Question from suicidesilence2

Wi-fi secret button?

I push it, but when the screen with "(A) OK" comes up, there's no text. HELP ME!

chipoltle asked for clarification:

Please elaborate...

suicidesilence2 provided additional details:

OK, when you are in the wifi setup screen, with AOSS and Manual Setup and such, in the upper right hand corner there is a secret button. It takes awhile to get, but its there. After awhile, a screen pops up, but its blank.

suicidesilence2 provided additional details:

Yeah there is I've done it before.

Gamer-Freak-3 asked for clarification:

There's no button for the DSI either!

suicidesilence2 provided additional details:

Oh crap, sorry. It's in the upper left hand corner. Hehe...
But I have a Lite.

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8_bit_ninja answered:

There is in fact a "secret" button found in the Wi-Fi menus of some American games. Touching the pixel in the far upper left corner activates the button. But, it doesn't do anything; it's just a dummied out button that allowed for easier configuration with certain Japanese routers.
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FlashManEXE1985 answered:

There aint no "button" Unless your using DSi, for that i have no idea.
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itwizz answered:

I have a DS Lite and the only button in that position is the Left Shoulder Button
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Mat_Exe answered:

There is one but it does nothing and I would not advise trying to get to the button
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neogetz answered:

If you have any games from japan, set your console to japanese and load the wifi config of the game. The fourth menu option will be there and working, but pointless as its's a japanese only type of connection.

Because the option needs to be available on the japanese screen they hid it in the top left corner on the other languages.
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