Question from jokersanarchy

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i fix my L bumper button?

When i press my L button nothing happens when.

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From: Fatprat 6 years ago

Some people claims this would work (I have done it too): Blowing, without spitting, into the creases of the L-button will make it work. If you are using the regular DS, you can try and use a wet cotton swab and try to clean out any dust around the bumper area.

If it doesn't work however (like mine), you can send it in for repairs if you are still under warranty.

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Probably wore out the button. Either that or you dropped it on the L button a couple times. Either tech support or get another one.

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i heard blowing the L trigger works in some cases

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Sometimes adjusting it works.

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Spray WD40 into the area around the button. That's what I did when my R button messed up. Make sure it's off when you do this, because I don't know what would happen. Wait about 3 minutes, and it should do fine.

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