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So does Kirby work on the DS?BassForever10/10
Kirby is not is usual vacuum sucking self!cheezitman20019/10
Another reason why touching is goodCorleleus9/10
Innovation can make or break a game but in this case it made it.Cynyn9/10
DS's best use of the stylus mechanism yet!Def Freak79/10
Truly amazing.DekuKirby9/10
A work of art.DemoSquared10/10
Attack of the pink balls?!DMagicianRlr10/10
Unique idea, but it gets repetitive after a whileeaglesfan0267/10
Pure Fun Rolled Up Into a Little Ball?EBunleashed10/10
One of a few must buy games for the DS!flamingkunai9/10
An alternative gameplay, and it's fun!IIRomanTwoII8/10
A crazy colored Kirby cacophony!Kashell Triumph8/10
Paint a pretty picture!KirbyATW9/10
The best game out for the DS as of now.KoolKirby9/10
Touch Kirby on the DS !MarioAllstar079/10
Kirby With A New SpinMegaKirby10/10
Fun, innovative platformer.Metroidfan199/10
Touch touch touch!mollytehmop9/10
This could possibly be the best Kirby game to ever find it's way onto a handheld.Mystical Strategem9/10
Taste the RainbowOtacon0018/10
Hardcore Kirby Fans, get this now!Punkrockrat61910/10
One of the best reasons to own a DSSoT159/10
Touch Screen Madness!thegamemaster87/10
Do You Have The Magic Touch?VitaSana10/10
Kirby will be sad if you don't get this game ;_;WaterMario2229/10
Somewhere, over the rainbow...whybanme9/10
Good, but suffers from being extremely short, and forced, annoying mini-games.Windy Path6/10
For fans: It's a great, colorful game. For haters: You get to stab Kirby with the stylus. Everyone wins._____Cait10/10

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