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How do I reset a DS game?

I want to reset all my DS games so that I can sell them along with my DS Lite.

dswizard asked for clarification:

Please list your games and we can offer exact instructions.

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KnightVVing answered:

i think in some games resetting a game is A+B+Y+X+L+R, and most games that is just soft resetting, and some games also has a feature in the options, where you are able to erase the data, and depending on your games try going into options, and go to erase data, or something like that, and some games before you can start a new game, you must delete the existing data, i don't know a lot games that do that, but i know The World Ends With You does, and as soon as the data has been erased, just turn off the console, one more thing GASP your selling your DS + Games.
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gameefreak answered:

It depends on what game you are using like i had a dragon ball z game i cant remember which one but i could not reset it and i had bought it used so it was already beaten i googled it so many times how to reset it all the other people said same thing you cant restart it
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