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Multiple Player RPGs?

There any RPGs out there where two people can play together on a game? I don't mean in extra features, but actually working together to finish the quest.


grymmfish answered:

Both Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates and Echoes of time allow for this
and it EoT you can link with a wii to finish quests if it has a copy of the game
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justme8800 answered:

Animal Crossing
Phantasy Star Zero
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates/Echoes of Time

While they'll probably suit your needs, I don't think any of those offer true story mode multiplayer. The only games I know of that offered that were the original Gamecube version of Crystal Chronicles and the Zelda Four Swords games, and even they are hardly RPGs in the classic sense. I'm sure there some out there, good luck finding them.
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