Question from green_panda9

Is there any way to fix a cracked hinge?

I don't know how but one of my DS lite hinges broke so the screen only flops back when I flip the screen up. Usually it stops in the middle, then goes all the way back. Is there any way to fix it? I heard you can use a hot glue gun to fill in the crack, but is there an easier solution? Thanks! (:


itwizz answered:

Send it to back to Nintendo or a reputable independent console repairer for repair.
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Blackviper17 answered:

you could probably buy a new hinge on e-bay for a couple bucks, but that would be AGAINST THE LAW! Its illegal to buy or sell ds parts without permission.
If your warranty hasn't expired yet, i think you might be able to have it fixed, otherwise Nintendo will charge you $80 or something to repair it. "Notice" you will need the bar code for your ds if you want it fixed. make sure you have it before calling Nintendo, it should be on the back of your ds, and on the box it came in.
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Someguy1212 answered:

Uh, Blackviper17, it IS NOT AGANIST THE LAW to sell video game system parts. People sell junk systems all the time. There isn't anything illegal about it. What would be illegal for me to buy a broken DS from someone and sell the parts to people? Now if the parts are illegally produced than yes it would be illegal. Buying parts from ebay is something you need to avoid though as most come from China and are usually just fake parts or cheap knock offs. My hinge on the right came off and I sent it off to Nintendo for repairs. It was at least 1 or 2 after I got it so no warrenty I think. Cost me $80 but they replaced the entire shell and the whole top screen. Though they could have just given me a new system and transferred over the Wi-Fi data over.
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