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Asked: 5 years ago

looking after my DS lite?.

Hey, I've recently bought a Red DSL becasue that was the only colour they had in the shop. I play it alot like an hour or two a day. I have a problem with sweat though, my hands sweat an awful lot while I'm playing it and alot of sweat transfers on to the back on the DS, the bottom glossy side. Here comes the worst part, the sweat has caused some permanent damage to the gloss, and some bubbles have appeared. They appear to be between the Gloss and the matte of the DS somehow. when I first saw it I was like ****. I'm going to get one of those mega big DSI's when they are released and I will trade this DS in but I hope that sweat damage does'nt reduce the ammount I'll get for it. Has anyone some tips to help me not get sweat on my DS, for eg like protective cover that i can cover my DS with when I'm playing?. thanks for any help you can give me.

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If your that worried about some MINOR damage to the case then where some gloves.

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U should wipe ur hands on something once in a while

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buy a crystal case to your DS and try playing in a cool or cold place.
wipe your hands every once in a while. youre responsible to know if your hands are getting very sweaty

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