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I'm up to the level on Easter Island where you unlock the puzzle to get the last map piece for the 8th Wonder HELP ?
I've seen an answer that says to drop the red tiles on the right to leave the yellow and the line clear under it, it said that cleraing the line clesr sets off the others, thereby clearing the doesn't work! Anyone else got any ideas?

gmdavisgrace asked for clarification:

I'm stuck on this puzzle too. Did you ever get an answer to this question?

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chaoyun2k answered:

I played the game just to see what this puzzle was.

The problem is those 2 red dragons (red shapes on the right) have the Caesar piece on top and that piece has no way to match it, The second problem is the "ice-ball" on the bottom, you need to use it or hit it with the "fire-ball" that is on the left.

So you have two problems, and two moves... Since you can't match the Caesar piece, you need to move it or get rid of it with the "ice-ball" that is on the left. That takes your first move. Then you have the "ice-ball" on the right that you have to use or hit with the "fire-ball". If the Spirit Bells fell correctly or if the ice-ball took out the middle red dragon it would work...but it doesn't.

The truth is that this puzzle was set up to frustrate you and to keep you from unlocking the last map ON YOUR FIRST PLAY THROUGH. Other games have done the same type of thing, and your only clue is the high score of over 2 million that you cannot beat with one play through.

The map, which you can get by playing using the same name, will be yours when you start the game again with all of the bonus items you got in the first game - and your score continues. That puzzle is not supposed to be solvable, so just try to get a few points with your two moves.
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Linizma answered:

I don't know the answer, but I suggest that you ask in the answers section of Seven Wonders 2's profile rather than here. You are more likely to find help that way, and you won't clutter up the system's answers.
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