Question from haseeb08

What are the top games for teens in Nintendo DS?like assassin creed,GTA,COP the recruit,call of duty and resident evil!!

i want games which are good.i dont want the games like:mario,kirby,galaxy wars,or any childish games.plz tell me games like GTA,call of duty or resident evil which are for teens and adults.thanks


sergiyakun answered:

-Metroid Hunters
-nanostray 1 + 2
-space invaders extreme
-the ones you listed
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Teranova310 answered:

Get GTA and COP the recruit. I haven't played assassins creed or resident evil. You could pass on Call of Duty for DS
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saalvaars answered:

I will tell you why,because 1.too much memory for the ds. 2.because most of those games arnt made by nintendo. and 3. because the games would just suck.
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