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Where would you find a missing DS game in your house?

It may seem pathetic, but I can't find one of my DS games anywhere...I know I kept it because I still have the case to it. Any suggestions as to where to look?

Polaricey123 provided additional details:

I can't recall ever playin my ds in the bathroom...and my DS is empty...i dont have a couch or younger siblings...i recall getting it back from my sister, then the rest is one seems to know where it is or the last time they saw it...i checked each of the chairs in my home, the fridge, the freezer, the cupboards in the kitchen and still no luck...and my sister just cleaned out the cat box so i know my cats didnt eat it...they just lay around cuz theyre not kittens anymore so they couldnt have run off with it...i even checked the car and my room...still no luck...

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kyleh46 answered:

Well... depending on where you play it could be in the couch... under your bed... under the couch or other sitting areas... if you play in the bathroom it could be down the toilet and you would never get it back lol... if you have younger siblings (really young) they could have taken it... under your dresser or night stand... in your DS carrying case if you have one... in your DS haha... when you check all of those places you should check the fridge... you'll need something cool to drink after all that running around lol.
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