Question from hmelvin83

My DS top screen has something wrong?

The color on my DS is dark green. When I turn it on, bottom screen is normal but top everything on top is bluish. It did that ever since I got my 2 new games. Soulsilver and New Super Mario Bros. The dark green is sky blue and the red on it is purplish. Why?!

g_worm9000 asked for clarification:

Where you buy the ds

g_worm9000 asked for clarification:

Cause if you bought it off "Ebay" then you just got screwed.

hmelvin83 provided additional details:

I think it was in the rain. Though, its my brothers.

hmelvin83 provided additional details:

I had it for like 4 yrs. It still works Though!!! The color just irratates me.

hmelvin83 provided additional details:

I got it at Walmart I believe.


Luigi_316 answered:

If Your discription is correct then your TFT LCD is Damaged and the RGB Ratio is unbalanced. Send in or Call nintendo to see if the Warranty on the System is Still active to get it repaired.
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