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How do I get past the pysducks blocking the way in pokemon pearl?

im playing pokemon pearl and im stuck..i have done everything so far but cant get by the pysducks..i been and done all the hints said to do but Cynthia never came out from there another way to get this "secret potion"???

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MuddyMaestro answered:

You cannot access that area (The continuation of Route 210.) until you defeat the Galactic Team Member in the motel. After that, Cynthia will give you the Secret Potion. Give it to the Psyduck near the Cafe Cabin, and the Pysduck will move, allowing you to press forward to Celestic Town. It is pretty pointless item that has no use after that (It will not heal your own Pokemon anytime, anywhere.).
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darksagus answered:

Ask on the pokemon boards,
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liebig666 answered:

Shes not supposed to come out u find her around there and u do have to get secret potion from cynthia and its its not impossible.
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