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How come everytime I buy a badge it goes on Luigi?

I want to have both the great and excellent badges on but they are both on luigis side. Mario only has the mushroom badge

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cr4zyyxm4n answered:

Wrong place to post this question. This tab is used to ask and answer questions about the DS not DS games.
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eigafan answered:

According to IGN's Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story DS game guide:

Mario's badges are Mushroom, Powerful, Bonus, and Bro.

Luigi's badges are Good, Great, Excellent!, and Excellent!!

Note: Cut and paste the link to your web browser.
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PuddingFlour answered:

You Buy them at the badge shop you see later in the game (the toad mall) to get the Exelent!! badge mario and luigi must bot be over level 40
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firedragon1302 answered:

The red badges are for mario and the green badges are for luigi
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lukeyk answered:

The good/great/excellent badges are for Luigi, these determine how powerful the badge is going to be and also the type of style you have to pull off. For example If I have the great badge on Luigi and then I pull a good jump against a goomba ( Using either character) then the badge bar would not fill up as a good is below a great.
Excellent >Great>Good>OK
But if I was to pull of an excellent move while wearing a great badge then the badge bar would fill.

So the mario badges decide what the effect of the badge will be, such as it will heal you/ make you stronger etc.

Also the higher level the luigi badge ( Such as excellent is higher level than great) The stronger the badges effect will be but the harder it will be to obtain.
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KillerScythe answered:

I agree with (cr4zyyxm4n.) This is only QUESTIONS 4 DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Anyway (firedragon1302) is right.......

I guess........
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