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Cant find coin on super mario bro game W1-2, can i get help please?

I have found 2 coins on this world cant find third one...Can someone help please W1-2?


ellis123 answered:

As I have no clue which ones you have already gotten, I'll just post the full walkthrough:

This level begins with a dizzying descent, destroying the bricks for the
Coins that they protected... provided you are not Regular Mario of course.
Move along to the right, grabbing the Power-Up from the first ? Block and
breaking bricks for the Coins they shelter (note that the dual brick layer
leads down to a bunch of Coins and a Coin Block), followed by leaping to the
right via the brick ledges to snag the first Star Coin.

Go down and right for another Power-Up, dealing with the Goombas and Green
Koopa Troopas, arriving at a brick structure that holds the second Star
Coin. To get inside, get directly above the Star Coin's position and
perform a Ground Pound to bash your way inside, followed by getting out to
move right once more, facing a teeter-totter log ride to the bricks ahead
(the highest brick is a Coin Block). Next are three pipes (the first can be
accessed to go into a Bonus Room), two of which house Piranha Plants, so
shoot them with Fire or just pass by when they retreat into their homes,
being sure to get the Power-Up in the ? Block while dealing with the

Hop across the gap ahead (or take a running leap and land on the bricks
above to run across the top of the area without worry), finding a Green
Koopa Troopa and two Goombas guarding the way forward to another
teeter-totter log. Now the level will split in two, so the Main Route and
the Alternate Route will be outlined:

Main Route

Use the teeter-totter log to reach the bricks or ledge ahead, jumping the
Green Koopa Troopa before hopping the next gap to reach the pipe out of the
subterranean area. Once outside, climb the staircase and leap to the
flagpole, ending the level!

Alternate Route

Use the teeter-totter log to get high on the right side, leaping onto the
ceiling, running along it to find the third Star Coin for the level,
followed by going up through the pipe to use the semi-staircase ahead to
leap onto the flagpole, ending the level!

Taken from BSulpher's excellent guide.
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julia2468 answered:

Since you didnt' say which coin you can't get, I'll say all of them.

Coin #1: After you fall down from the sky, landing on a set of blocks, go down and up the grey stairs, then hit the ? block for an item. Then, pass another ? block, and go passed a set of blocks with coins on top. (Get the coins if you want.) Go up the 2 step staircase, then onto 3 blocks floating in air. From those, mini-dash (it means don't go too fast) to a set of 4 floating blocks. Then, jump onto grey-blueish ground, getting the first star coin.

Coin #2: From the first star coin, jump down and go right, hitting goombas and koopa troopas that stand in your way. Eventually, you'll get to a structure of blocks protectively sheltering the coin. Get on top of the blocks, and ground pound your way down to the 2nd star coin.

Coin #3: From the 2nd coin, get out of the structure, and get onto the seesaw log. Run and jump off the right side, reaching the midway point (near the pirhana plant pipes.) In between the first 2 pipes, there is 2 blocks. Get on top of those and jump around. You'll hit an invisible block that gives you an invincibility star for a bit. Jump over the pipes, dash over the stair-way lowering gaps, and kill enemies. Get onto another seesaw log. Stand on the left side of it, and the right side will go up. (No, duh.) Very quickly, as quick as possible, run up the seesaw, and jump off of the right side, hopefully land on the very top of blue ground, so you can barely see your feet. Run to the right of it, and you'll fall down, and get the third star coin.

Now, you have to make a little decision. If you want the secret exit, enter the pipe. If you want the normal exit, get on top of the pipe, and wall jump off the blue wall, hopefully landing back on the feet showing platform. Run back left, down onto the seesaw, to the right of that, over the gap, and through the pipe. Either pipe you enter, just run up the staircase, (it's a mini floating staircase for the secret exit) and onto the flagpole!!

If this didn't help, please read BSulpher's FAQ that just so happens to be on the website link:
It helps ALOT.
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