Question from MarioFan128

The sound in my DS seems low?

The sound in my DS seems low even on highest sound setting. Is that normal?


Mazinga_Zetto answered:

Well, it's said the DS does not have the best speakers out there...Unless you use headphones. That is where the speakers supposedly shine best. There really is no way for us to tell if your speakers are actually lower than it should be, so try using headphones and see if it still sounds low. Hope this helps a bit.
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oblongman7 answered:

You could actually use output speakers, like ones for a computer, in the headphone slot to make the volume louder. There's some great, cheap, pocket-sized speakers out for Ipods and the like, they should be better than your DS speakers.
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Soggy13 answered:

I think it depends on what games you play last because for some reason If I play Wild World after certain games the BGM seems really low but if I play it after other games it seems louder. I may just be crazy or have hearing problems.
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coolmyles answered:

Maybe, you play in a loud place and have trouble hearing the sounds. When i play in the subway, i just forget about sound and concentrate on the screen.
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SA2Bisawesome answered:

Try taking any stickers off of your screen.
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a_fartn_Spartan answered:

The ds has the least loudest speakers I've ever heard. The ds lite has softer speakers than the regular ds and the DSi and every other portable system I've played, being every one from the gameboy color to the psp. Some games for the ds are loud and some aren't.
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julia2468 answered:

The Ds Lites have very low volume - even when they are up all the way. So yes it is normal, but the best way to hear it well would be using the headphones. Even a DSi has low volume. Not sure about a DSi XL though.
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BigDogYahoo answered:

DS Lite just has crap speakers. DSi XL has the best speakers in terms of volume and clarity, though you lose the GBA functionality.
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