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Asked: 5 years ago

Why doesn't my touch screen work?

Hello! Whenever i use my touch screen, it clicks in the wrong place. For example, when i click the "of" in the sentence "Why is the love of the dog?", it would click "is' instead. Make sense? Please help! Thanks!

Additional details - 5 years ago

Doesn't work. It always stays the same all the time. Thanks anyway!

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Press the Settings button (small DS icon at the bottom) on the DS menu (hold START on boot if Auto Mode is enabled). Select the yellow button to the far right and press the [+] button until it completes.

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Hit the +'s exactly, because it calibrates the touch screen. But Andreas SE is right. Go to the DS picture on the bottom of the screen where you select your game, go to the yellow crosshair-looking thing, and do what it says to calibrate your touch screen.

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Sorry that that didn't work, try calibrating badly, like too much to the left or right, and see if that works.

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