de 
seitaininshou no kenkyuu wo shiteita. 11 nen mae ni nazo no shissou wo 
togeruga, totsu zenrenraku wo yokoshi, nazo no mujintou de Ashurei wo 
masaukeru.  Ashurei ni okutta kogata no kikai, "DAS" no seisakusha.

Sayoko Robins
Ashley's Mother.  Japanese.  An excellent scientist, and a beautiful 
woman with a strong will.  When Ashley was 3 years old, she was thought 
to have died.

Sayoko Robinzu
Ashurei no hahaoya. nihonjin. yuushuu na kagakusha de, utsukushii kuroi 
hitomi to tsuyoi ishi wo motta jyosei.  Ashurei ha 3 sai no toki ni shin 
da to omotteita ga...

Jessica Robins
Richard's younger sister.  high school science teacher.  When Richard 
passed away, she was entrusted with Ashley from Richard, and loved raising 
her.  It seems that she knows the secret behind ashley's parents, but she 
does not give the whole story to Ashley.

Jeshika Robinzu
Richaado no imotou. koukou no kagaku no kyoushi.  Richaado ni totte ha 
tatta hitori no miuchi de, Richaado kara Ashurei wo takusare, konnichi made 
Ashurei wo itsukushimi sodatetekita. Ashurei no ryoushin ni tsuite 
kakusareta himitsu wo shitteiru you daga, nazeka Ashurei ni sono subete wo 
hanasou to hashinai.

The captain of the boat that sent Ashley and Jessica to Brad Edward Island.  
Unknown personal history.  He seems stubborn on the outside, but has a warm 
heart.  He teaches Ashley about one's feelings.

Ashurei to Jeshika wo Buraddo Edowaado tou ni okuri todoketa kobune no 
senchou. keirekifumei. bukkirabau de ganko daga, kokoro no atataka na otoko. 
Ashurei ni gito no kimochi wo omou koto wo ochieru.

A ghost boy who died on Brad Edward Island 57 years ago.  His memory of his 
lifetime is lost.  Encountering Ashley who is searching for her father, 
eventually approach clues to his own dying.

57nen mae ni Buraado Edowaado tou de shin da goosuto no shounen. seizen no 
kioku wo nakushiteiru. chichi wo sagasu Ashurei to deatte, kanojyo wo koudou 
wo tomoni suru koto ni nari, yagate ha jibun no shi ni kakusareta nazo ni 

3. Game Intro

1948 - Brad Edward Island




1994 - Seattle rural area

ashley hurry!


2005 Brad Edward Island

I completed it


Another Code: 2 Memories

4. Menu

Hajime kara - From the beginning
tsuzuki kara - From a continue

[  1st saved game  ]
[  2nd saved game  ]
[Save Data Deletion]

...then click on a saved file...
[Loaded Game Info]
[Save]  <-- cant do this from a menu, because you're not in a game yet.
[load]  <-- this is what you want.
[    ]

after clicking load...
[load this game?]
[hai - yes]
[iie - no ]


	a - Chapter 1: Encountering D

+ some other stuff i didnt catch

=You and Jessica are on a boat=

Ashley: Jessica, koko ni ita n da.
Jessica: You woke up, Ashley.
Ashley: yes, ??????????????? i didnt notice while because i was sleeping.
Jessica: It seems so... How are you feeling?
Ashley: ...
Jessica: Ashley, perhaps you had that dream again?
Ashley: ...yes.
Jessica: that dream, ????????? 3???????????????????????? even 3 times 
description it is not clear.  As for not remembering, unreasonably,
there is no time when it happens.
Ashley: ... Jessica, the younger sister of papa, is his only sibling. While 
being a science teacher at a high school, up until today, raised me.  Kind
Jessica, always thinking of me.  But... Terrible Jessica... Papa lives 
Jessica: Ashley...
Ashley: eh?

A. Stuff
This faq is (c) by me, aka amost, aka cmnamost.  For gamefaqs only.  
Email me @ Ask for use if you want. Etc. Please
let me know if you have a better translation for something that i wrote,
or are confused about it, and such and such.
Thanks goes out to Nintendo for the DS... you have my loyalty... stupid 
tempting PSP with its _tempting_ wipeout Pure... grrr.... oh... and of 
course CING for making such a fun innovative game for this fabulous system!