Question from Lucario42

Asked: 5 years ago

My ds broke in half...Can some place fix it?

I had a ds before but one morning i played it and left it on the table.A few seconds later my bro brougt it to me and showed me that the hinge on the left side was cracked and that hinge part fell off. so my ds was all limp and not standing straight. Then later the top part fell off and was only held by a few wires then the wires snapped and it was broke in half. So I left it alone. Now i Want to play phantom hourglass. Im not using an emulator cause i heard the are slow and they lag and besides its ilegal. So can Ebgames or some flea market place fix it?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Yea money is a problem. The most i can spend is say around $50. I cant buy a new one cause my dad will get pissed saying i have too many games and stuff.(He wants me to be smart and stuff).

Accepted Answer

From: raytac 5 years ago

I can't belive there would be any place that would fix it. . . if you really want to play PH, you probably would need to get a new one. You can get it used from Amazon for $80, if money is a problem.

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