Question from Cosmos35

Does the DSi XL have a gba slot?

Because that would be awesome, and I might have to buy a new DS lite but I still need a gba slot.


eigafan answered:

No it doesn't have GBA slot. It is almost identical to a DSi except for it's larger brighter screens, extra capacity battery, and an extra pen-sized stylus. If you need a GBA slot get a new DS Lite. Here is a comparison of the Japanese DSi LL (XL) with the other DS versions:

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KeyBlade999 answered:


The original DS/DS Lite have the GBA slots, as do the GBA, GBA SP, and the Game Boy Player (GC accessory).

The DSi/DSi XL/DSi LL do NOT have any GBA slots. However, they CAN download games/applications, browse the 'Net, and more...
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