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Proper method for DS screen-cleaning?

I have no clue on what to use for it. I found a suitable cloth that doesn't scratch the screen(A CD Cleaning cloth,) and it and a small amount of water alone just won't remove the oil. Is Windex safe if I spray a bit on the cloth?
Would anything else work...?
Thanks in advance.

Kuja66613666 provided additional details:

In the end, I used a piece of polyester fabric and a small amount of water.
All of the oil, dust, and most of what looked like scratches came right off. However, it's already been 3 months, and my DS has a loose A button, a D-pad that sticks and will probably worsen over time, and 2 small permanent scratches on my touch screen(probably because I was stupid enough to let my bro play LoZ:PH =( ) Is there anything I can do about the D-pad and A button?

XUNB1 asked for clarification:

Is it really serious? Because if it is. i Suggest you get a replacement shell. Its better than having Nintendo fix it. If you dont have a warrenty or it is voided then try it. You could probably get it somewhere.

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Filonia answered:

The CD cloth sounds good for cleaning the screens, small amounts of rubbing alcohol are good for removing tough oil spots and other residues. You won't be able to fix the loose button short of opening the DS up, but you can try to fix the stuck button by using a q-tip moistened with rubbing alcohol or warm water around the edge of the button to try and loosen it.
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sikmoe121 answered:

Essentially the best way to do it is with a glasses cleaner, they are extremely soft and dont leave any fibres left on it like tissues.

i highly suggest you dont use windex or anything of the sort as it is a bit risky, i guess you have to keep trying.
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Parrotboy_1230 answered:

Yeah, I wouldn't use Windex on the touch screen, for the top screen it would probably be fine, but the touch screen, not so much. I'm just worried about Windex damaging the touch matrix coating on the touch screen. I just use water and a cloth, but then again, mine doesn't have any stickiness on it or anything, just dust.

Maybe a screen protector would help? The screen protectors that come with any Gamestop player's pack are really good, they absorb scratches, and feel natural and smooth. (I had one from a diffferent brand that lowered the sensitivity a lot, hated it) I also hear that the Hori brand of protectors is really good, you can find them at Target, I hear. (I have a DS Phat, so most likely, I'm looking for a different type of protector than you would be!)

Mine has scratches too, because I was stupid enough to play both Lost in Blue 2 and Trauma Center: Under the Knife on it. They're only minor, though, not even visible with the protector on.
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XUNB1 answered:

Perfect Answer...
You Need:
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
A Q-Tip
Glasses Cleaner

1.Take your Q-Tip and dip it in Rubbing Alcohol
2.spread it where you want to clean.. (Top/Bottom Screen, Preferlby Bottom)
3.wait till the smell wears off.. then wipe it with your Glasses cleaner..
Then Your Done!!
This works perfectly for me..
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neogetz answered:

Get a cleaning cloth which states it removes oils.

water is never going to remove oil as the two substances dont mix and thus the water runs over the oil.
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mrhthepie answered:

Personally I huff on the screen and polish it with a microfibre cleaning cloth that original came with a family member's glasses. The same basic technique will give a basic clean, particularly if you just need a quick polish.

For more serious cleaning you can be more thorough, such as described by XUNB1, but I haven't found that nessecary.

As for D-pad and A button, it is possible to open your DS up with screwdrivers and replace the rubber underneath them. I've no idea on specifics. What were you doing in the 3 months to abuse it that badly? :O
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darkdragon9 answered:

Windex its the the answer for all screen cleans
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Mr_Bad_Manners answered:

I have used windex on my ds screens before and nothing happened
it still works fine
but use it at your own risk as i have only done it once
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Micropixel answered:

Use a Microfiber cloth and a Windex Wipes. Both work great.

Take a single Windex Wipe, squeeze out any excess cleaner, then apply the wipe to your DS screens (or even your entire DS). Quickly dry it off with the Microfiber cloth. You'll notice the difference a Microfiber cloth makes.

Repeat as needed.

The only problem is, "real" Microfiber cloths are a bit uncommon. You'll see alot of places that claim to sell them, but they are not always real ones. A real Microfiber cloth will feel like it's grabbing onto your skin when you touch it.

If you don't know where to get a Microfiber cloth, try an Electronics store or even the Home Depot in their cleaning department. They're not cheap, but well worth it.

Windex Wipes can be found at any grocery store.
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joe_998 answered:

My way of doing it is to put mouth fog on it and rub it with your shirt. lol
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