Question from xtec

Asked: 6 years ago

I got water in my ds touch screen?

Parts of the screen dont work
I havent dropped it
I tried to clean the screen with a damp paper towel

Additional details - 6 years ago

There is water in one of the calibrating spots so i cant calibrate it

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The DS of my brother is also like the yours maybe you should try calibrating the screen if it doesn't works make sure you have the ticket or money to buy another

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Buy a new one.

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If the only problem is the water, do what i did with my cell phone I left in the pocket of some jeans that got washed. Take some silica gel packets that you get with shoes sometimes and put the open DS in a airtight container with all of the packets you can fit in there and leave it for a few days. If that doesnt work send it to a fixing place like gamestop or to nintendo. if nobody can fix it buy a new one.

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