Question from gsdarkdawn

Asked: 3 years ago

DS can't obtain IP address?

My DS wont connect to the librarys wifi or HyVees wifi.
it says the reason is that it cant obtain the IP address.
These wifi spots are "unlocked".

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From: gsdarkdawn 3 years ago

The reason it could not connect to the library's wifi was because it required a sign-in. I'm assuming Hy-Vee's wifi also required a sign-in. I got a 3DS on launch and now that the web browser is available, I can sign in.

If a DS can't connect to a wifi spot, there's a good chance the 3ds CAN. AND, the 3DS supports WAY more security types. It also has a greater wifi/wireless range.

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The DS cannot connect with all Wi-Fi spots, my cousin has a wireless connection and he cant connect his ds with it, so it may be the same problem.

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