Question from Pokemaster4321

GBA game problem?

Why won't it read my GBA pokemon saphire game and just say"There is a DS option gamepak inserted"? Please help me play my game!

Pokemaster4321 provided additional details:

I did that and it still didn't work, even after I cleaned the inside by blowing in it.


SA2Bisawesome answered:

Try taking it out and putting it back in. It should work.
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ultimasora25 answered:

blow into the insert slot of the ds as well as the bottem of the GBA game to get the dust out. if you need to use pipe cleaners but dont jab your ds or game, it could cause problems. just kinda sweep the inside
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Tichondurus answered:

Your Pokemon Sapphire game is probably not recognized by the DS because of some tiny flaw it must have in the cartridge. There's nothing really you can do, except maybe buy a new Sapphire. My friend had the same problem with a different game.
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a_fartn_Spartan answered:

I had a used game that I had to really jam in the ds to make it work, and sometimes that didn't even help. I had to do it multiple times.
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pug13111111 answered:

check that the gold prongs on the bottom of the game are still in tacked/flat. I've had this problem before.
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itwizz answered:

Your DS or game is broken and will need replacing/fixing. Please close this as it has LONG been answered!
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GOKUCHIEF answered:

The pokemon game is broken.

PS:Accept an answer.I will like the mine
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Someguy1212 answered:

The game could be counterfeit.
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paroe answered:

i have the problem alot with my MMBN 4-6, try it on another DS if you can and see if it works on that, be cause the problem may just be with your own DS and not with the GBA cartridge.

or if you can check if its a GBA problem...
1)take it out and blow on it
2) push it in deeper/harder
3)take it to your local game boutique and have THEM test it for you, some gamestop locations provide this service
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GOKUCHIEF answered:

I have a friend that has a Harry Poter game and if he play it in the touch screeen ,the game does not work, but if
he play it in the top screen works. So check it.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

I have the same problem with my GBA Gameshark.

Simply take it out. Next, carefully blow in the cartridge and the GBA slot to remove any dust. Now, put it in.
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