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Does DSiWare Cartridges work on the DS/DS Lite?

Just basically those with the little label on top of the cartridge that would say DSiWare.

I have a DS but I want to play the new DSi game Flight Control when it's released... It's so much fun... Oh... BTW, anyone know the exact date this game will come out?

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Thanks a lot...

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eigafan answered:

DSiWare is a service for the Nintendo DSi that features downloadable apps and video games either free of for a price (similar to the Wii's Shop Channel and WiiWare). The downloaded video games and apps are tied to your DSi and can't be transferred to a DS or DS Lite (or another DSi). Downloaded DSiWare can be transferred to a SD card for storage. The release date for Firemint's DSiWare Flight Control game is still TBA.
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