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My Pokemon Diamond DS cartridge does not work as of today. After turning the DS on and arriving at the main screen, at the top of the bottom screen it says, There is no DS Card inserted. It is over 2 years old, and it has over 650 hours of play. I have tried solutions such as blowing on the cartridge, toothbrushes, and alcohol on a cotton swab with no luck. I have inserted the cartridge into three other DSs, and it does not work. I inserted other game cartridges into my DS and they do work. I have concluded the problem lies within the game cartridge. Is there an internal battery to the cartridge itself that may have died, or some other problem within the cartridge? What solutions are there to the potential problems? What steps need to be taken to successfully disassemble the cartridge? I would like to fix the cartridge without erasing the save file if possible.

neogetz asked for clarification:

Not sure the alcohol on a cotton swab idea was a good one but if it was already broken then it should make any difference.

The DS cartridges don't have internal save batteries so it can't be such a problem. Do any of the metal contacts look like they're scratched up? or bent somehow?


personeyperson answered:

Sorry, I didn't notice this question before answering your last one of this problem. See that, it may help.
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Pinkolol answered:

The card might have been damaged alot, check the card. does it look bad? you said it was 2 years old. that might be the case. old age. it happens, im sorry...
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